Friday, January 22, 2010

"Can I write off a paternity test?"

You know the show was pretty dull today when Alison Sweeney's turbotax commercial was the best part of the show.  It was clever, well written, hair and make up was perfect, and the set looked great too.  In other words, Corday had nothing to do with it.  One of the names shown in the commercial was "Drake."  I didn't notice the first name, but Drake was the second.  I'm sure that is not a coincidence.

Anna/EJ/Sydney.  Anna tells EJ that she won't be his nanny forever.  Anna reminds him to buy more meds for Sydney.  EJ says the Sydnapping will end soon, which in DOOL time means 2011.

Chloe/Brady/Philip  Chloe tells Brady to call Nicole.   He refuses.  I must say, Nadia's eye makeup was quite beautiful today.  With her cleavage covered up, you actually noticed her pretty eyes.  Philip comes in later to show Chloe the necklace he bought Melanie to give when she gets pregnant.  There was a definite lack of chemistry between Chloe and her two ex's today.

Troy/Arianna/EJ.  Drugs spill on Ari's table.  Troy tries to strangle her.  EJ for some unknown reason shows up and saves her.  EJ never answers the question on why he was there.  Roman has Troy arrested.  Troy puts Caesar=Roman together and figures out that Ari is a narc.  Ari looks guilty as hell. 

Vivian/Carly/Melanie.  Carly sees Viv and Mel bounding and flips out.  Several insults are hurled.  Dr. Dan with his bad dye job comes in to rescue Carly.  Carly accidentally spills coffee on Melanie's $10 Kmart wedding dress.  Melanie's furious.  Carly leaves with Dr. Dan unmolested. Viv dries Melanie's tears and offers her a new dress, thank goodness! 

Bo.  Bo gets Dan to keep an eye on Carly at the hospital.  The Diva is glad that Dan got rid of his awful highlights, but now his color is too dark and drab.  Bo tells Phil again he will be in the wedding.  Then, busy Bo shows up at his house with Carly telling her sob story.

Another dull show.  Seriously, who cares about Arianna?  I'm sure I wasn't the only one cheering for her to be choked to death.  Louise Sorel steals another show.  I was hoping for a non-crying eppy from Miss Sydney, but unfortunately they made that little girl cry again at the end of the eppy.  :-(


  1. Yes very dull epi, even more for a friday..

    Arianna is boring (like his brother, what a family although i quite like Gabi).
    Seriously let's hope the writers are not going with a Ej/Arianna pairing, she is too snoozeworthy for him, he doesn't deserve that the poor guy even if right now he is pretty sweevil lol !
    Vivian is a delicious viliain and when she is not too OTT i like Melanie.
    Carly can be a pretty good character when she doesn't play the weak damsell in distress with Bo.
    Chloe as a cheerleader for a potential Brady/Nicole relationship is nice but WEIRD ! lol.

  2. "Anna tells EJ that she won't be his nanny forever."

    As awesome as Sydney is, it sucks balls that Leann Hunley was brought back to play a glorified babysitter.