Monday, January 25, 2010

FancyFace Picks 1/18 to 1/22

Sorry, I've been very under-the-weather this week and watched most of this week's episodes while being stoned on cold medicine.  But I want to start off the new year right and be consistent with putting up my Picks so...

WINNER OF THE WEEK:  Sorry.  I can't say that any characters did anything very winner worthy at all this week.

LOSER OF THE WEEK:  Melanie.  She's taking over Nicole's role of being the most overexposed character.  And the Carly hatred is coming on way too thick.  Every line to her is an insult.  We all get that Melanie doesn't like her, but the dialogue writers are bludgeoning us over the heads with it.

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  I did like the Carly/Melanie scene when Carly finds out about how Trent treated Melanie over the years.  Also, I liked the Julie/Hope scene where Hope said Bo was no longer her hero.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK:  Even Suzanne Rogers didn't do it for me this week.  No performers either.  DAYS really needs to step things up.

ZINGER OF THE WEEK:  Vivian (to Victor):  How was your medical checkup?  Victor:  I'm alive.

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  1. lol Maybe we should all watch DOOL while on meds! It might be better that way. Thanks FancyFace!