Friday, January 30, 2009

Nelson Branco is a douchebag part 3

OMG. Stop the madness! Will someone please take the computer away from Nelson? He's bashing posters at Daytime Confidential now after his hissy fit at Daytime Royalty today got closed, then deleted. Please someone get him his meds. I heard they have cheap ones in Canada.

Daytime Confidential is back online.

Scroll down to the "confirmed" article. Read the comments that have Nelson bashing the readers of his article. If you scroll down some more, The Diva got her own article on Daytime Confidential breaking the story. The Diva broke the story, not Nelson. Nelson needs to get over that. Kudos to Daytime Confidential for getting it right.

Deidre Hall's webmistress bashing Thaao's fans

ShareThis is not the first time either:

CJP is Deidre's webmistress.

Here's a copy and paste because she'll probably delete it.


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NancyHan77 wrote:
I really feel bad for the fan base this firing will happen to

I don't! Thaao's fans (aka "The Hoochies" as they call themselves) are just about the nastiest group around. They seem to split their time between bashing Deidre anytime and anywhere possible, and talking about Thaao's crotch. So, no. As far as I'm concerned, it couldn't happen to a nicer group

Nelson Branco is a douchebag part 2

As predicted, Nelson Branco claims to have the exclusive on the Thaao Penghlis firing/Tony DiMera murder even though he posted his article over twelve hours later:

And the douchebag knows what The Diva posted in her exclusive very early this morning but claims that The Diva was just posting a rumor even though his "exclusive" had absolutely no new information about the firing at all. A big thanks to a friend of mine for passing the link to me of Nelson getting owned at the Daytime Royalty message board:

Nelson is Hunter Forrester there. Funny how the soap journalist misspelled Thaao's name in his thread title. What's even funnier is the J&M fanbase turning on him after kissing his ass all week for him saying that the DOOL fans should "slash their wrists" for the awful J&M last episode and advocating a boycott of the show. To quote Ben from Lost, "karma is a fickle bitch."

*UPDATE* The thread got deleted at DR. LMAO! It was actually closed before it got deleted.

As his comments about Deidre and Drake not liking each other, I've heard the same thing. But they were rumors only, The Diva is not that interested in publishing gossip. BTW, I wonder why Nelson did not pitch a fit that Thaao also was not offered a paycut before being fired? Integrity is such a funny thing.

Thanks Wawame!

Wawame posted this in the comments. See how creative DOOL fans are? The Diva is sure that Wawame would not mind if this picture was "borrowed" by other DOOL fans.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Diva Has Spoken.

ShareThis Diva is blogging in her pajamas. I am ready for the drama to be done so I can get some sleep. Without further adieu, the murder victim is...

Count Antony DiMera will be killed in a whodunit murder mystery during March sweeps. The first lead actor Emmy nominee in twenty years, Thaao Penghlis, has been fired. Could it be Andre instead? Possibly. Even if it is not Andre now, it could be at a later date. The door is open.

The following is speculation on my part; since Leann Hunley has been offscreen for months and on recurring her entire time on the show, this diva doubts they'll keep her after this storyline is done. But Leann did win a Best Supporting Actress Emmy in 1986, for playing Anna in mourning over Tony "leaving" her. You would think the show would try to get her another Emmy, but knowing them, she will probably stay in Switzerland with Austin and Carrie the entire time.

No rumors about the suspect of Tony's murder other than it will probably be a veteran to cut payroll.

You would think it would be easier to come up with a murder mystery involving Dirty Dan once his affair with Chloe comes to light. Let us see. Kate, Lucas, Philip, Brady, and Chelsea could have all been suspects. But then the show's porn factor goes down significantly. The show needs more porn with bad actors than a supercouple with an Emmy nominee and Emmy winner.

Anyway, I kept my promises this week. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting your comments. The Diva plans on returning to her original intent of the blog which was to comment on DOOL and anything DOOL related tomorrow after a lot of sleep. The intent of the blog is to be able to post uncensored and unmoderated. The Diva got tired of posting at message boards that were overmoderated.

