Sunday, January 17, 2010

FancyFace Picks 1/11 to 1/15

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Mickey Horton. For the first time in years, Maggie and the rest of Salem acknowledged his existence.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Mickey Horton. Even his funeral was backburned.

SCENES OF THE WEEK: 1) The Bo/Carly sex scene. As I mentioned in the podcast, I’m thinking beyond the fanbase wars. It was refreshing to see a scene with characters over 40 that shows some skin and hawtness. Just two years ago, we had JARLENA and TANNA sex scenes cut all up over the editing floor. And Mary Beth Evans spoke out about Gary Tomlin’s ageism. So I consider the Bo/Carly scene a step in the right direction. 2) While I confess that I could have used a cigarette after the BARLY sex scene (if I smoked), I felt pretty darned guilty about that once Hope found out about the scrump session. BOPE at their painful angsty best. 3) I still say, to hell with BOPE and BARLY, the real power couple is Carly and Hope. My TV was catching on fire from all the dramatic fireworks at Maggie’s house. My guilty pleasure this year has been watching these two go at it. 4) The last Lucas scene with Maggie. It was bittersweet to watch because I’ve always loved the Maggie/Lucas friendship and I hate to see it come to an end.

PERFORMERS OF THE WEEK: A three-way for Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell. Strong performances. For me, this is going beyond a supercouple-with-interloper plot. I’m starting to think there may be a real chance that BOPE might really break up. And I like that, because it reminds me of the pre-spoiler pre-supercouple triangles like Anna/Tony/Renee or Marie/Neil/Liz where there was some doubt as to who would win out in the end. The stakes are higher and the melodrama is thick. I admit I’m not particularly invested in either couple so I’m just sitting back and enjoying the show. Soapy goodness!

ZINGER OF THE WEEK: Victor to Brady: “I think I liked you better when you were high!”

MOST AWKWARD MOMENT OF THE WEEK (MAYBE EVER!): Melanie to the grieving Horton clan: “Nice welcome. Who died?”

MOST MESSED UP RETURN OF THE WEEK: It was great to see Lisa Trusel again, but I can’t deal with Melissa Horton having black hair…unless she’s played by Camilla Scott. Still, there were missed opportunities. She would have been a great BOPE cheerleader in their time of need as she was a solid friend to both of them during the early years of their romance. And why can’t we find out who Nathan’s father is? You may say “Who cares?” Well, I care, damn it! For example, if Pete Jannings is his father, then that gives Melissa the Hypocrite of the Week Award for bashing Melanie. As I recall, Melissa got in all kinds of trouble hanging out with Pete, including getting Mickey accidentally shot! If DAYS is going to bring Melissa back, even for just a day, they should use her.


  1. Great blog FancyFace. ITA, Hope could use a friend right now. She's lost Jennifer and Kayla. Unless they are going to bring back the tight friendship of Hope and Lexie, they should use Melissa in the bff role.

  2. I believe that it was mentioned, early on, that Pete Jannings was Nathan's father. I seem to remember a conversation between Maggie and someone, don't recall who it was, about Melissa being pregnant at Tom's funeral with her and Pete's baby.

  3. I actually wasn't watching DAYS much around Tom's funeral, so maybe that could be the case.

  4. It really is shocking, I never thought Carly/Bo stood a chance and really they still might not but I don't believe were going to get the same old "your my soulmate Hope" reunion of Bo/Hope this time. I think Kristen/Crystal were awesome the other day heck they might be more explosive than Bo/Hope/Carly just throw those two in a scene together and let them hash it out I'd tune into that.

  5. Queen of the NightJanuary 19, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Great Picks FancyFace. I always enjoy hearing your take on the show. Yes Mickey you win some you lose some, but it is just so sad for me to know that one of my very first favorite couples is no more. M/M deserved a funeral scene and a better send off. Also I was crying right along with Lucas and Maggie. Wonderful scenes with Bryan Dattilo. He is leaving why? Lucas of all people should be the one involved in this up coming Maggie storyline.

    Barley/Bope/Cope I loved seeing the over 40 sex and thought Barley hotter than Bope, that being said I'm still rooting for Bope. It is just that they never allowed Bope to have hot sex over 40. They're married remember and damn that could never happen! I also agree Cope is way more entertaining than Barley and Bope ever were.

    Melanie is a hoot and I have grown to really love her. She belongs with Nathan IMO.

    Victor always wins the zinger award! That man is the master.

    Melissa isn't Melissa with black hair. I don't ever remember them mentioning about Peter or her being pregnant. I could be wrong. But it would be nice to see her back a little more often for Hope, Nathan and Maggie.