Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/13/10 review - A Day of Resentment

EJ/Stefano – EJ resents that Stefano is blackmailing him to bring Johnny and Sydney into the mansion. Sami resents that EJ would even consider it.

Chloe/Carly/Daniel – Chloe resents Carly for moving in with her and Daniel; then she resents Carly for giving Daniel a baby when she can’t.

Sami/Kate – Sami resents Kate because Will is moving in with her.

Melanie/Stephanie – Melanie resents Stephanie for reading The Letter. Stephanie resents Melanie for working at the hospital again.

Madeline/Chad/Kate/Adrienne/Justin/Roman/Philip – Justin resents the Salem Serial Whacker who whacked him one. Adrienne resents Justin for having a thing for Hope and leaves him at the hospital. Carly and Adrienne decide they don’t really resent each other after all and become roomies.


  1. Adrienne storming out of Justin's hospital room didn't make any sense. She and Justin didn't fight or bring up the Hope issue during their scene. Did the editing monkeys at DOOL fuck up?

  2. I resent Chloe still being allowed to have scenes on the show. No matter what man they pair her with, she acts like a whore. Everything Victor has said about her is true. I wish she would get a gig with the opera far away from Salem and never come back.