Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"I liked you better when you were high."

"I liked you better when you were in a coma."

Over all, Monday's eppy was very good except for the Arianna stuff.  *yawn*

Ari/Melanie/Troy.  Seriously, just kill Arianna already.  The Diva has a feeling that Troy is going to hire one of Stefano's fired assassins to take out Arianna.  The hitmen on this show suck!  lol  Just ask Philip.  Ari giving Melanie a handkerchief for her wedding was nice. Still it reminds you how few friends Mel has.

Maggie/Julie/Nathan/Melanie/Doug.  The Horton family gathers to comfort Maggie.  Very touching scenes with Maggie and Melanie.  The Diva wishes that Maggie was Mel's mother and not Carly.  They have such a wonderful bond.

Phil/Viv.  More unexpected bonding with Phil and his incubator.  Viv very skillfully supports Philip on his decision to elope.  Viv gives Philip her brooch to give to Mel to wear on her wedding day.  Philip is touched.  Viv's magic seems to be working on Philip.  I'm glad to see some movement in this storyline.

Vic/Brady/Arianna.  Vic and Brady bicker again about Brady's lousy choice in women.  Nice bit of history with Victor reminding Brady that Nicole tried to have the Greek killed.  "But she's changed!"  lol  Yes, Nicole is no longer attempting murder, she's just kidnapping babies now.  Brady reminds Victor that he has Vivian living with him.  Victor was actually speechless!  lol  Cute smirk on John Aniston's face.  I'm so glad he's being used more often.

Barly.  Carly fell for all of Bo's typical cheating man lines, "let's forget about the outside world." blah blah blah  Carly tries to put the brakes on the scrump by asking if they are going too fast.  I vote yes since he's STILL MARRIED and hasn't even filed for divorce.  Both characters acted like Bo was totally single. 

Poor Carly.  I wasn't sure if she had lipstick smeared on her face or if Bo took kissing lessons from John Black.  The poor woman's face was red from the nose to her chin.  Man we can't get rid of the bad kissers on this show.  We went from John Black, to Dr. McCreepy, to Bo.  It's an epidemic!  Can we please have a kissing coach on this show?  It's not necessary to jam  your tongue down the actress's throat *cough* Shawn Christian *cough*.  And you don't need to suck their face off *cough* Drake Hogestyn *cough*.

Hope hasn't gotten any sex in years, probably since she last had sex with Patrick Lockhart.  Yet Carly got a two-fer from Bo.  Poor guy is so sexually frustrated.  lol  Barly looked like they were going for the hat trick too.


  1. "Over all, Monday's eppy was very good except for the Arianna stuff. *yawn*"
    LH is a pretty good actress, but the writers aren't doing her any favors with that snoozefest of a storyline. I hope that changes.

    "Nice bit of history with Victor reminding Brady that Nicole tried to have the Greek killed."
    I'll be even more impressed when Victor remembers that he tried to kill his own son (Bo) back in the day.

  2. I get sick to my stomach watching the Barley episodes. I'm sorry enough already. Can't wait to watch Hope lay into both of them about this sexcapade. Maybe if Bo was truthful in the beginning about Carly's secret it wouldn't have come down to this. Don't get me wrong, Hope wasn't right in what she did either but he could have told her about Carly's daughter from the get go.

    Can't wait for the Melanie and Carly scenes to play out, that will be fun to watch. Maybe she (Melanie) got some lessons from Viv.

  3. Yes indeed very good epi.

    Brady/Victor : JS and EM facial expressions were very good/funny, the battle of their womens deeds very entertaining.

    Maggie scenes : very touching, SR well done. Good to see Julie.

    Viv/Phil : good scene, interesting relationship. (Does Phil replace Lawrence in Vivian twisted heart ?! mmmhm..)

    Bo/Carly : euh..they don't bother me, actually the scene was kind of funny for me because PR facial expressions were hilarious and CC lips were..weird (collagene..collagene) ! lol

    Arianna : euh what can i say she is kind of meh for me, the character is quite a bore and the actress doesn't nothing to me, expect that her eyes disturb me, she is really goggle-eyed it's disturbing really otherwise she is a pretty girl. And she is really not believable as an undercover/drug-dealer, goodie goodie Ari as an ex-con artist is a joke !! lol Soon Stephanie will be the chief of a drug-cartel..ok !!