Thursday, February 11, 2010

"She brought the new husband" "Cute couple"

Yes they are so damn cute! Ok The Diva knows this is suppose to be about Philip and Melanie, but State is the couple that is holding my attention and we all know Phelanie ain't going to last. The Diva sees a future for the new Mr and Mrs DiMera. So Lucas goes to warn Kate and Stefano to behave at the wedding or he will take care of them. Now all of a sudden Lucas finds his balls! Ok Days let's give him another chance here.  

Danloe/ Ok she is pregnant now that we have that out of the way let's get on with it.

Nathan/Stef/Melanie Yes Steph you are still the odd girl out but it was nice to see Stefanie not be so nice. So she doesn't give Nathan the letter that Melanie wrote asking him if he still cares and then tells Melanie she did and that he wouldn't read it. You so know Stephanie is going down for this when Nathan and Melanie finally do talk.

Victor/Hope Always enjoy their scenes together. Victor tells Hope not to worry Vivian is not going to hurt Melanie. Hope wants to know why he is so sure and he tells her some Greek mythology story that I guess he used to figure out the comb was poison so then switched it without Vivian or any of us knowing. Hope finally understands and goes looking for Bo and he is still on his stake out which btw The Diva doesn't understand how the Commissioner of Police is out on a stake out and not attending his brother's wedding? Does the man have no clout?? She finds his cell with Carly's message and goes to find her.

Carly/Gus/Vivian So Carly is superwoman now and takes out Gus. Still don't like the guy and Ivan needs to return. Vivian thinks she poisened Melanie and made Carly watch. Carly pretends she is Gus and Texts Viv to come to the warehouse. Viv falls for it and Carly trades in her knife for an oversized wrench to do the job on Vivian. 

Abe/Lexie So why are they at Philip's wedding?? Ah yes because Abe needs to marry Philip and Melanie because the Justice of the Peace has the flu. A lame way to give Abe and Lexie some screen time but The Diva will take it. 

Lexie/ Stefano Loved their short scene today when Lexie grabs a cake from Stefano and he says to her so you still do care. She still thinks he is up to something and then hits him in the stomach and says lose some weight.

Maggie/ Nathan convinces her to go the wedding when he lays a guilt trip on her that he will have to stay home with her and miss his weekend with Stephanie if she doesn't go to the wedding. Maggie goes and she looks amazing. We also see Mia, Will and Ali at the wedding. Justin is filling in for Bo. 

Almost time for the wedding and Vivian is missing and Melanie is passed out upstairs. Hope is on her way to rescue Carly and arrest Viv. Or is that the other way around? 

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