Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more crying, Tuesday's eppy

This dialogue is making me bored too.

Except for the Will/Mia pimping, another great episode of Days of our Lives.

Safe/EJ/Johnny.  Sami flips out over the news of Mickey's death.  I don't remember them being particularly close.  Sami decides to spill the beans to Rafe about the ransom note.  EJ drops by later.  Sami enjoys watching EJ so much with Johnny, that she decides to trust him about the ransom note.  Total cuteness with EJ and Johnny.  Awwwwwwwww.  Sami sends Rafe out to gather Will, poor Rafe is her errand boy now.

Mel/Nathan/Stephanie/Phil.  Hot kiss!  Wow.  I guess Mel was wrong about Nathan being a comfortable sneaker.  Very romantic.  Nathan took charge and laid a romantic kiss on her.  Stephanie lends Mel her earrings.  Phil and Mel discuss postponing their elopement.

Barly/Hope.  Hope calls before Barly can go for round 4 of their nooner.  Bo tells Carly that he'll call her.  lmao Such a one night stand line to give her.  Looks like this is probably going to be a long term affair instead of your typical "I fell and she happened to be lying there naked" one night stand.  Bo meets Hope at the Pub.  Someone from the hospital stops by and thanks Bo for escorting poor widdle Carly home.  Hope jumps to the correct conclusion that they did it.  Bo actually doesn't deny it.  She thanks him for being honest and leaves for Maggie's house.

Anna/Syd/EJ.  Anna wants this storyline to end.  Don't we all.  EJ is quite rude and snappy with her.  It'll be over when it's over. I'm assuming that EJ thinks that Sami hasn't suffered enough yet.  Sydney of course is as cute as possible.  EJ leaves Anna and Syd.

 Lucas.  For real, he was on today.  He consoled Maggie.  Great crying on Bryan's part.  Why didn't Sami mention that Mickey was Lucas' uncle?  She was more concerned about Will's reaction to Mickey's death.

Will/Mia/Rafe.  *yawn*  Mia breaks the news to Will.  Rafe tells Will to be there for Mia in her grief.  Why didn't Lucas do this scene instead of Rafe?  Rafe isn't even Will's step dad.  It's a shame how Lucas and Bryan Dattilo got thrown under the bus for Rafe and Galen Gering.  They are literally giving Lucas's scenes to Rafe.

Performer of the day:  No doubt that would be Kristian Alfonso.  She has to deal with the loss of her uncle and her husband's betrayal.  Suzanne Rogers was again wonderful as Maggie grieves.

Screencap courtesy of chit chat haven.


  1. I totally agree with you : Rafe is totally but i mean totally USELESS in this epi. What a freaking contrived way to prop a character.

    By the way BD/Lucas was very good in his scene with Maggie but the scene with Will was for him too ! Rafe is not Will's father and he doesn't even know Mickey or Alice, it's so dumb writing..sigh..

    Hope/Bo : good scene. Bo is busted ! haha.

    Ej/Johnny/Sami : Ej and Johnny are a freaking cute team. When the truth is revealed i really hope Ej will not be separated from his children , too cute for words.
    Despite the rocky relationship between Ej and Sami, AS and JS have still a really good chemistry.

    Anna is worried..i hope for her she will be able to go to Bora Bora as she wants. Love her.

    Mel and Nathan are cute (but i also like her with Phil, even if he is too old for her, bring back an awesome actress to play Sarah Horton for him please !)

    Will/Mia : boring as usual !

    Maggie : class act, love her.

    Good episode.

  2. Bo-- Ya I'm married to Hope but I'll do the dirty deed with you (carly) at least 2 to 3 times. Honestly wish Viv buried her alive the first time, didn't like her then and don't like her now. Can't wait to see what Mr. Victor does when he finds out and can't wait to see the cat fight between Hope, Carly and even a smidge of Melanie..That will be fun to watch.

    Ej/Sami/Rafe - I hope that all this plotting and scheming that EJ has done to kidnapp Sydney comes back and slaps him in the face so hard that he falls over backwards. He's being so underhanded and Sami should be with the family or at least tell Rafe about the note. She needs to think with her head..Her father is a cop and her uncle is the commish.. Get with it Sami..

    Maggie - she has made me cry ever since they killed off Mickey.. I give her Kudos.. Loved the scenes with her and Melanie. They were awesome together.

    Anna- I love her.. Althouhgh I do think that EJ is going to turn around and stab her in the back to make it look like all her doing..He's a Dimera and they all do stuff like that.

    Mel and Nathan - They belong togehter.. They are awesome together. Sorry not happy about the pairing of Phil/Mel and Steph/Nathan..

    Guess that's all I have to say..

  3. Ugh!! Why is Rafe doing Lucas' job & scenes! UGH!

  4. Great show today.

    I can't stand the constant propping of Rafe. Lucas and Will should have done those scenes. Bryan and Suzanne had me bawling again today. Lucas should be involved in this storyline with Maggie.

    Love EJ. He is playing Sami so well. I have to admit they are really holding my interest with this whole Sydnapper story. Ali Sweeney says there is yet another twist to this story. They just better not have a chuck of wood appear anywhere near Anna. I think Anna will turn on EJ. When has she ever listened to anyone.

    Kudos to Kristen Alfonso. She gave both Bo and Carly the smackdown. I am back on Hope's side now. Bo is a total jerk. Carly is a whore. LOL when Hope called her that today. I am rooting for Hope all the way in this cat fight.

    Melanie and Nathan are just too cute together. I love Philip, but it seems like they just can't find the right woman for him.

    I have to mention Bill Hayes. Loved his scenes with Hope and Maggie today. We need to see more of Doug and Julie. Not just at weddings and funerals.