Saturday, January 9, 2010

FancyFace Picks 1/4 to 1/8

Okay, for the New Year, I'm coming clean and admitting that I'm not the Diva, but FancyFace from our regular podcast shows.  So feel free to call in at one of our shows and tell me that my crazy weekly picks suck if you want.

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Nicole. She got off with only 20 years in jail instead of 40, yay! Seriously, no real winners this week. Just all losers.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: This was the week of the flipflop lovers. Melanie, Mia and Brady were all playing their love interests against each other this week. Why is Melanie now fantasizing about “comfy sneakers” Nathan when she has sex-on-a-stick Philip in her bed? Why is Brady making love overtures to Nicole and then telling Arianna that he’s only being supportive? Why is Mia telling Gaby that she’s soulmates with Chad, and then starts pouting when Will finally finds his brain and dumps her? These wishy washy characters are a waste of airtime.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Damn that Suzanne Rogers! She had me crying with every scene on Friday, even when we haven’t seen RealMickey since the Salem Serial Killer nonsense. She’s going to rock this new storyline. Honorable mention to Kristian Alfonso. It’s got to be hard playing Hope with the way she’s being miswritten, but during the Maggie/Hope scene of Mickey’s death, I felt like I was watching the real Hope.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Again, I have to give it to the Maggie/Hope scenes on Friday. This proves that DAYS can write good drama when they try. Actually, all of DAYS on Friday was good except for the Mia/Will crapola.

ZINGERS OF THE WEEK: Numerous zingers from Da Judge during Nicole’s hearing that I’m too lazy to transcribe right now.


  1. Actually Nikki has 20 years (two months soap life haha) instead of 70 years : she is a lucky girl, the judge really likes her. If it doesn't work with Brady when she comes back she can go for a rebound with this snarky judge !!

  2. **Yawn** Thats your big secert you are comming clean about??? ....Your Fancy Face?? Ummm, I've got news for you, nobody cares.

  3. It wasn't a secret. Fancy Face was getting annoyed with DOOL fans bashing me on the picks that she made. I agree with her picks.