Sunday, January 31, 2010

FancyFace Picks 1/25 to 1/29

WINNER OF THE WEEK: EJ Dimera. Yes, he’s being a mean vindictive snake by kidnapping Sydney, not to mention a rather lackluster reveal as the “mastermind”. But at least, for this week, he managed to break up the yawnfest that is SAFE which makes him a winner in my book.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Okay, I love Wally Kurth and I enjoyed Justin in the 1980s, but it pains me to call Justin out this week. Going to Carly’s house just to insult and throw judgments at her is making his character way too hypocritical and nosy. I’m all for Justin and Carly fighting with each other, but they should do it at a hospital boardroom or in a courtroom. I’ll also say though that Justin’s character is getting as thrown under the bus as Hope’s at this point; and as always Carly points them out on their hypocrisy. Rather than be the martyr who does good deads every five minutes like in the 1990s, now she points out “the truth” to all of the miswritten characters that cross her path. This is an insidious way for the writers to parlay favor for Carly Manning’s character, but I’m not fooled.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Vivian and GhostLawrence. Damn, it was just fun seeing those two together again; and I love snarky GhostLawrence. I’m still hoping he’s not really dead.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: A three way tie for Louise Sorel, John Aniston and Michael Sabatino who ROCKED it this week.

ZINGER OF THE WEEK: (When Philip asks if Victor is in love with Vivian) Victor: “We are in love in Vivianland which is way way over the rainbow.” Victor was really on his game this week with the zingers. He had me literally laughing until tears were rolling down my eyes at his response to Vivian’s “message” from GhostLawrence.

DRINKING GAME OF THE WEEK: Take a swig every time Troy pointed at Arianna and cried out “SHE’S A NARC!” on Monday’s episode.

DÉJÀ VU OF THE WEEK: I get annoyed at rehashed stories on the soaps. It’s even worse when they are rehash from last year. The whole mix-up with Arianna answering Anna’s phone call practically came right from the script when EJ answered Brady’s phone call during the baby switch. And a couple breaking up over how a ransom of a kidnapped child was handled? Can anyone say BOPE and Ciara? And now there’s a rumor that DAYS will be renewed for multiple years. While I’m glad DAYS isn’t on the verge of cancellation, I’m really not understanding the secret to their success this time around.

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