Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gloria's New Grandson!

For any of you who have listened to our "reality TV" interview where Gloria Loring was answering interview questions while literally driving across California to attend the birth of her grandson...the news is out!

On Gloria's Facebook Page:  "My son Robin & his wife Paula are proud parents of a baby boy, Julian born on Tuesday April 6, 2010!"

Congrats, Gloria!

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  1. There was definitely a huge feeling of excitement during the interview. Gloria had to navigate that tough, rough( it is a winding and mountainous ) road between her home and the LA hospital where the baby was born. The nervous energy could be felt by all. But it was sharing such a momentous occasion , it felt like we all knew each other for years as we talked about show business, her fantastic career. Gloria showed us she is a thoughtful, fantastic lady with a capital L for Lady and Loring. What an interview. It was a an instant classic.