Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peace and Kharma

"Peace and Kharma" that's what it said on Helen's shirt on tonight's eppy of Lost.  I'm sure that meant something.

This Diva truly floved this episode.  Terry O'Quinn rocks my socks off.  I bow down to his awesomeness.  Why can't every episode be a Locke episode?  Fuck Jack and Kate.  Really!

Ok.  Poor sideways John Locke has a broken chair lift on his van, which leads him to fall down on his lawn activating the sprinkler system.  He has a good sense of humor about it.  You still sense his resentment about being paralyzed.  He's engaged to Helen.  Apparently, he's on good terms with his father since Helen wants to invite him to their quickie wedding in Vegas.  Locke wants to wait for their wedding in October.  Yes, the Diva has a crush on Mr. Clean.  Yeah, it was kind of hot seeing him in the tub.  lol  Maybe it's just me, but when John picked the lighter shade of green for that chair cover, it reminded me of the same color he wore on his shirt on the island.  Locke always had an Army green color shirt on the island.  Anyway, probably means nothing.

Locke gets busted by Randy for skipping out on his box selling conference to do his walkabout.  Locke wasn't permitted to do the walkabout yet did not go to any business meetings.  Well, he did something to be so tan.  You'd think he would still do business work since he was there instead of skipping all of it.  So Locke got fired.  Outside, Locke encounters the owner of the company, Hurley.  I believe it was revealed in Season 1 that Hurley bought Locke's company with his winnings.  Hurley has Locke go to apply for other work.  After getting frustrated with a touchy feely interviewer, Locke asks to talk to the supervisor who is the lovely Rose. Who would have thunk it that we would see Rose twice in 3 episodes?  BTW, what happened to Bernard and Rose when Jughead blew up?  Maybe they are the candidates.  lol  Rose tells Locke to accept his paralysis and to chose a more logical job opportunity.  Rose still is suffering with her terminal cancer.

Locke ends up a substitute teacher teaching kids about their reproductive systems.  lol  In the teacher's lounge, he encounters European History teacher Benjamin Linus.  I love Locke, still hate Ben but love Michael Emerson, but damn really?  They're teachers?  Couldn't we pick something a little more exciting for those two?  How about Ben Linus as a psychologist or a serial killer?  You know, something more appropriate.  Locke comes to terms with his paralysis and tears up Jack's card after initially calling Jack's office and hanging up.

Ok, NuLocke on the island is about as successful as Locke was to get the Losties to do his bidding. We see this awesome footage from Smokey's point of view zipping around the island to the barracks.  NuLocke picks up Locke's infamous knife to cut down Richard from a trap.  Richard chooses not to come with nuLocke.  Locke threatens to see him later.  We see a young blonde boy in the woods.  It's hard to tell, but I think the boy had bloody hands.  I believe it was a sign for nuLocke that he wasn't allowed to kill Richard.  If nuLocke is telling the truth, Richard didn't know why he blindly followed Jacob.  Richard did not appear to see the boy.

Locke then looks for Sawyer.  The music in the background btw is "Search and Destroy" by Iggy Pop.  The very appropriate lyrics can be found here.  Lucky me.  The Diva actually knew that song.  Def Leppard covered it with guitarist Phil Collen singing lead a few years ago. The song was rejected for the "Yeah" cover album, but they put it on a bonus album with a few other covers.  Ok...back to nuLocke and James.  So James is wearing his wifebeater and boxers drinking liquor and listening to Iggy Pop.  He's not really interested in Locke at all.  When he realizes it's not the real Locke, he's not scared.  I thought that was perfect.  It's nice to see nuLocke not get his way by intimidating people.  I'm impressed with Josh Holloway, he totally stole the scene from O'Quinn, definitely not easy to do.  NuLocke promises him answers, so Sawyer gets dressed, bummer, and follows him into the jungle.  In the jungle, we see the blonde boy again.  Locke chases after him.  The blonde boy tells him he can't kill him.  It's vague on who "he" is.  He might not mean Sawyer.  Richard catches up with Sawyer and warns him to get away from nuLocke and go to the Temple with him.  Sawyer wants nothing to do with the Temple and leaves with Locke.  Sawyer pulls a gun on Locke, but can't pull the trigger.  Sawyer admits he did see the blonde boy which stuns nuLocke.  It's awesome to see that NuLocke doesn't "know all."  I think he may have misunderestimated some of the Losties including Sawyer.

