Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Diva's 1st Anniversary!

For realz!  Thanks so much for being a part of our first year blogging.  We are hoping for bigger and better things this year for Days of our Lives and for this blog.

Thanks for your support!

With love,


  1. This place is a welcome refuge from all the crazy DOOL fanbase wars out there. Kudos to you guys for a great year of blogging. I look forward to the next!

  2. keep up the good work Diva !

  3. diva- having just recently returned to salem after a 15+ year hiatus (guess i took the same flight out as wayne northrop!), i've thoroughly been enjoying your blog the past few months, especially on days like today when i seemingly have to ff through 15+ minutes of molly burnett & taylor spreitler crapfest.

    here's to another great year, & keep up the great work!

  4. It's to bad Vivian can't bury this snooze-fest of a blog along with Carly Manning.