Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kola Boof on Twitter Rampage


For the last two days, ex-DAYS writer Kola Boof has been on a tell-all Twitter rampage about her time as a writer for the show.  She had served as a ghost writer for James Reilly and "officially" penned two episodes; she also takes credit for creating the character of EJ Wells.   On Twitter, she discussed some of her storyline ideas for the show, citing examples such as  – Billie trying to lure Bo and Hope into a threesome, Abe beating Lexie up into a coma, Alice faking senility to help Steve Johnson, etc. She also made quite a few inflammatory statements against several writers and cast members of the show as well, mostly accusing them of chauvinism and racism. 

The writer, also formerly known as one of Osama bin Laden’s past mistresses, has made far too many comments for us to post here on the board. If you are interested, check out her Twitter page and read away.

As always, we’re up for uncensored discussion and debate about what went down.


  1. If she had anything to do with Bin Laden, she is a fucking nutcase. She sounds like a bitter bitch who is throwing a fit because things at Days didn't go her way. Grow up Kola! Your rantings are just as bad as your writing.

  2. The bitch is nuttier than a fruitcake.

  3. Don't Eat the Crackers!!!March 17, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Well if she had such a problem with the way she was treated then why didn't she take the adult route and go consult a lawyer about it? It just makes her sound like a nutcase with a axe to grind going to Twitter with her ramblings! Just sayin!

  4. I just want to know what the DR creeps filled her drink with to make her spill everything like that.

  5. Kola is drinking the DR kool-aid.

  6. I saw that. I had to laugh when Kenny mentioned how SON used to edit out "Daytime Royalty" off of any post at SON. They don't do that now according to him, but they delete any posts about DR. Hmmmmmmmmmm....last time I heard, DR does not allow any posts about The Diva on their board either. This blog is filtered on their board. Anyone who links us gets threatened with a ban. lol I guess they think their posters weren't interested in our interviews with Leann Hunley and Steve Blackwood. lol

  7. I'm with the rest of you guys. Kola Boof is lower than pond scum. She was Osama Bin Laden's very willing Lover while he was plotting 9/11. While working at DOOL she bragged in interviews "Sammi" (that is her pet name for her lover Osama) would read poetry to her.

    A few years ago there was a huge and ugly discussion about Kola Boof on another board and the only person that backed her up was Deb Dimera. Deb thought Kola was a great writer and was willing to look the other way about her being Osama Bin Laden's lover because she brought Thaao P. back to the show.

    Deb has no moral center. she would sell this great country out to Osama Bin Laden just to get her favorite actor back on the soap for a few months. Kinda reminds me of those movies where people sell their soul to the Devil for money or power.

  8. Has anyone noticed that The Diva did not condemn Kola Boof for being the willing lover of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden? Instead she tried to steer the topic into another direction by talking about what Daytime Royalty will allow on their board. Very telling....

  9. Are you insane? First, I'm not Deb. Second, I have no idea if Kola was a willing or unwilling Usama mistress, or if she made it up. All we did was link her twitter account.

    Kola's "bible" did not have Tony in it as far as she has revealed.

    I know Deb. She is a patriot. You are a truly pathetic person.

    Actually, the Kola being a Usama lover was not a topic of conversation in this thread. Can't you read? I'm not steering anything. You are the one making shit up and steering things to Usama.

    I think Kola is a nutjob. I don't like any of her storyline ideas either.