Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blogtalkradio show is up

Last night's Diva blogtalkradio show is ready for download.  Or you can just push play on the right.


  1. Guys, Sami never cheated on Lucas.
    When she slept with Ej she was married to him and Lucas told her to moving on. After, when he discovered them in bed, he was just a big sanctimonious hypocritical jerk who verbally abused her..pathetic behaviour Lucus (and i loved Lucas..most of the time not this time clearly lol) but yes he was the ultimate cuckold since Nicole cheated on him with Eric, Carrie cheated on him with Austin and finally Chloe cheated on him with Daniel.
    Indeed poor Lucas..Sami has done lot's of horrible things to Lucas (and so did him) but she has never ever cheated on him even when Kate set her up with Brandon and Lucas believed his mommy dearest and dumped Sami. Just to rectify the history, otherwise great podcast as always.

  2. Thanks for listening.

    I couldn't remember if they were technically a couple at the time or not. I just knew that he wasn't happy with Sami about the whole incident.