Friday, April 2, 2010

4/1/10 Review - Why the 2.0?

DAYS sinks down another point in the ratings to 2.0. Panic time?

Philip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie – For me, this is a #1 reason why DAYS is at 2.0. Almost every day, these characters are forced upon the viewers; and I just don’t get it. All of them are flipfloppers. The ever-whining Stephanie loves Philip…and then she decides she loves Nathan. Philip loves Stephanie, sleeps with Melanie in a fleabag motel and promptly dumps her for Stephanie…and then decides he loves Melanie after all. Melanie dates Nathan, all the while fantasizing about Philip…marries Philip and now fantasizes about Nathan. Nathan takes Stephanie to a ski lodge (hey, at least it wasn’t a fleabag motel!)…but he’s still obsessing about Melanie. With characters that are so fickle and lacking in depth, tell me, Oh-Mighty-DAYS-Brass-In-The-Know, why should the viewers care about any of them? Put your Excel spreadsheets about the 20-something demographics down and take a look at what is going on around you!

Rafe/Benny – My #2 reason why DAYS is at a 2.0. Today Rafe tracks down Benny and gets a real lead about EJ’s involvement. Rafe is a smart detective, but I hate his constant arrogant smirking at Anna, at Nicole, at Benny, at EJ. It gets tiresome to watch after months and months of the same old thing. How many smirking interrogation scenes with Rafe are we going to have to watch?

Vivian - #3 reason. Not because Louise Sorel isn’t a kick-ass actress or that Vivian isn’t fun to watch. Yet Reilly knew how to write for Vivian in a dynamic way whereas the current writer does not now. Vivian at her best was a woman of action. Just like the Rafe interrogation scenes, how many times do we have to endure Vivian lurking about and making pointless threats at Carly with scathing looks…and that’s all? If Vivian wants revenge, she seriously needs to do something about it. Okay, so the Melanie wedding plan fell through. The Vivian I remember would have gone on to Plan B; perhaps once she’s married to Victor this will happen, but it’s taking too bloody long. It was fun watching her brag about marrying Victor today; but Vivian needs to have some teeth again.

Carly/Justin/Adrienne – Could raise ratings or lower ratings, depending on how DAYS plays it. The Carly/Bo pairing has the BOPE fans up in arms. The Daniel/Carly pairing hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. The Justin/Hope pairing has all the heat of an ice cube. But I keep saying that when Carly and Justin are in the same orbit, there are fireworks. The writers should give us some Justin and Adrienne flashbacks, just to remind or introduce the viewers now to who this couple really is. If Justin and Adrienne are going to be in a triangle with someone, I think it should be with Carly rather than Hope. That could be good stuff if played right. Obviously, Crystal Chappell has her fans and her GL followers. I don’t deny that she could have a good storyline, but the whole Melanie/Daniel thing was not the way to go…nor having Bo turn into a brainwashed creep.

EJ/Nicole – Another possible ratings raiser. Okay, as long as DAYS insists on writing Sami as Marlena Lite, then I think EJ and Nicole need to be in one of those on-again, off-again passionate “I love you, I hate you” storylines. Their scene today really worked for me with the cat-and-mouse games. EJ has been so dull in the “friend” scenes with Arianna and with watching Sami continually moon over RoboCop. For the first time in months, I found glimpses of the exciting EJ Dimera who I really used to enjoy.


  1. I agree, especially about Melanie/Phillip/Stephanie/Nathan. I have been trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with these characters and you nailed it when you said they were "lacking in depth". They just seem to wonder around aimlessly with no purpose behind their actions. They just are what they are and at the moment that is boring.


  2. I liked the confrontation/sparring between Nicole and Ej because the two actors are good but they have no romantic chemistry. Remember Ej and Sami cat and mouse games in 2007 : they were on fire, i had never seen sexual chemistry so strong on a soap so Ejole is nothing compare to that ! I hope when Sami will know the truth we will come back to that !
    But right now Ejami has still chemistry even if it is a bit softened because yes she is Marlena Lite and moons over, grovels over RoboCop annoying Hernandez (shame on you writers..)so because of this i have still hope.

    The younger quad doesn't do it for me too.
    However i quite of like the characters individually. Philip is a good and interesting character but he has to interact with core and elder characters.
    Melanie can be charming when she doesn't whine, screech and cry (i know it's exceptional..)
    Nathan can also be charming (the actor anyway) but his fickle and inconsistent behaviour is boring and annoying and finally Steph is a beautiful girl but her acting is dull and her way to always wanting to be a "good girl" whereas she does some selfish deeds it's grating.