We see nuLocke and Sawyer on a rope ladder.  They eventually after some ropes breaking, make it into a cave in this huge rock overlooking the ocean.  NuLocke takes a white rock off a measuring balance, and throws it into the ocean calling it an "inside joke."  NuLocke shows Sawyer their names written on the wall with numbers.  Obviously, Hurley's numbers actually represented the Losties.  The dead characters' names were scratched off.  Reyes, Jarrah, Shephard, Ford, and Kwon were left.  I can't remember if they had Kate's name up there too.  NuLocke didn't know which Kwon, Sun or Jin.  NuLocke tells Sawyer that Jacob wrote those names.  He said that Jacob crossed paths with them when they were at their most vulnerable to steer them to their destiny on the island. He says that basically Jacob controlled their lives from then on.  So I'm assuming  from last year's finale, when Jacob physically touched the characters,  was their "restart" button.  Still that doesn't explain Locke being on good terms with his father because Jacob touched him after Locke's father pushed him out the window.  He touched Kate when she stole as a child, so maybe she did not kill her father.  He touched Sun and Jin at their wedding when they were still in love and before Jin became a thug for her father.  He touched Jack at the hospital, not sure the timing on that one.  He touched Hurley in the cab with the guitar case with the list in it.  I don't remember the time frame on that one either.  I think it was after he was in the mental hospital.  It looked like the same place Kate picked up Claire last week.  NuLocke said that Jacob had a thing with numbers.  NuLocke gave Sawyer 3 options.  To do nothing, to be the candidate, or to leave with nuLocke.  I think it's a safe bet that Sawyer picks the third option.  NuLocke explains that Jacob fought to protect the island.  NuLocke wants to leave.

BTW, Illiana said that Lapidus was a candidate during last season's finale.  So is Lapidus on the wall somewhere?  Wasn't Lapidus supposed to be the pilot of 815?  What about Desmond?  I need to see this wall again.

Illiana mourns her men in Jacob's lair.  She asks Ben what happened to them.  He tells her all the unbelievable details.  I think she believes him.  Poor dead Locke has a crab crawling on his head.  Illiana wants to leave for the Temple with Lapidus, Sun, and Ben.  Sun wants to bury Locke.  They dig a grave for him on Boone Hill.  Lapidus asks for someone to say some words for deadLocke.  Ben speaks up.  He describes Locke as a believer, man of faith that he is sorry for murdering.  lol  It's kind of funny even though I was crying.  I love oldLocke.  It kills me that he's really dead.  Lapidus said it was the best funeral he's been to.  lol

Your thoughts?

This was definitely a 4 star episode.  Brilliant.

I forgot to add that Illiana tells Ben, Lapidus, and Sun that Smokey is trapped in Locke's image.  He cannot take another image.  So does that mean he's not Christian Shephard?  He was nuLocke and Christian at the same time.  When Lapidus and Sun were in a Dharma building, they were talking to Christian with the smoke monster behind them.  I believe nuLocke was still at the crash site.  I'm confused.  lol


  1. Well, Smokey/nuLocke/Esau is the anti-Jacob, and notice his rock was black. So he obviously is the Lostian universe's Lucifer, the Trickster in myth. He twists/ed what Jacob did, saying that Jacob forced the Chosen to follow his path, that he forced them. But it is actually the opposite. Jacob went to everyone in time of distress and gave them hope, but they still had Free Will -- as in Judeo-Christian beliefs -- they can take Jacob's advice or not. Smokey/nuLocke/Esau is the opposite he lies and manipulates and and does not give them choices.The White rock definitely is Jacob -- hence "the inside-joke." I do think Jacob picked the people, but not out of malice.

    Smokey definitely is lying about the Island not needed help, or he is ignorant to the special needs of the Island.

