Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm rubber, and you're glue

Another lame DOOL eppy today.

Here's the high/lowlights so you can choose to watch it or skip it.

Maggie/Melanie.  Maggie gets Mickey's stuff from his office.  The old romantic already had a Valetine's/anniversary gift ready to go for his wife.  Maggie decides to donate the ballet tickets to the hospital to raise money.  Maggie finds some liquor in Mickey's things.

Ej/Sami/Rafe.  Ej and Sami look at Sydney photos.  EJ assures Sami he will bring Sydney home.  Rafe comes storming in about EJ's fingerprints being all over the ransom notes.  EJ claims he already had the notes tested for fingerprints/DNA and didn't find anything.  Rafe and Sami fight while EJ receives a call from Anna who comments about the Safe knock down/drag out fight sounding like Armaggedon.  EJ's elated and tells Anna she'll get her money soon.  Sami blames the entire baby switch on Rafe being assigned to protect her, because we all know that Sami keeping her pregnancy a secret had no bearing on Nicole easily switching the babies.  I do understand Sami's venting because she's upset about Sydney. 

Viv/Victor/Lawrence's ghost.  Victor tells Viv to go after Carly quickly, and to leave Melanie out of her revenge plans.  Viv decides to go after Carly since she's growing fond of Melanie.  Viv gets a headache.  She dreams that Lawrence tells her to go after Melanie since he doesn't want to be stuck in eternity with Carly.  Can't blame him on that one.  Very inappropriate sexual chemistry between aunt and dead nephew.  Way too touchy/feely.  Vivian changes course again to go after Melanie.

Justin/Hope/Carly/Bo.  Justin and Hope talk at the Pub.  Carly comes and gets her coffee and leaves for the pier.  Justin gets a cell call.  Hope goes after Carly.  Carly has a lot of nerve asking for a "thank you" from Hope for briefly raising Shawn Douglas.  Considering what a dumb ass Shawn D is, I wouldn't go around bragging about that.  It's still the "blame Hope" show.  Carly blames Hope for Carly doing the nasty with Bo.  Bo walks in on the fight.  He isn't interested in talking to Hope alone unless it's about their daughter.  I honestly don't get Bo.  He cheated on her, and yet he treats her like the adulterer.  Why is Hope putting up with this crap?  It's demeaning.  I'd have more respect for Hope if she would dump his cheating ass.  Bo and Carly go back to his home.  Carly actually suggests that Bo come clean with Hope about her daughter, he refuses and they hug.  Where's Bo's family?  Why hasn't Caroline or Roman asked him wtf is he doing?  I seriously doubt Caroline would be happy about this.  Her absence is odd and glaring.

Louise Sorel stole the show again.  Thank goodness we got her back.


  1. I adore Louise Sorel, but I hate that the writers have reduced the once-formidable Vivian to a dithering, ditsy eccentric who takes her marching orders from Victor and now Lawrence's ghost. What happened to the awesome and terrifying Vivian who rolled on Carly's grave all those years ago? To add insult to injury, Salemites (including Maggie today!) have developed amnesia about Vivian's gloriously horrific criminal past.

    I love all the zingers, but there should be more to Vivian than comic relief. LS deserves better.

  2. I know! Most people keep blaming Carly for all this mess but I think Bo is worse he's using Carly he's not in love with her but she's in love with him. I don't get why Hope would want him back after all this. I'm kinda feeling hot chemistry between Justin/Carly...weird I know.

  3. I think Bo is using Carly too, Katie. Hope can have him! I don't know why she'd want him back either, but it's a safe bet the writers will see things differently.

    I'm not sure it's romantic, but Justin and Carly definitely have chemistry. Never a dull moment with those two. Yesterday's slap was awesome.