    I like Adrienne/Justin and i like them with Hope so i don't mind a storyline between them.
    CC is a good actress but Carly as the damsel in distress, scapegoat for the good Salem people (i know it's not her fault, it's their ! lol) is getting old. I don't see fireworks between her and Justin but they are good together, in any case better than him and Hope.

    Vivian : love her too but her incessant threats whereas she doesn't do anything is just tiring and waste the character. They have to do something interesting with her and quickly (bring back Lawrence ! and Nicolas).

    Rafe...what to say.. the guy takes actions, i have to give him that but he is totally annoying, rude, condescending, seld-righteous to sum up not likable and lifeless while he does it. I think the major problem with him is the acting, the writers gave him rootable qualities (and some people like him for that) but on-screen he appears so jerky.
    In his scenes with Benny i totally was on Benny's side, more i watched Rafe more i loved Benny (by the way Benny actor is rather good,even more face to GG);i wanted Benny to just say to get lost to Rafe and take his flight ! lol
    I don't know... Bo Brady, Roman Brady or even John Black weren't like that, i can't believe it.

  3. I do like Carly/Bo and Carly/Dan, but I agree with you, there's definitely some sparks there between her and Justin. I'm delusional enough to think that TPTB see it too. So that all the while they're playing out the beats between Carly/Bo and Carly/Dan, they're going to slowly build an old school love story between Carly/Justin, with some wonderful 1930s witty romantic comedy repartee between'em.

  4. To Anon 9:52 AM,

    EJAMI was great in 2007. They were on fire back then, I agree. I truly think that DAYS was just too afraid of the backlash because of the car rape which was always going to be in the way; so they changed up Sami altogether; for that, and since they fired Deidre Hall, they were hoping to make Sami as Marlena Lite. IMO, that was such a mistake. They traded a couple with high-octane chemistry for a couple that is just mediocre.

    At least, Nicole still has some real brass to her. I didn't care for EJole during the whole pregnancy storyline and baby switch; but to tell you the truth, popular as that storyline has been, I was never a fan of it. Just too contrived for my taste. Now that the baby switch is over, I wouldn't mind seeing EJole in one of those situations where they can't forgive each other but can't quite stop the attraction either.

  5. I'm an '80s DOOL fan who started watching again when CC and LS returned. As a huge fan of CC's kick-ass character on GL, it pains me to see her relegated to the thankless damsel-in-distress role. Carbo could have worked, but the writers botched it by rushing it instead of going for a slow build. I can't decide if that's because (1) Carbo is nothing more than a plot device, or (2) the writers are hopeless at writing romance. A Justin/Carly pairing sounds intriguing, but I doubt the writers are going there. They're always obvious about their intentions, so hello Darly.

    Carly's main adversary is almost as ineffectual as Carly herself. During the buried-alive story, Vivian was a complex, terrifying figure. Now she's a dithering figure of fun. LS and CC both deserve better.

    DOOL as a whole suffers from relentlessly plot-driven writing and inconsistently written characters. As others have noted, the teen set is hopeless.

  6. I agree that the current writers just don't know what to do with the Vivian vs Carly feud, the women are just to watered down now. I also agree that Justin/Carly have sparks not that Bo/Carly and Carly/Daniel don't but Justin and Carly are just cute and snarky together.

  7. the current writers don't know what to do with ANY of the characters lol They tease us with something potentially interesting and then turn around and destroy it.

  8. You are certainly right about adding Justin and Adrienne flashbacks. They were unique becasue they had the simplest, pure love story much different from the ones today. Life often takes the simple out of 'love' and sometimes marriage is all about getting back to those simple days.
    Isn't time for a wrintg change? btw.
    For the GL C.C. fan, I think this writng team seems to really put down the strength of women in general and they are always at some man's mercy. (just what woman do not want to see) In the 80's I felt the show did a an excelent job of showing the strenght of woman in all the different character roles. Some had bold strenght and some had quiet strength. Maybe that is what you are missing from then.

  9. From a feminist perspective, soaps in general were much more enlightened in the '80s. Many female characters had careers and storylines that focused on their worklife. They didn't spend every waking moment chasing after men and/or obsessing about their children. The contrast between then and now is depressing.