    I did not find it odd that Ben was a teacher, because he was pretty young after he was saved by the Temple, and would have been off Island like the other Dharma kids. So, he would not have been corrupted, nor would he have developed the complex of being the leader and protector of the Island and Jacob's chosen. He was rather a nerd, so in TV/movies teachers are nerds, thus in the sideways world he becomes a teacher. I think that also indicates that Ethan also did not become a cold blooded killer away from the Island.

    So, if Locke is paralyzed yet has a good relationship with his father, how did he become paralyzed? And if he has a good relationship with his father, than Cooper/RealSawyer was not a con-man? And if she then what about James? Does that mean that his mother did not have an affair with Cooper/Sawyer, and did not lose all their money to him, and thus James' father did not kill her nor himself? Does that mean that James' life was not screwed up? He did not become a conman? He did not go to Australia and kill the Shrimp Shack guy?

    But if his life is different, how is it that Kate still killed her father to protect her mother, since she is a fugitive and she told Sideways Claire that she killed her father.

    Okay, I screamed when I saw Rose -- I have loved Rose since the first eppies. I expected someone of the Losties, and was wondering who the boss could be, did not expect Rose. But I loved it.

    Not surprising that the Losties are interconnected, they were prior to the Island, and even with the new lives it is like what some believe about reincarnation, that you keep coming back surrounded by people you knew in past lives.

    I think the Kid was Jacob. That is the only person Esau/ Smokey fears.

    Another thing this reminds me is of eschatological mythology, the End of Days, the Apocalyptic literature, Satan chained and then the big confrontation between Him and Christ, Light and Dark. I believe there is something similar in Zoroastrianism, with the Light and Dark battling.

  2. Needed to add, a theory over on TVWithoutPity's LOST boards is that maybe the reason there was no "Austen" on the wall and that it was ambiguous about which Kwan is that the Chosen is male. Maybe too only the male LostieSideways are the ones whose lives are different, hence : Claire still pregnant; Kate still a fugitive and still had killed her father; Sun still was running away from Jin -- but he seemed to have second thoughts about the watch and his job for her gangster father in the Sideways universe -- Rose is still dying of cancer.

  3. I still am holding out a possibility that Jacob and MIB is just playing a high stakes game with the Losties. I believe the first episode featured Locke and Walt playing backgammon. Locke has a speech about the dark and light pieces. There was an overseas promo with the Lost characters being chess pieces.

    I don't think the candidate thing discriminates against women. We'll see.

    It looks like Sawyer and Locke's history with Anthony Cooper got completely changed. Sawyer seemed pretty happy on the plane. He didn't seem like a guilt ridden murderer.

    Ben and Locke being teachers seemed anti-climatic to me. I guess Ben got demoted from being the leader of the Others to a bitchy coffee nazi teacher. lol I could seem him as a radical college professor, like Bill Ayers or something. Ben's too much of a revolutionary to be a teacher, same with Locke.

    I didn't catch that Kate admitted to killing her father. I thought she said she was innocent.

    The little boy did look like a younger Jacob.

  4. I did some snooping at the EW.com site. Someone pointed out that Jin is a Kwon, and Sun's name is Paik. But, it could be their daughter as a candidate.

  5. Jacob is the Light in this scenario, it is definitely a White/Black Dualistic universe since it is picking up from world religious beliefs. Jacob was looking pained when he visited Sawyer, Locke and Sahid, all of whom were experiencing times of great suffering. Again, it is very much like the Book of Job, God is more than willing to prove that Job is loyal and that people are worth it, he and Satan are in a game and use Job. I do not think, though, that Jacob is to that point of Jobian version of God. I do not think he actually does things to people to test them, things happen and he has faith in them -- I doubt he can do things to change things, hence not saving Nadia, he can only give them advice and comfort, thus appearing cold. Esau/Smokey/MIB sees humans as evil and self-serving.

    And the more I think about it it is more like Satan chained, and fits into Christian mythology about the end of days and the final battle between light and dark -- and I am pretty sure there is a similar belief in Zoroastrianism. In Christian and their belief the force of darkness is chained, he eventually escapes and then there is the epic battle between Light and Darkness, with Light eventually winning.

