Friday, January 8, 2010

DOOL makes the Diva cry again! For shame!

Uncle Mickey's dead?  I didn't even know he was still alive!

Viv/Carly.  Some things read better on paper.  The Diva enjoyed reading about the Viv/Carly elevator scene.  It wasn't as much fun to watch.  First, the elevator was HUGE.  Yeah it was a hospital elevator.  It was hardly claustrophobic.  I'm sure Ejole or Lucloe could have fit a king size bed in there.  Anyway, Viv made Carly freak out.  It's hard to watch that scene without cheering for Viv.  Carly's still no match for her.

Bo/Justin.  The Diva's disappointed that no fighting/shirts being ripped off didn't happen between those two.  lol  Bo accuses Justin of wanting Hope all along, blah blah blah.

Maggie/Hope.  Maggie tells Hope that Mickey's dead.  Kristian Alfonso had me tearing up again, dammit!  Great performances by these two.  Mickey leaves the building for the last time. :-(

Will/Mia.  They were fighting about something or either.  Whatever.  Who cares.

Safe.  More angst about Sami keeping the ransom note a secret from Rafe.  Bo shows up at the penthouse for no apparent reason.  Sami thinks about spilling the beans to Rafe then keeps her mouth shut again.  The unfortunate braid is still there.

Ej/Anna/Sydney.  EJ visits his cutie pie daughter.  Poor little Syd looks drowsy the whole eppy.  EJ chuckles a bit about the ugly boots/setting up Kate.  Apparently Anna needs money to to live in her dream house in Bora Bora.  I still don't get how she's penniless.  Tony had his own money, and she would have been his sole heir.  Whatever.  EJ was super cute with his daughter.  Good looking men + cute babies = ratings gold!

Carly/Bo.  *gack*  Poor, weak Carly calls Bo over her elevator ordeal.  Apparently Carly didn't get the memo to have sex in the elevator and not at the Salem Inn.  Since Bo drank a sip of beer, I'm sure he'll use that as an excuse to Hope when he gets caught.  Hope fell for the whole horny gas excuse with Bo and Billie.  So far, the writers have basically made Carly into Billie v 2.0.  She's just as pathetic as Billie Reed.  Such a shame.


  1. Queen of the NightJanuary 8, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Great review Diva. Damn that Vivian is good. I can't stand Carly. What a pathetic victim and I agree we are seeing Bille Reed 2.0 Bo is coming off as such an idiot AGAIN! And yes seeing both shirts ripped off of him and Justin would have made the scene for me LOL! GO JUSTIN!

    I cried along with Hope and Maggie. I remember the red dancing shoes Mickey and Maggie and this is an end to a great great couple. So sad when Hope called Mrs H. Looking forward to some great flashbacks.

    Will/Mia Were they on?

    OMG EJ was so damn sexy when singing to Sydney. How can they say he is evil? He is a loving father who was denied his child and he is doing what he has to have her back with him. Loving Auntie Anna as his accomplish and still hoping that Uncle Tony is lurking around there somewhere too.

    I don't understand why Anna needs the money either? Tony did have his own money and the fuels project would have made him even richer. Oh well it is all for the plot. I still think Anna may turn on EJ. EJ said in his call to Sami that no one would dare double cross a DiMera. No one but one Anna DiMera.

  2. I don't see much difference between Carly 2.0 and "original Carly" Carly's always been week, now she tried to act tuff but when push come to shove she always needed a guy to protect her especially from Vivian she just doesnt have Lawrence to rely on anymore, but I'm not calling her Billie 2.0 yet...not until she drugs Bo into have sex with her. Yea that elevator was huge I actually think it was bigger than my bedroom (which is probably sad)

  3. NuCarly is a bit snarky, but that's the only difference I see. Well, Barly does share a beer. lol

    Yeah, I think the elevator was bigger than my bedroom too. lol

  4. I thought Carly stood up to vivian pretty well. She didn't back down during the conversation. And I am sorry, but I'd think being buried alive would be fairly traumatic. Shoot, I don't even like seeing those flashbacks.

