Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/12/10 review - Another Day, Another Scrump

Nicole/Brady/Arianna/Chloe - Another day, another Brianna scrump. Another day, another Chloe whinefest about Daniel and Carly. Another day, another Nicole/Arianna squabble about Brady. Even though Arianna says that she can take Nicole on, I’m still convinced that Nicole can kick her ass every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Another day, another Sami whinefest about whatever she has to whine about whatever she can think of to whine about, but kudos to Brady for the John Black mention.
That being said, the rest of the show was pretty good.

Carly/Hope - I'd love to see Carly and Hope get into a Sami/Nicole-style smackdown someday. Watching these two go at it is also a guilty pleasure. Ooooh, no, Carly did NOT just say the “P” word as in…Patrick.

EJ/Sami/Stefano - Stefano tortures EJ by threatening to show Sami the incriminating DVD. “You are so lucky that Samantha is such a stubborn bitch” and “You deceived the ultimate deceiver” were great lines of the day from Steffy. Only Stefano’s fucked up to be proud of EJ about how he pulled off the Sydnapping…and it’s true to his character. Well played, DAYS!

Justin/Adrienne - Trying not to squeeee all over my review every time this couple's on the screen, but I just love seeing them both back on at the same time. Adrienne decides to sell her restaurant. Light moment of playing pool before Adrienne becomes jealous of Justin’s thing for Hope. Nice old school soapy angst…more, more, more!

Sorry the review's a day late.  Real life is getting entirely too intrusive these days.

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  1. Someone needs to put Chloe out her misery. Her bitching and moaning has gotten old. Aren't there any more men in Salem that she can sleep with? At least when she's scrumping, her mouth is doing something else besides talking.