Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jeff Zucker passes the buck

The Diva loves bashing Jeff Zucker. He's the moron that basically said that he wanted NBC out of the soap business which lead immediately to sinking ratings for Days of our Lives.  I seriously doubt he'll ever learn the lesson that quality shows = quality ratings, crappy, cheap shows = crappy ratings.  Zucker is the moron behind the Leno fiasco.  I honestly don't know why this guy has a job anywhere in entertainment.

Thanks to the poster who linked this Huffington Post blog entry about Zucker.


  1. All the reports are that he was fine with Leno at 10PM because it was cheap. He expected mediocre ratings and was fine with that, because it was cheap to produce. Just figure that a scripted 1 hour drama probably costs 30 million (or more) per episode, that is 150 million per week. They only were paying 35 million for five nights of Leno. Doing the math that was saving about 115 million per year.

    What happened was that the local affiliates were bleeding at 11PM during their news time. They were losing millions of dollars because people were not watching NBC at 10PM and then would continue to watch their local news on the station they were watching TV. The affiliates were angry and were threatening to take action if NBC did not do something.

    So, in the end Zucker was more than fine with doing what he was doing, but the affiliates are why they finally ended this stupidity.

    NBC is dead as long as the moron is in charge. There is nothing I want to watch on the network. Meanwhile ABC, CBS and Fox have shows that I watch and not just watch but love and become upset if I miss one of them. And I then watch either the CBS or the ABC local affiliate news.

  2. For more fun reading, check out Maureen Dowd's column "The Biggest Loser" and Nikki Finke's "Zucker Threatens to Ice Conan!"

    Comcast shareholders must be thrilled.

  3. Oh, Comcast is not going to keep *ucker. They are going to dump him ASAP. Though has Comcast officially bought NBC? Because I heard that there was fear that it would create a monopoly and that the purchase would be fought. If Comcast owned channels such as USA, et al then they could get tough with other cable and satellite providers and jack up how much they charge for those providers to purchase the rights to air USA, et al.

  4. The Comcast/NBC deal won't close until they win federal regulatory approval. The antitrust review is expected to take from six months to more than a year. Unless he's blackmailing key players (which is entirely possible), Zucker should be long gone before the deal closes.

  5. Thanks, that is what I thought, that it was skirting the antitrust laws. And that it would be months, if not over a year before anything was to be settled.

    I am sure *ucker is toast no matter what. This year is lost. Too late for mid-season, and by the time the Olympics are over that just leaves March, April and part of May -- and part of March and April tends to be another set of reruns. And even next season might be in jeopardy because they will have to move fast because February and March is when they start taping pilots, and they need to have shows' scripts written and they need to have casting before they can tape a pilot.