    But remember, Victor also rigged an elevator to kill Bo and Carly ended up in that. They should have had a flashback to that - because then I really don't blame her for freaking out.

    Carly is not Billie. She's not forcing Bo to kiss her - he's initiated all contact. She hasn't drugged him, she's not plotting or scheming. And I don't find her weak.

  5. "I thought Carly stood up to vivian pretty well. She didn't back down during the conversation. And I am sorry, but I'd think being buried alive would be fairly traumatic. Shoot, I don't even like seeing those flashbacks."

    Exactly. Carly has a severe case of buried-alive-induced claustrophobia. Her behavior in the elevator made perfect sense.

    That said, I will be disappointed if the writers don't have her go all out to protect her daughter (Melanie, right?) when Vivian closes in.

  6. Hey there are some serious Carly's supporters among the posters lol ! Guys tell us is it really for Carly or for CC aka Otalia icon mmmhmmm ?!

    Vivian/Carly : cool the flash-backs and Viv's snark and french speaking !
    The elevators sex oh don't remind me..puke..the start of two awful chemistry-free pairings..bad memory, bad bad.

    Maggie/Hope : heartbreaking scene. Good performances by the two vets SR and KA.

    Safe : snoozefest, ok Rafe is a good guy, a Hero by the soap opera rules but no no Safe doesn't work, Sami is a mess. I want her SINGLE asap, at least the time to reconstruct her character.
    I can only hope when the kidnapping mastermind or whatever will be discovered i could see again a fiery, bitchy (evil..yes i dream certainly for this) Sami.
    Imagine a team up Stefano/Sami to get revenge against Elvis !! Delish but it won't happen.

    Ah yes Elvis Jr/Anna : welcome back sweevil Ej and he is so cute with her little girl. But if he want his children only for himself, why he didn't have kidnapped Johnny too ? Anyway good for him, he has been betrayed by everybody, he doesn't trust anyone anymore. I just hope when the truth is out Rafe will not be the hero who brings down Anakin Skylwaker/Dark Vador creativity writers we don't want a new Roman/John versus lame. By the way Sami is not Marlena (Marlena at least had/have a job !) even if you want us to buy that.
    Anna fun,class, quirky lady. In 2007 when she came back she liked Sami so why the hatred now ? (i know she is Carrie's mother but it's inconsistent, if she is wanted to be mad at Samester she could be 3 years ago, why now out of blue ?! She even lived with her in 2008 and they liked each other..plot plot writing..)

    Mia/Will : Mia was a boring sweet little teen and now she is a boring conniving little bitch..bring back Kensey she is a bitch and she is entertaining.

  7. I was really excited when I found out Carly was back and so got back to watching days. Loved Carly & Bo the first time. More int he begining though when Carly was more strong & independednt. They ruined her towards the end. I fear the same is happenig now, Carly was strong for about five min, when she killed Lawrence. since then she has been needy & whiney. She just can't make it on her own, she comes running to Bo with every problem she has. And she also comes thtough as a hipocrate. If she so much wants Bo's marrige to work, than live him alone. Let him work out things whith his wife. If they don't work than she can try it with Bo. But now she just comes out as a pathetic homewrecker and man chaser. Sorry Crystal's fans, this story just doesn't intrest me anymore. I was Bo/Billie paly out too many times, no need to watch a repat of it.

  8. I'm a CC fan who wants to see her play a wide variety of roles. As awesome as Olivia was, I would be disappointed if Carly were a carbon copy of her. I don't quite see Carly as "a pathetic homewrecker and man chaser" (lol), but even if I did I would be okay with it as long as she didn't stay in that mode forever. Whether the writers deliver is anyone's guess, but for now I'm enjoying the ride.