Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes Bo.  You did fuck my brains out!

Today's show was somewhat amusing. Lots of zingers today.

Kate/Viv.  Way too short of a scene.  Seriously?  What were they thinking cutting this scene so short?  Viv mentions "her" son Philip, Kate flips out and grabs Viv's wrists at the Java Cafe.  Viv mentions to Gus, "good thing that little twit didn't break the skin.  I would have needed a rabies shot."

Bo/Phil/Viv.  Phil asks Bo to be a part of the wedding that happens sometime in February.  Bo agrees.  Bo sees Viv eavesdropping so he came up with the brilliant idea to tell Philip that he and Carly had been involved for quite some time to throw Viv off of Melanie's trail.  Viv kind of falls for it.  She questions Phil on whether or not Bo confides in him often.  Phil said that Bo was in a sour mood.  Viv says, "having an affair with Carly would make anyone sour."  lol

Carly/Mel/Phil.  They were discussing Melanie's lack of a career.  Carly has flashbacks of her labor of Mel.  Lawrence was mean mean mean.  He threatens to harm the baby.  Carly says she'll stay with him in exchange that the baby gets adopted.  Carly's frequent zoning out creeps out Melanie.  Melanie leaves then comes back to fetch her coat.  Mel confides to Carly about her awful childhood and the fact that her and Phil want kids asap. Later, Mel wonders to Phil why she confided in Carly.

Mel/Kate.  Kate tries to talk to Mel, Mel's not interested.  Kate got "dumped by Smurfette." Maxine tells Kate that only Maggie is close to Melanie.

Kate/Maggie/Melissa.  Melissa hugs Maggie and leaves town.  Kate comes in to give fake sympathy to Maggie while trying to get info from her about Mel.  Maggie figures it out, and kicks Kate out.  It's nice to see spunky Maggie again.

Stephanie/Nathan.  Nathan won some award at the hospital.  Steph tells him that Mickey saw it before he died.  Nathan thanks Steph with a real kiss outside the Pub.

Bo/Abe.  Bo showing his lack of possession of the Salem brain, tells Abe about the big lie he told to keep Viv off track.  Abe tells him that his life would be easier without Carly.  Bo says for the ten millionth time that Hope left their house with their daughter. blah blah blah.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting the impression that Bo is enjoying hurting Hope.  Bo tells Abe that he'll tell Hope later that it was a big lie that he and Carly had a long term affair.  Abe is obviously not impressed with Bo plans.

Screencap courtesy of Chit Chat Haven.


  1. Vivian and Maggie are vets made of win. That's all.
    Ah and Lawrence is a creepy delicous uber soap viliain, watch out Stefano (right now the Phoenix is somewhat a pod phoenix).

  2. It was great to see Kate again. Her scenes with Vivian were too short. I can't even watch Bo anymore, what a pig.

  3. What a cold heart son of a bitch Bo has become.

  4. Hope needs a 'new beau' if you get what I'm saying, at least short term. I still say bring on Robert Newman!