Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/21/10 review - Princess Gina the Pill Popper

Ciara/Hope – Like Mommy, like daughter -- both Hope and Ciara are going through personality changes. Ciara's becoming a little sticker thief while Hope seems to resemble a pill popping version of Princess Gina.

Victor/Carly/Justin– Victor protests Daniel’s operation; later he protests Justin's feelings for Hope. Justin advises Brady to work on his relationship with Arianna.
Chloe/Vivian/Father What’s His Name – Vivian continues with her plan to drive Chloe to murder Carly. Chloe has her obligatory conscience-purging discussion with Father What's His Name.
Abe/Nicole/Arianna – Nicole and Arianna find out they are working together; and it ain't pretty. Nicole interviews Whacked-Out Abe in a rude way before Arianna stops her. I like Nicole in her new job as bitchy reporter; more of a throwback to the old days when she was a ruthless and ambitious business executive.  I like Nicole much better as a bitch rather than a victim.

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