Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Galen's NYE Twitters

Some inspirational and profound thoughts from Galen Gering's Twitter page on New Year's Eve.  Kind of gives you hope for the new decade, doesn't it?


"And can dick Clark sit out next year... It's depressing. And his makeup artist needs to take it down like ten notches"
"Of course if you're not good at your job anymore it's time to move on...would u want a bad roofer or electrician working on your house?!"
"Nothing against people with debilitating diseases...it's just not the uplifting moment I'm lookin for I guess"
"I'm not insensitive to clarks condition I just don't see it as inspirational. It's just an obvious reminder that getting old sucks"
"If you've had a prolific career as an announcer and now can barely count down from ten, I'm sorry but that's not inspirational"
In other news, Lisa Trusel will be returning as Melissa Horton for the Mickey Horton funeral to come.
There is also a rumor out there that Lawrence Alamain may really be alive.


  1. If only Tony could come back now and Nicholas with her father Lawrence, more Hortons too (Melissa can bring back his daughter Sarah)!

    Otherwise GG is not really clever but it's nothing new ! lol By the way we don't give a dawn what he thinks about Dick Clark and i think Dick doesn't even know who is this D-list soap actor who can't act and of course doesn't care what he could think of him !! bwahahaha lolllllllll

  2. Hey Galen maybe you might want to take your own advice about not being good at your job and moving on. I highly doubt DC even knows or would care about what GG writes on Twitter. I am glad I have stayed away from there.

    Yes it is time to bring Tony DiMera back. It was a crime to kill him off in the first place. Make him the mastermind. EJ is too dumb for that anyway.

  3. DC is an icon. GG is nobody.