Friday, January 15, 2010

that harlot

Without Sydney, this eppy would have been a total dud.

Anna/EJ/Sydney.  Anna questions EJ on whether or not he's done torturing Sami.  EJ's been quite snippy all week, and he continues with his snippiness.  The Diva would really like to see Anna tell EJ off.  EJ asks Anna if she's insulting his intelligence.  Someone should!  lol  EJ's ready for phase 2.  Miss Sydney walks for the first time.

Melanie/Mia.  They discuss Mel's lack of a mother.

Chad/Gabi.  They are cute, and quite flirty.  Chad and Gabi are Rimi v. 2.0.  Rex and Mimi were pushed to the sidelines because of the constant need of the show to pimp Shelle even though Rimi was a much more interesting couple.  Same situation here.  Chad and Gabi are better characters and actors than Will/Mia.  Chad wants to be friends only, Gabi is disappointed. 

Barly.  They discuss Melanie.

Safe/EJ.  Typical Sami being hysterical over EJ not answering her calls.  Even if he didn't kidnap Syd, I wouldn't blame him for changing his number because of Sami's constant spazzing.  Sami debates again whether or not to tell Rafe.  Rafe leaves to talk to Gabi at the Pub about Ari's hold up.  EJ finally calls Sami back and beckons her into the DiMansion.  EJ gives her another ransom note.  Anna calls and talks to Sami in a disguised voice.  Ejami are instructed to drop off the money at the pier of death.  Funny how no one points out that is where Tony had his fall.  Rafe shows up. Uh oh.

Team V/Bo.  Viv wants to electronically track Carly's movements to determine who her daughter is.  Bo shows up with his "I had sex with Carly" tattoo on his forehead.  Bo gives her a restraining order to stay away from the harlot.  Viv guesses due to the smile on Bo's face that he got laid for the first time in years and assumes that Carly is the harlot.  Bo doesn't deny it and leaves.  Vic is furious.  He berates Viv blaming her for pushing Carly towards Bo with her threats.  He tells her to get Carly taken care of now.

Carly/Melanie.  Melanie totally owns Carly.  She points out that Carly's actions always have negative consequences even if her intentions are good.  Hard to argue with that.  Carly tries to talk Mel out of marriage.  Mel's offended.  Can't blame her on that one since Carly has no right to tell a virtual stranger not to get married.  Carly leaves and runs into Bo outside Maggie's house.

The twits.  Will and Mia kiss at the Java Cafe.  For some bizarre reason, Kinsey is making fun of Mia's mourning.  Good grief.  Who acts like that?  This is where the show hits rock bottom.  Totally stupid, filler scene.  It's like a different writer writes for the twits.  Gabi's going to the Olympics or something.  Whatever.  Please take Will, Kinsey, Mia, and the other dude with you please.


  1. Seeing EJ push Anna around made me sick. That's not the Anna I remember from the '80s. Was she written as a wimp in her 2007 return? (I didn't watch then). I was hoping that Anna (with or without Tony) would be the mastermind behind the Sydnapping. Instead we get Anna as EJ's passive lackey. FAIL.

    A similar scenario played out with Victor dominating Vivian. Don't get me started on Sami.

    The writers need to abandon their 1950s mindset and start writing some strong female characters because there's only so much misogynistic BS I can take.

    Yes. Sydney was the one and only highlight.

  2. Totally agree with the poster above me.
    Weak women make dull, poor characters and strong women make good characters : it's not that complicated writers !!
    Now in almost all the prime time shows women are strong, smart, independent and even in some other soaps (not all i have to admit, but they are not references) so WAKE UP DOOL !! This writing is just lame. That is all i have to say. Lol.
    And yes in 2007 Anna was a supporting character but she was better written..shame on GT..

  3. The writers need to drop their stereotypes of women either being the "bitch" or the "wuss".

  4. Queen of the NightJanuary 16, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    ITA about how the women of Salem are written as weak and needy. Hopefully we will see a strong Maggie fighting to overcome her demons after Mickey's death.

    I liked the show today. Loved EJ being deliciously evil with Sami. I say give it to her EJ! God she was so fucking annoying with all her whinning. Rafe should catch a clue and get out of Dodge now LOL! Anna needs to stand up for herself. This is not the Anna from the 80's. LOL about the death prier. Maybe that chunk of wood will find Rafe this time.

    All the teens need to run away to Canada for good. Oh god you don't think they are thinking of doing an Olypmic themed storyline involving all of them now do you? Shoot me now.

    Vic and Viv continue to crack me up and steal the show. Baby Syd has some stiff competition. How the hell does everyone know about Barly? LOL about the tattoo Diva.

    Melanie tells it like it is with Carly. The woman has always been the victim that needs Bo to rescue her. I think she somehow knew that Bo and Hope were having problems and she came back to seal the deal with Bo. I don't buy I just came back to find my daughter. Wny the hell didn't she do that years ago? She could have killed Lawrence then. Anyway Viv needs to get it over with fast.

    Baby Syd walking was too cute and glad daddy got to see it this time. Sami would probably have missed it anyway when she dropped her off at Caroline's to be with Rafe.

  5. ITA with the other posts.
    However i have to say one thing : the Ej motives are quite inconsistent, he has been with Sydney more more more time than Sami and HE was the parent who saw Johnny makes all his first since Sami was the parent away from her kids in this stupid witness protection...
    Sadly Sami is almost never showed with her kids and always smooching her boyfriend, the writing for this character is shittastic : how to throw a character under the bus : watch Sami Brady on Days of our Lives !!!

  6. yes, days seems to make their women characters bitchy. that's why i like the women on gh, y&r, b&b, and oltl there is a balance between women and men from relationships to career.