Monday, January 25, 2010

"EJ you got some splainin to do"

EJ/Stefano  EJ, daddy is on to you. So great to finally see Stefano back and pissed. Enjoyed the loving scenes today between father and son. Now with DiMeras, those were loving scenes. EJ refuses to forgive Stefano for keeping the secret about Sydney and Stefano is determined to make amends and to try and help EJ. Stefano finds the baby medicine and wants EJ to explain. Can't wait to hear this one.

STATE  What a pleasure to see them back and arguing over who has the worst sons. Kate seems to think her sons have a more forgiving nature than EJ and Stefano says so that makes my son a pig? No Stefano, that just makes Kate's sons a bunch of wusses. We need to see these two spending more time with Viv and Victor.

Kate/Philip  Maybe The Diva missed it, but when did Philip and Kate make up? It was about time to have Kate at least talking about her son's wedding. Kate does play the hypocrite so well in telling Philip that Vivian is dangerous and to keep her away from Melanie. Of course Philip has to remind her of what she did to Chloe.

Viv/Victor  Those two are always at their best. Victor has had enough and tells Viv he will take care of Carly himself and she is no longer needed. This makes Viv up her game and she finally gets the news from Gus that Melanie is indeeds Carley's daughter. Surprise everyone!

Maggie/Carly  No wonder Maggie is going to hit the bottle again. The poor woman justs wants to rest and no one will leave her alone. Why the hell does Carly always have to go where she is not wanted? That would include Maggie's and the whole town of Salem come to think of it. Suzanne does a good job of being totally stressed out and about to lose it.

Arianna/Brady/Troy/EJ  So both of Brady's women will be in jail now. Looks like Brady got the Salem brain there and actually was accusing EJ, but that went no where. I guess we will have to wait for Rafe to figure it out for sure.  

Anna/Sydney  Ok they showed Tony's picture again today??? Just bring him back already! Anna is worried about Sydney and calls EJ who keeps forgetting to bring home her medicine.

Carly/Mia WTH was that about?

Carly/Bo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Now the best for last

BOPE  Bo bumps into Hope and breaks the sailboat she got for Ciara. Yeah we get it broken boat, broken marriage. Then alot of the same ole same ole it was your fault not mine blah blah blah, but then Hope steals the scene with a snap of a finger in telling Bo just how quickly he replaced her. JUST LIKE THAT! You go girl. The look on Bo's face was priceless.


  1. KA was very good.
    For the Stefano/Ej the scene was quite good even if JS was a bit OTT.
    Kate is the epitome of the hypocrisy ! lol
    Viv and Victor are entertaining but the mister Victor Kiriakis is really controlling, i don't like that even for the villainess Vivian.
    Like SR playing a distraught Maggie.
    The rest is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Quite boring epi.

  2. "why is carly going every she isn't wanted?"
    LOL, another question is to address is "Why is Carly always so 'sorry' about something?" it's so pathetic this is the carly wanted on their screen.

    mia, she needs a biotch slap! talking to adults like that isn't good what so-ever. if i had to do a toss up i can't stand mia more than carly.

    the bope scenes were okay, i wanted more though.

    vivian is becoming more and more intriguing everyday i watch. never gets boring.

    loved victor's line about carly being lexie's mother, lmao!

    the baby switch: god let it end!

  3. The Barly scene was ridiculously short, but I loved their synchronized body language and Carly's sensitivity to Bo's mood. Hope needs to stop playing the victim and whining about Carly and accept responsibility for her own contributions to the toxic Bope marriage.