Friday, April 9, 2010

4/8/10 review - Doctors in Love

Any bets for a 1.8 next week?

Philip/Melanie/Carly/Daniel/Chloe - Carly thinks moving in with Daniel and Chloe is a bad idea; and that Chloe will get pissed if the subject is even brought up. Before Daniel can bring it up, Chloe invites Philip and Melanie over for dinner. Things rapidly turn stupid as Daniel is called away to assist Carly with a surgery as Melanie grinningly observes. Meanwhile, Philip and Chloe make meaningless small talk while waiting for them all to come back..

D.A. Woods and Wife/Chad/Gaby - Chad and Gaby get into it over Rafe. Chad and D.A. Woods get into it over Rafe. Abe and D.A. Woods get into it over Rafe. Also, this was Jessica Tuck’s second airdate as Madeline Woods. Jessica Tuck is known to soap fans as OLTL’s Megan Gordon Harrison. I like her so far, but wonder why she’s putting up with such a grumpy old schmuck like the D.A.

Maggie/Hope- Hope interrogates Rafe while the rest of us take a nap. Later on, Hope finds out from Maggie that Bo left town. She uses some half-assed excuse that she accidentally erased his messages. I don’t buy it. When you’re both parents of the same kid, she would have checked the messages just so that she would know if it involved Ciara. The writers didn’t even try to explain the lack of a final BOPE scene in a decent way.

Rafe/Sami/Abe - Abe tries to calm Sami down about the accusation against Rafe. Sami unusually goes back to true form, takes a look at Woods’ file and makes up an alibi for Rafe. Once her story is proven false, Rafe gets all high-handed, leading to another interminable SAFE talk. Rafe feels it will never work out, Sami grovels, and I yawn.

Stefano/EJ - EJ threatens to put Stefano in a psychiatric ward. Stefano shows EJ Anna’s forced confession. Finally, EJ admits what he’s done as Stefano promises to exact revenge against EJ’s revenge. There wasn’t quite the same amount of spice to these scenes today as in yesterday’s eppy…mainly because it was too drawn out and all over the place.

DAYS is just boring repetition lately while GH has been on fire. The soap really needs to step up their game if they want to survive. Just because they got renewed for another year doesn’t mean the writers all need to write on auto pilot.


  1. I think DAYS is getting really interesting again. Just this week we had too potentially big storylines starting, the mystery past between Kate and Madeline and who attacked DA Woods (and spoiler Justin next week). It´s not fair to compare with GH because that show is at the peak of storyline which builded from December. DAYS is in the early stage building phase.

    But things are certainly looking promissing, they just need to focus more on the teens, Mel\Steph\Nathan\Phillip and Brady\Arianna\Nicol to get some young viewers back. The show really sceeved too old lately, especially with the heavy focus on Anna, bringing back Vivian, Carly and now Adrienne too. They need to much more focus on couples and characters below forty.



    I'm sorry, I read that first comment and, well...


  3. LOL I totally disagree with the first comment too. Focusing on the bad actor teens, the stupid 20 something quad and the awful Brady/Arianna couple is what is driving the ratings down.

    With Anna, Viv, Carly, and Adrienne, you have two emmy winners and two excellent veteran actresses. The older crowd needs to be on more because they can act! The fans love the vets, not the boring newbies.

  4. Anna was on a lot last week and the numbers colapsed. Her stuff with the governor obviously failed to keep viewers interest even with the GH vet in quest part. And like it or not, NBC is mostly focused on the demos and the key to get them back is focusing on the 20-30 years old, with more airtime for teens too. People hated Langan´s teens and focus on young, but he never had troubles with demos and the show led the 18-49 and especially 18-34 with a HUGE margin. I love the vets, but they need to be used in the supporting and C or D story role only. DAYS is not Y/R.

  5. I'm going for a 1.9 next week, i'm optimistic by nature.
    IMO, the problem with this show is the writing, it's just plain bad, there is no other way to describe it, they need to ditch their current Head Writers and Co-Executive Producer and hire replacements with talent and forget about all the bullshit politics.

  6. The theory of high teen demographics is crucial in saving a show is anything but valid. It certainly didn't help Passions. The vast majority of the time that Passions was on the air, they totally owned the coveted 'teen' demographics. In fact, Passions was called the 'powerhouse' in teen demographics. For its entire run, it ranked as the #1 soap in Girls 12-17, Women 18-24 and Girls 12-24. Passions also ranked #2 in Women 18-34 demos. Still, they were pretty much dead last in the viewer ratings their entire run. You can't succeed by excelling in one area and failing miserably in the other. And as far as Anna being on last week, wasn't Melanie and her age related cast mates on also? Why didn't they draw in the numbers? In fact, why hasn't that younger crowd drawn in the numbers for the last seven weeks? It's not like the younger crowd hasn't had their share of screen time. It is true that Days isn't Y&R. Y&R is number one. Days never will be... not with the regimen they have now.

  7. Ejami is where it is at if the writers can bring those two together somehow more people will watch especially if they show less Rafe, Melanie boring teens....I do think that Alices' memorial will also bring big numbers maybe even 1# for a few weeks while those vets are onscreen if the show is better by then maybe a few people will watch after

  8. Sorry, but are you people even watching the show or just complaining about it? Because blaming the teens when they´ve been on one episode per week and with totall airtime amounting around 30 mins for an entire month is just stupid. And the same is true for Steph/Nathan and in less capacity Phillip, they are all on BB right now and with very little airtime. Even Mel was on much less the last two weeks and they use her almost exclusively as the source of conflict for Daniel/Chloe instead of focusing on her like they did last year.

    If you want to blame something it´s the finale of Sydney´s kidnapping, Anna and her ridiculous anticks and the Brady/Arianna canceled wedding. The problem isn´t the young and teens are on alot but they aren´t on enough and they don´t have any strong stories so people cannot develop some kind of bond with them. That´s what the show needs to focus on, invest more into characters who are crucial for the shows future instead of bringing back more and more quests from past who have zero impact on ratings. That´s what Langan did with teens in 1999 and that´s what the show needs to do now.

  9. I know a lot of people(including myself) started watching again because of the Sydney story at its peak it was brilliant people who I knew that didn't watch soaps were telling me they watched Days ... but I think that the resolution turned alot of people off I do believe that people want an EJ and Sami pairing or at least a viable triangle, as for teens there are rare times when it works but right now there are too many young people that no one cares about on the show obviously Will as a character is someone we care about but Mia and the rest are not related to anyone Gabrielle is a little know it all like her brother and it is all yawn. How about bringing on teens who are related to characters we care about a Horton heroine maybe? the plots are much better than they have been but the characters are not written well and none of the couples are romantic so yes it has improved from say the serial killer storyline but there is still room to get better