Monday, February 8, 2010

Fancy Face Picks 2/1 to 2/5

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Alice Horton. The sad passing of Frances Reid made most DAYS viewers remember everything that we ever loved about the great matriarch of the Horton clan.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Stephanie Johnson. Why is the kid of the spunky couple, Steve and Kayla, mooning away over Doc Nathan who obviously isn’t that into her? I wish she’d go crash a race car or something.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ciara’s Meltdown. This triangle isn’t playtime anymore, now that Ciara is going the way of Sami Brady. Another interesting twist.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Frances Reid.  Sort of a post-mortem tribute, but what the hey.

HYPOCRITE OF THE WEEK: Sami proclaims to Anna “What sort of monster would take a woman’s baby?” – Um, seems to me I recall a young girl who sold her baby sister Belle to the black market. Look in the mirror, Sami.

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