    I disagree about Ben, even with the original timeline he was pretty much a nerdish, twit, remember the book reading, and how beforehe arrived Juliet and the others were talking and they said that he would not approve of the book -- I believe it was Steve King -- she, or someone else chose. So he came off as a douche even then. It is just that with the Island that he developed into the manipulative, cunning person he was. I really do not see him as a revolutionary, he seems too wimpy for that, He is a petty tin dictator though.

    I want desperately to see at what point and how their Sideways lives changed. They must have done something in their pasts of the Sidelines to send them on a different course. I am guessing it has to do with their encounter with Jacob. Those who listened to him did not make the mistakes which got them to the point that they were when they boarded the plane. Again, I really got the feeling that Eko , after his encounter with Smokey did not get murdered by it but was sent back to a time before he chose to go with the murdering gang (to save his brother) and he and his brother are/were back to being innocent and happy kids.

    But I can see how Sawyer and others changed their lives not to go the courses they did, but what about Cooper/RealSawyer, he did not seem the type of person to be tortured by guilt and thus able to go either way; he was definitely a sociopath with no concern for anyone.

  6. I didn't get the impression that Jacob was pained by Sayid's grief. To me, he caused Nadia's death by distracting Sayid. Nadia stopped in the middle of the street because Sayid was not with her. But, the car could have hit both of them if Jacob didn't stop Sayid. But, Jacob have stopped both of them from crossing, and decided not to.

    Ben did get upset with Juliet picking Stephen King for their book club. She obviously picked King on purpose to upset him. Ben's definitely not a people person. You don't have to be a nerd to be a teacher. Actually the kids I grew up with who became teachers were jocks! lol I think of Ben as a revolutionary, in a bad sense of the word like Che Guevara, because he led a revolution against Dharma and annihilated them. Ben and Locke have too much of an innate sense of leadership to pick such a mundane life as a teacher.

    Doc Jensen had an interesting point about Locke. Locke as a teenager was told by a counselor to pursue his talent for science. He was invited to a science camp by The Others. Locke wanted to be an alpha male, not a nerdy scientist and refused. He thought going into science would lead to him being picked on even more. It's odd that Locke in his sideways life had rejected the Man of Faith that he was, to a faithless life.

    Manipulation is definitely something that can be learned to a certain extent, but some people are naturally better at it than others. Most of the characters on the show are manipulative. I'm sure being off the island would make Ben less manipulative, but that trait is still there inside him.

    I do hope they do some explaining about Eko. His whole death seemed odd to me.

    Ita about Anthony Cooper. He was remorseless. Unless Locke's "dad" is someone else. Could be a foster or an adoptive parent and not Cooper at all.

    The thing with Jacob, I do think he is for the most part, very "hands off" with people except for the touching times. MIB is much more effective because he actively manipulates people. He's more involved, while Jacob is very detached. Kind of like Dogen who prefers to be detached, mostly I think it's because it makes it easier for him to dispose of his flock without emotional attachment.

  7. I don't like the message that Ben and Locke being teachers is better than them trying to be leaders. Being a leader is not a bad thing. Being a teacher is not a bad thing either. I don't see them being happy with no faith and no ambition. That's an odd message to give people. Lose your faith and ambition to be happy.

    The problem with the old Locke was that he was blind to his own limitations in his wheelchair. Being out of the chair freed him to be a leader on the island. He can be a leader in the chair, but not in a physical sense. There's other ways to be a leader without killing boar.

    I always wanted the Man of Faith to be the leader. Now, Faithful Locke looks like a total joke. It makes religious people look dumb because Locke became a total tool. He's dead, and no one really gives a shit. The only character that mourned his death the past two seasons was Jack and that was mostly out of guilt that he didn't listen to Locke.

  8. Reading over at TWoP, one theory is that it is not Jacob's cave but Smokey's, and the reason the names were crossed off is because those were the folks Smokey got offed.

    Didn't we see Jacob's place last season, I remember he weaving something on a loom, and that there was Greek writing on the walls, even frescos.

    Another bizarro connection over at TWoP is that the numbers given to the people on the ceiling correspond to famous former Yankee players whose numbers were retired.... and the person out of fun tried to see if he could make a connection between the Yankee player and those Losties.

