Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Gloria Loring DAYS Song - #1

I'm sure you all knew what was coming.  Gloria Loring's #1 Hit on DAYS and off.

Friends and Lovers


  1. I was hoping that "Once upon a Time" was one of the Top Five. The Todd character was a waste, but his death (after driving drunk and having an accident) with Liz singing that song to him was one of the memorable DAYS events, it was very emotional.

  2. wow I remembered all the words to that song I haven't heard it in 25?? years the 80's were great Days was so romantic what awesome storytelling. I wasn't a huge fan of all of the singing on the show but at least the characters did something.

  3. Tremendous talent! The way she captures the essence of the couple is brilliant. I loved how this song made it to the billbaord charts. R.I.P. Carl Anderson. Such a gifted man will never be forgotton.