Saturday, April 3, 2010

4/2/10 review - I Should Have Done Yoga

Anna/Hot Young Yoga Instructor/Stefano - Maybe I should have worked out instead of watching DAYS. Anna seems to be having a lot more fun than I am. Well, that is until Stefano decided to let her in for a massage she couldn‘t refuse.

Melanie/Philip - The couple moan about their messed up parentage before they say the hell with it and make out.

Kate/Victor/Vivian/Maggie - Victor finds out Vivian told Philip about the marriage and is already regretting that he made the offer. Kate and Vivian fight over Victor and fight over Philip. There was an interesting exchange between Victor and Maggie, making me wonder if DAYS is going to try to make something out of them. I kind of hope not. I‘d rather see Maggie with a younger man; and if Victor and Maggie were to become an item, she‘d always be trying to make him a nice guy. I‘m bored already just thinking about it. I wish that DAYS had made Maggie an alcoholic again after Mickey’s death; it seems like they’re just floundering with what to do with Suzanne Rogers again.

Rafe/Benny/Sami - Yet another smirking Rafe interrogation scene before yet another one of those SAFE “should we get back together or not” scenes. Yawn.

EJ/Nicole/Will - Nicole suspects that EJ’s scared. EJ suspects that Nicole was in cahoots with Anna. Nicole sees Sydney again with Will, which made for a moving goodbye scene.


  1. What happened to the mysathenia gravis story that Suzanne Rogers talked about in all those interviews? The recurrence was briefly dealt with in a couple of episodes and there have been a couple of passing references to it, but nothing that approaches the level of an actual storyline.

  2. Why have an Emmy-winning storyline with Suzanne Rogers when DAYS can settle for more pointless drivel with Melanie and Vivian and Kate, etc.? Someone at DAYS must have realized that the story would have had the potential to be interesting and quickly killed it.

  3. If they did in fact kill the story, it's not only a huge missed opportunity but also a huge slap in the face to Suzanne Rogers.