Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farah Fath Apology


Farah Fath (ex-Mimi, DAYS, Gigi, OLTL) posted an apology on her My Space page after writing that she "gives the finger" to all the message boards that trash her.  Read below:

"First off, I apologize for giving certain message board posters the middle finger. Is it honestly what I feel like doing every time I read the terrible things you say about me day in and day out? Yes. But I apologize for lashing out. I lost my cool due to the frustrations of feeling like I can NEVER please the people who I've been trying to please for the past year.

I had never read message boards until recently and was horrified to discover that most people seem to hate me. especially my acting. however, i did not cry about it. I used it as fuel to get better. These past couple of months, I feel like I've put out some of my best work to date. So every week I've been checking back with "you people" (you know who you are) to see if I could finally squeeze an ounce of approval or praise out of you. With no luck. My skills are continuously bashed by the same people every day. You'd think it would be tiresome saying the same awful things about Farah Fath so often but apparently it's a fun topic. Why I have let these people matter to me is simply because I like a challenge. I've so badly wanted them to admit when I have a good show. But I've come to realize it will never happen. So I am letting go of my mini-obsession to please, because no matter what I do with a scene, no matter how I deliver a speech, no matter how I wear my stupid hair, I will never be good enough for these particular individuals. From this day on, I will focus on the people in my life who support me and think I am talented.

I am sorry once again for offending who ever. It was a reaction to being offended myself. I try so hard to be a good actress and just found it disheartening that supposed fans could be so cruel. And then I came to realize that you can be a fan of a show but not be a fan of someone on it. And that is fine. I respect your right to think I'm abominable. Please respect mine to think you are somewhat pathetic.

Most pathetic of all is a lie that is currently circulating about me from an appearance I did several years ago in S.C. I'll clear up 2 things right away, I never received a DIAMOND bracelet from any fan. I'm pretty sure that is what you call a "memorable gift". Also, the scrapbook I was given on that trip is on my mother's coffee table in Lexington, KY with every single page in tact. Next to it sits a framed photo of Eric Winter and myself holding the scrapbook upon receiving it. It, along with 3 other scrapbooks made for me over the years, are some of my most prized possessions.

Now, let's focus on what's truly important here. Many of my fellow cast mates have been losing their jobs as of late. Let's take this time to wish them well instead of calling me names and saying you want to punch me in the face.

I love my job, I love learning from great individuals from whom I associate with AT my job. And last but not least, I am so very grateful to have been a part of daytime for the past 11 years. The lesson learned in my 11th year is not to read message boards ever again. And I won't.

Editorial comment by FancyFace:  While this makes for a good story, the cynic in me wonders if this is Fath just trying to garner sympathy out of fear of also getting the axe on OLTL herself.  I remember back when she played Mimi on DAYS, she would post on the DAYS Coffeeboards as herself pretty regularly.  I don't believe for a moment that she had never read about herself on the Internet before nor that she would be so shocked about people trash talking when she's been in the business for 11 years.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just jaded.


  1. Actors shouldn't read the boards. All of us who have read boards know who the haters are. We know that some fans are fans of one actor only, and bash all the other actors on the show. We know some posters' motivations.

    Message board posters know how to take posts in context. If SusieQ is a James Reynolds fan only for example, and bashes all the other actors on the show, we know to not pay attention to SusieQ.

    We know with Farah when she was on DOOL that the Shelle fans and the J&M fans would bash her. So everyone else tended to not take those fans seriously with their opinion of Farah because they were on a pro-Shelle agenda.

    I've blogged about this before. Actors are real people. Characters and soap couples are fictional. That's why I am totally against any fan who conspires to get actors fired. And yeah, that's happened.

    With all that being said, I have no problem with true constructive criticism of actors and characters. Farah and the other actors need to know that we know what agendas if any some posters have. I don't belong to SON or TWOP, nor do I lurk there, so I can't speak to any of their posters' motivations.

  2. Yeah actors should stay far away from message boards. Maybe have some publicist/agent, or even some friends/family who sometimes can have a look for some constructive criticism and let the actor know in order to allow him/her to improve his/her acting skills.
    Alison Sweeney right now is constantly bashed on Daytime Royalty, Farah is not the only one but it's part of this business. There will always be lovers like there will always be haters (even if when the character is badly written and the actor can do nothing against that).
    To be a actor you have to build a thick skin, stand back about the worshipping and bashing, otherwise find another profession.

  3. I never saw Faith on OLTL but as Mimi her peformances were OK I liked Mimi until the writers ruined her character, there are the few soap actors that are brilliant no matter what script they are working with(mostly vets) and there are others that really should find other work I think Faith falls in the middle...that being said soap fans love who they love and hate who they hate and find it hard to separate them the boards are a place where fans have control

  4. I still like FF. She is a young lady with a career, trying to survive in show business. People are people no matter where you go. We are not perfect. There are loonies on the boards, and some nice people too. Don't take the message boards too seriously Farah.

  5. I think that as an actor you should take some responsibility for your career and read some of the boards to see what people like/don't like. Of course you have to know there are going to be people out there that bash just to bash. I remember reading a good article from Mary Beth Evans from 1997 on the "cyber" talk. ( ) she weighs the good and the bad of reading stuff on line. I think she even makes the point that if you can't read negative stuff about yourself, you are in the wrong business. But, you have to remember that a lot of these fans on line have their own personal agendas to bash someone and it usually has nothing to do with the actual actor they are bashing.

  6. That rambling apology reeks of desperation. She should have kept it short and sweet.