Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today's episode was very good other than the annoying teens.  Here's your Diva notes on Wednesday's eppy:

Nicole.  Nicole gets sentenced to 20 years in jail.  The judge showed sympathy for her.  He felt that she wasn't in her right mind due to her miscarriage.  Sami of course, gave birth to a calf after his verdict.  Seriously, wtf was up with Sami's hair?  Even Princess Leia wouldn't be caught dead in that braid.  EJ smirked in the court room.  Nicole starts to pass out during her sentencing.  Superhero dumbass Brady catches her before she hits the linoleum.  Arianna, already competing with Brady for dumbass of the year 2010, watches her "boyfriend" fawn over his ex.

After the sentencing, Chloe says goodbye to Nicole.  Nicole admits that she made a mistake fighting for EJ when she loved Brady all along.  Brady leaves Ari at the Pub to say goodbye to Nicole.  Nicole wants Brady to move on by giving him a kiss goodbye.  The Diva is on the Bricole bandwagon.  Wonderful chemistry between Ari and Eric, something that Eric and Lindsey are missing.

Sydnapping.  Anna's getting paranoid.  She thinks there's someone around her house.  She's still at her house with the Sydster.  At the end of the eppy, EJ shows up at her door.  I wish this wasn't leaked.  In case you were living under a rock, EJ is the mastermind behind the Sydnapping.

The Teens.  Gah.  Mia's being rewritten now as a bitchy teen wanting two guys.  She never showed any interest in Chad until Gabi comes along.  To make things worse, Mia wanted to make out with Will with dead Mickey upstairs.  Will overhears Gabi and Mia arguing over Mia trying to juggle both guys.

Maggie.  Suzanne Rogers stole the show today.  First she was trying to reassure Chloe that she can run the hospital in Maggie's absence.  Yeah, the Diva thought that was funny too.  lol  Apparently Maggie's job is comforting people.  The Diva doubts emotionless Chloe is up for that job.

Nice scene with Lexie and Maggie talking about love and marriage in Maggie's kitchen.  It's nice to see female bonding on the show instead of bitchy antagonism all the time.  Maggie goes upstairs.  We see her sit at her kitchen table and cry.  The last scene was shot beautifully.  Bravo.


  1. Yes me too i am team Bricole : ok she used him but the chemistry is here, can't help myself !

    The TPTB are destructing Sami...sad sad sad

    So what ? Ej is the mastermind not really surprising, is it the big final TWIST ???! meh..

    So for this new year Ej is the new Stefano and Rafe the new Roman/John ?? If they want to pimp Safe and a potential Ej/Arianna..sorry guys i don't buy it..if they definitly don't want to write for Ejami bring a good actress who will have a kick-ass chemistry with JS. For Sami i am afraid it's too late..sigh.

    SR has her own storyline with Mickey's death : good, really good !!

  2. Queen of the NightJanuary 7, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    Diva I am with you on the Bricole bandwagon. I love them together. Ari stole the show again. Man that girl can cry.

    Didn't Chloe leave Salem yet? We could have done without her today IMO.

    The Teens. Yes GAH is right. Total snooze fest. So Mia is going from the boring sweet girl to the even more boring bitch. She can't do either right.

    Is EJ the Mastermind? I get why he would do it, but didn't Anna and him seemed both surprised to see each other.....Yes I think there is more to this story than we know right now. Who was that lurking at Anna's door...hmm her hero perhaps? We should be so lucky.

    Kudos to Suzanne today. This is going to be a tearjerker for sure. So many memories to re visit. Happy to see a good SL for Maggie and Suzanne.

    I can actually say I can't wait till tomorrow's show.