    I do not think Locke lost his faith, he gained it, this was non-Island Locke who had no faith, and got it due to Helen's love, and help from Hugo and Rose. It was only a temporary job, I do not think it will be permanent anyway, he will move on. Though I had wised that Hugo would have fired Whatshisname and given Locke the job, but then even a supervisor at a paper company, I go with subing -- I do it and it is pretty good, especially in California, short days, decent money. I do not think Ben was a man of faith, he did not care about anyone but himself, and admitted that at Locke's funeral -- and I still think something is odd about the Locke dead thing, I would not bet the family farm he is really dead, I am not 100% sure he is alive, but I think he may be. I just think Ben is the type of person who either would be an obsessed leader on the Island or a pathetic loser off Island, it is just the way he is, he fits into Smokey's view of humans.

    link: http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?showtopic=3193258&st=325

  9. I agree that it's probably Smokey's cave. I still think this a just a competition with Smokey and Jacob. Smokey wants to quit the game. He can't kill the candidates, so he's trying to get them all to leave the island instead. His natural instinct though is to kill them since that would be easier.

    If Jacob is so good, then why does he have such bad leaders? According to Richard, the leader of the Others is chosen. They are known at birth. So why would Jacob want murderers like Widmore, Hawking, and Ben as his second (or third) in command? Richard's never physically hurt anyone from what I remember. Why did Locke have to kill his dad to be the leader of the Others if they are the good guys?

    That's funny about the Yankees. lol I guess Jacob likes baseball.

    Locke had faith in the island because of his personal miracle. Locke talked yesterday about not believing in miracles. I'm glad he accepted his condition, but he also lost some hope though too. I think he's happy because of Helen. He's accepted his limitations, but I don't get he likes being a sub. Even though he does have a natural gift towards science, he seemed completely uncomfortable talking to tweens about their bodies. He seemed uncomfortable with the girls gym class/basketball practice. There's an irony to Locke talking to kids about their reproductive systems when Locke can't use his. He's teaching gym in a wheelchair. With this job, he's still being reminded of what he can't do.

    Ben didn't seem happy either. lol Yeah, Ben believed but he was also extremely ambitious to the point of murder. He did what Jacob told him to, but he wanted a reward for it.

  10. OH!!! Remember Dogen with the baseball and he told Jack it was just a baseball. lol Maybe that's a nod to the Yankees theory.

    Locke only lost his faith when he came across the observation station and found the video clip. He saw Candle tell the workers at the observation station that what was going on at the Swan was not important, but to record it. Locke was tricked into thinking the button was just a psychology experiment when really the Dharma people in the observation station were the ones doing truly meaningless work.

    Locke got upset with Eko's continued faith. Locke prevented Eko from pushing the button and causing the Swan to blow up with Desmond's help. After that, I got the impression that Locke got his faith back.

    When Locke was attempting suicide, to me that wasn't a result of his failure to gather the Losties. NuLocke and Christian both told him he was going to die. That's another instance where Smokey shouldn't have been able to be both if Iliana is correct that Smokey gets stuck in one image. I believe that Locke was sacrificing himself to get the others to go back to the island. That's the ultimate sacrifice for faith would be death. The writers were doing a lot of of comparisons between Locke and Jesus at that point. You could consider Ben Judas twice, killing Locke and Jacob. Jack was considered to be Doubting Thomas. Jack didn't get faith until Locke died. Then he decided to go back.

    Ben had faith in the island, but used it for his own advancement. He knew the island was special. He totally believed in Jacob without seeing or hearing from him first hand. Ben would had never sacrificed his life for the island like Locke did. Locke was all about protecting the island. Ben was to a certain extent if it did not threaten his well being. The only sacrifice he ever made was to turn the donkey wheel. He knew Locke was the chosen one, so Ben moved on.

    Ben's "kharma is a fickle bitch" comment to Locke was a warning. Ben felt like the island used him and then sent him away. He was warning Locke that it would happen to him too. And he was right. Ben was angry with Jacob when he came back leading to Jacob's murder. He felt used. Locke felt the same way at his death. He didn't understand why he was dying.