Friday, January 29, 2010

Blind Item

What soap jounarlist was seen smashed at 3:30 in the afternoon at a recent soap cruise?


  1. Too easy. The douchebag, right?

  2. Hypocrite thy name is Douchebag.

  3. Whoopsie! Someone needs to vet their sources before they run with blind items. I just got off the SOD Soap Cruise, & I counted TWO soap journalists: Nelson Branco of TV Guide CA & Mara Levinsky of SOD. Entertainment Tonight Canada also had a crew there.

    I observed both Branco & Levinsky throughout the cruise & never saw either of them "smashed". In fact, yesterday afternoon, I was actually with Nelson Branco from about 3:00 pm to very late into the night. I watched as he conducted very well-done professional interviews with Robert Newman, Kim Zimmer, Vincent Izzary, & I also saw him do a TV spot for ET-Canada. In fact Nelson sat at my table thru dinner, & he was still not smashed. All of this occurred AFTER 3:30 PM, & I know from smashed; Nelson wasn't.

    If the difference between journalists & fan bloggers is fact-checking, then Branco is a journalist, but you, my dear diva might just be a fan blogger.'s a terrible thing to lose.

  4. lmfao!

    I never said which journalist, and I never said which day. If you spent 24/7 with Nelson Branco, then you really need to get a life. My source is very credible. The same source told me about Bryan Dattilo's firing a few months before it was public.

    Nelson's not known for his fact checking. lmfao. And I have proven that he has faked quotes from actors. Also, that he claimed to break a story several hours after I broke it here first.

    I never said I was a journalist, get over it. This is a fan blog that occasionally breaks news. My credibility is intact. I broke the Louise Sorel return several weeks before it was official.

    Nelson's a joke all over soap message boards. Go read them sometime.

  5. Great come-back, Diva! Keep up the great work!

    By the way - I missed your Podcast this past weekend - and am looking forward to the next one. I like to have both you and DC on my iPod for my workouts.

    Take care!


  6. When I see you on Entertainment Tonight & the Daytime Emmys, I'll BELIEVE you are a soap journalist. Til then, I'm going with gossip monger. Journalists don't dog other journalists' personal lives.

  7. thanks BetseyD.

    Maree, you must have reading comprehension problems. I am not a soap journalist.

    BTW, if Nelson wants to keep his personal life personal, he should:
    1. not discuss his private life in almost every article he does.

    2. not get drunk in public, allegedly!

    3. not post blind items in his articles weekly.

    4. not bash bloggers like he did last year.

    BTW, there's more blind items to come! lol