Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4/5/10 review - Revenge of RoboCop!

Any bets on a 1.9 rating this week? Today’s episode was dull as dishwater for about 95% of the time.

Rafe/Abe/The D.A. – Rafe complains to his sister about breaking up with Sami for the millionth time. Later on, when Abe tells Rafe that Benny lawyered up, RoboCop goes berserk and attacks the D.A. I’m wondering how DAYS is even rating a 2.0 rating at this point.

Carly/Daniel/Chloe – Carly and Chloe worry that Daniel may have to end his medical career because of his double vision. Renee Jones gives a sigh of relief, hoping she’ll get more air scenes as the resident doctor now. Daniel considers jumping off a building ledge at the prospect of seeing multiple Carlys, Chloes and Melanies the rest of his days.

Melanie/Brady – Other than making my eardrums bleed, Melanie didn’t do much today. Oh, yeah…she got mad at Carly for the millionth time.

EJ/Sami – Sami complains to EJ about breaking up with Rafe for the millionth time. There was a cute moment when EJ teases her about the girlfight. EJ says he forgives Sami for covering up the truth. Even so, there was no EJAMI spark today. Was this a Hope/Justin scene with the wrong actors today or what?

Arianna/Brady/Nicole – Brady tells Melanie that he’s going to marry Arianna again. Nicole goes to Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, once again getting rejected. Nicole tries to fool Arianna into thinking she’s been with Brady, wine glass in hand. Yawn.

Anna/Stefano – The only scenes with any real action today. Stefano tracks Anna down, slaps her and threatens to have her killed. WHOA, that woke me up! I don’t like seeing Stefano rough up women (especially Anna!), but its nice to see him be a villain again even in a campy castrated sort of way. Anna reveals that EJ was the real kidnapper.


  1. That brutal slap cast a pall over my enjoyment of the Anna/Stefano scene. The fact that Anna is an older woman made it all the more disturbing. The scene would have been more palatable if Anna had shown flashes of strength and defiance. As it was, she came across as weak and cowering.

  2. lmao at Daniel jumping off the building. I wouldn't blame the poor guy.

  3. Yeah, I would have liked to have seen more fire from Anna in her scene with Stefano.

    I hope the tables are turned some day, and she has him by his cajones!