Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leann Hunley posted, 1-10-10

She posted at the Leann fan site's guestbook.


  1. I think it's so cute when Senior Citizens like Leann post on that new fangled inter-web.

    It's too bad none of the younger actors on the show have a fan site that they ever post on.

  2. So glad Leann is back on days. I'm back to watching regularly now!!!

  3. Love her !
    If Tony doesn't come back can she hook up with Ej ! I much prefer to see him with her than with a goggle-eyed Arianna.

  4. Leann's no where near SS age.

    Since you are so fascinated by the younger actors posts and tweets, why don't YOU start a blog cataloging them? I'm sure it'll be amazing! Then I can go over to your blog and be a troll. lol

  5. Yeah, I like Anna too and hope she and Roman get married again. They have the best chemistry together.

  6. Oh no i vote Ej or Tony for her, she is too awesome for Roman, he is a bore, he can have Arianna or Kate but not Anna Dimera !! lol But they are good as friends though.

  7. I'd rather see Anna and Roman as friends. They have a great friend chemestry.
    But I would definately perfer Tony for some love in the afternoon ^^

    I do have one question though, are we going to get ANY flashbacks?! It would be great to see HOW and WHY Anna and EJ teamed up other than a passing... "we reached out to each other" - I seriously don't think TPTB really realize what they have or what they are putting on the screen.