Thursday, April 1, 2010

3/31/10 review - Smackdown: The Sequel

Sami/Nicole - Watching these two go at is truly a guilty pleasure.  In this case, I found the sequel better than the original because Nicole got her punches in too.  This is more true to the spirit of both characters.  I hated it last year when Nicole just stood there crying while Sami was bitchslapping her over and over.  Also, I was LMAO when Rafe and Roman kept tried to break it up their fighting and they just wouldn't stop.  Ari and Ali stole it today!

EJ/Lexie - EJ finally remembered that...oh, yeah, he loved Sami.  Lexie realizes she's the only Dimera left in Salem who still has a brain.

Rafe/Arianna - Most of the episode, they complained about Nicole being back in Salem.  Rafe interrogates Nicole at the station.

Stephanie/Nathan/Adrienne - The much anticipated reunion of the enthralling supercouple occurs as Nathan asks Stephanie for another chance.  Adrienne, the lady who really was part of a supercouple, has the thankless job of serving as Stephanie's sounding board.  Good lord, DAYS is not going to make Adrienne pimp out the younger couples so soon, are they?

Chloe/Daniel/Carly/Melanie - Chloe and Carly worry about Daniel when he sees what no man should ever have to see:  TWO MELANIES!!!

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  1. Be fair Diva, Ej has always loved Sami. He just admits it now after months and months of denying. When he wanted to commit to Nicole because she was devoted, he still loved Sami more (whereas she was hateful). What can i say ? You can't control, you can't help who you love (like the wise Lexie said).
    Actually it is credible and JS sell it. I don't understand people who think "you can't make someone suffer if you love him/her", yes human-beings are selfish, they can totally make suffer the people they love. More they love the people who they think betrayed them more they are revengeful. Ok there is also really good human-beings who will put the best interests of the people loved first but these selfless humans are very few, and i speak for the real life land so imagine on a soap where everything, everybody in "larger than life", crazy/unrealistic ! So i can totally buy Ej Dimera as a complex, tortured anti-hero soap character who loves unconditionally Sami Brady and can in the same time make her suffer.

    The fight was quite good, it was somewhat equal between the two ladies. They are so much alike, it's fun !
    Nicole should be the last person to say it, but she has a point : Sami is not the victim, she is also at fault in this story. She has to stop to be a self-righteous hypocritical and take responsability for her schemes/mistakes.

    Sami/Rafe : Sami was quite cute but WTF ?! She doesn't care about Anna disappearance, the search of the kidnapper she is just obsessed to come back with Rafe (who she breaks up/makes up with every 5 minutes). She is totally needy, pathetic in this relationship. It's painful to watch her like that. Rafe takes actions in this story but he is so dull and his nasal twang of voice grates me. GG doesn't sell his character as "in love", he behaves as a cute bossy big brother. Rafe and Arianna interactions are the same as Rafe and Sami is a problem if they have to be a rooting couple IMO. (Is he too dull to be passionate ? I don't know).
    On the other hand he was better face to Nicole at the questioning. She seems to despise him but at the same time to challenge him and that wake up him a bit. Maybe a Nicole/Rafe frenemies hook up would be better (ok...maybe not for Nicole, she doesn't need to be destroyed like the poor Sami).

    Adrienne as a prop for the dull pairing of Steph/Nathan : puke !

    TWO Melanies ! So funny !
    The girl whines and ugly-cries too much. Bring back quirky, funny, bitchy Melanie.
    Daniel is cute and SC actually is a good actor.