Friday, January 22, 2010

"He's not my hero anymore."

"No!  Don't make me go back to Salem!"

The show would have been a total dud yesterday without Louise Sorel.

Viv/Melanie.  Viv gives Mel some dresses to try on.  Poor Mel.  DOOL must have cut the wardrobe budget.  The dress she picked looked like it cost maybe $9.99.  It didn't fit.  The material looked cheap.  It looked like a summer nightgown.  Seriously, wtf?  Viv and Melanie bond.  The Diva enjoyed their bonding. 

Hope/Justin/Julie.  Hope feels bad that Justin's marriage fell apart even though it wasn't her fault at all.  Hope confides to Julie that she wants Bo back.  I honestly have no idea why she wants him back considering he has no remorse about cheating on her.

Anna/Sydney/EJ.  Oh the poor baby playing Syd yesterday!  They made that poor baby cry to show that she's sick.  The poor thing kept reaching out for her real mum during the scene.  That must have been a challenge for Leann Hunley.  EJ admits he had no intention of giving Anna the ransom money.  He said the FBI has it.  Um.  Don't you think the FBI would give the money back?  What are they doing with it?  I can see them keeping it as evidence, but eventually it should go back to EJ not Rafe's retirement fund.  Anna's finally catching on that EJ has no intention of giving the baby back to Sami.

Rafe/Sami.  They fought over the ransom.  Sami throws a fit and leaves the room.  blah blah blah.

Victor.  BTW, John Aniston look fabulous in his suit yesterday.  Victor was at the hospital needling Carly.  I really enjoy CC/JA scenes.  He brings out the snarky side of Carly instead of her normal attitude, which is a weak-minded, fraidy cat homewrecker.  The scene was too short though.  Victor threatened Carly.  Viv shares the false news with Vic over the phone that Carly came to town for Bo and not her daughter.

The show is starting to head downhill again.  I'll blog about that later. It's been awhile since I wrote a good rant!

photo from Chit Chat Haven.


  1. It may not be reflected in the ratings, but the show is definitely heading downhill again. Look forward to your rant.

    The crying baby scene was brutal. If they keep that up, Sydney fans are going to to storm the studio with pitchforks.

  2. I'm off to the store to get my pitchfork. Leave Sydney alone! lol