Friday, January 8, 2010

"Lost" Supper

Lost fans must see this.  
The Diva doesn't even know what to make of that picture.  I flove John Locke or undead Locke whatevah.  Thanks to Sally for the heads up.

Josh Holloway is on the cover of TV Guide.  In Josh's interview, he said that Charlie, Boone, Juliet, and Charlotte return for a few eppies.  Claire is back for the full season.


  1. I found this link on my facebook wall, seems like no fear that President Obama's State of the Union address will interfere with LOST's season premiere.

  2. I am looking forward for this final season, don't care about Boone though. And Charlotte but not Daniel ?!

  3. I think Boone is important. When did NotJacob take over Locke? In the very beginning, hence Locke no longer paralyzed, when he went into the woods and encountered Smokey the first time or when Benry killed him? If it was on the Island then that might explain his "sacrificing" of Boone. Or if it was when Benry killed him then Boone's sacrificing might have another significance.

    Maybe it was just a matter that Josh forgot to mention Charlotte and Daniel, or maybe he does not know or he knows but has been informed not to say anything since those being back are to be secrets.

  4. Opps forgot to mention, if setting off Jughead does indeed mean that everything that happened did not happen then we will be seeing everyone going about their normal lives. I am sure the Island set it up that everyone happened to be in Australia at that particular point in time so as to be on flight Oceanic 815 because the Island wanted them.

    But if things changed then that means Jacob is not dead, and since he is the Christlike/Savior figure sacrificial lamb then he not being sacrifice will in the end screw things up. I am sure Jacob in fact wanted his own death to set in motion whatever is meant to be.