Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diva blogtalkradio show episode 10 scheduled!

The Diva and her peeps have scheduled their tenth blogtalkradio show for this Saturday at 11 pm est for an hour.  This week's show will feature our picks for the worst Days of our Lives stories for the past decade.  Even though we can name hundreds of awful storylines, the girls are limited to 5 storylines a piece.

If you did not hear our last show, we named the best 5 storylines of the decade.  Here's a summary:


3. Anna and Tony's Reunion 2007

2. Tony DiMera's Return 2002

1. Larry Welsh Kidnaps Hope

Queen of the Nights top five storylines of the decade

5. Finding out all the killed off Vets were Alive and on the island

4. Baby Switch and Baby Grace's death 2009

3. Zach's Death

2. Tony and Anna's return in 07

1. Tony's return to the Penthouse Grill 

Best storylines of decade for FancyFace

5. Andre at the Penthouse Grill

4. Stefano bombing Salem, JT's disappearance, Jack and Jennifer at the bridge, etc.

3. Steve/Kayla return

2. Jack/Jennifer return

1. Dimeras return 

The Diva's picks:

5.  John's death and funeral

4. The introduction of E.J. DiMera

3. Steve Johnson's return with Jack Deveraux

2. Larry Welch kidnaps Hope, Bo fakes killing Lexie

1.  Andre/Tony arrives at the Penthouse Grille 2002

What do you think?

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