Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally! Taylor Spreitler out

Finally the show is seeing the light on the lack of talent in the teen department.  Taylor Spreitler (Mia) has been fired according to SOD.  Mia will be leaving town.

Scroll down to read about Melissa Reeves' return and Arleen Sorkin's memories of Frances Reid.

Good luck to Taylor in her future endeavours.


  1. Thank Jesus! Mia should have been gone after she popped the kid out. At that point, her purpose was served and she's been a waste of air time ever since.

  2. You must be the most venomous two faced bitch that I have ever come across Non-Deb.

    In one breath you trash this little girl's talent. In the next breath you Wish her good luck in her "future endeavors". So you won't come off like a total bitch.

    Just because you throw in a "good luck" comment at the end doesn't make your nasty remarks OK.

  3. days999needsafuckinglifeApril 17, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    Have you read your own posts? You've been bashing Thaao for years. Hypocrite much?