Oh, and Nelson Branco is still a douchebag unless otherwise stated. We all know who posted the spoiler first.

The Lowest of the Low

Like I have said before, the J&M exit was beyond lame. Well, this exit for a supercouple is worse. In March, one member of a supercouple will be MURDERED. Yep, the show has sunk that low to kill off a veteran during March sweeps. I'm sure you are wondering, Diva, which character would want to kill off a member of a supercouple? Well, this murder mystery is a whodunit. TIIC would have to bastardize the murder victim to justify the number of suspects. If you watch the show now, you'll notice that there is no build up for a murder mystery. That is correct. The build up will be quite short. The actor has been fired.

So where does that leave the widow(er)? I don't know. But I'm assuming the spouse is fired also.

Who could have killed the victim? Rumor has it that the killer will be another veteran. But that is just speculation. What we know for sure is, a vet has been fired, and their character will be murdered in a whodunit in March.

I told you it was bad. At 12:01 am Friday morning, the victim will be revealed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random thoughts by the Diva

I have to say, DOOL fans are so creative. As an artistically challenged blogger, I am amazed by the fans and their imaginations. I wish TIIC would hire fans to write the show. I saw this banner above recently and had to share. Now, isn't that a better way to express yourself than slashing your wrists? Major kudos to the Steve and Kayla fans.

Even though this blog is less than a week old, the Diva has enough internet prestige to hand out her first ever award:

It's frameable!

Yes, I am still going to reveal the supersecret March sweeps end of a supercouple storyline tomorrow. It sucks having to wait, but timing is everything. If I get outscooped by tomorrow, I will be a majorly pissed off Diva! In an event, please right click and save the DOOL phone numbers, because they are going to come in handy this weekend. For some people, the spoiler reveal will provide them some relief since it won't be your couple. Don't dream it's over. The bloodletting on DOOL will not stop until TIIC are gone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Diva the investigative reporter

Well, I had a very good reason not to watch DOOL today. No, I did not listen to Nelson "The Douchebag" Branco. Who, btw is now saying that he is not telling people not to watch the show, but yet says those who are watching the show lack integrity. Thank goodness that divas don't listen to writers who never really watched the show to begin with. Read any of his articles, and count the errors. He's a shit stirring attention seeking whore.

Anyway, back to ME. The reason I missed DOOL today because I was up all night with my diva lifestyle. Ok, that's not true. I was up all night discussing the major DOOL spoiler that I will personally share with my evil minions on Thursday and Friday. Anyone who thinks that the DH's were treated badly, ain't seen nothing yet. Another supercouple will be destroyed in March. I had no intentions of this becoming a spoiler blog. But when you get handed this type of info, what is a Diva to do? The storyline spoiler will drop here on Thursday. The actor(s) involved with be revealed on Friday. Corday sinks even lower.

Since I was up all night with this spoiler, I also heard a rumor that Nelson Branco was caught making vats of Kool Aid. BTW, I am not taking TIIC side over Nelson's. Corday and his lack of talent morons need to be chased out of town by midgets with tasers. BUT, that does not warrant a massive drama queen hissy fit encouraging TIIC to jump off of buildings. In an effort of unity, I will gladly link any youtube clip of Nelson slashing his wrists. We need a leader Nelson! Don't let us down. Don't let it be said that I'm not a team player.* If it helps bring about change to DOOL, then sometimes true fans need to take one for the team.

*This blog does not encourage any acts of violence unless it includes tasers. This blog does not endorse nor promote suicide, kool aid drinking, or post birth by several decades abortions.*

Monday, January 26, 2009

Douchebags and tasers!

While watching DOOL today, I couldn't help but want to borrow the hit man's taser to be used on a Canadian soap journalist who actually advised DOOL fans to "slash their wrists" instead of watching DOOL. Uh. DOOL is a soap. John and Marlena are fictional characters. The actors got fired. GET OVER IT NELSON BRANCO! BTW, Branco was actively cheering for John and Ava over the summer.

Their final episode was awful. No doubt. Did other characters have bad last episodes? You betcha. You want your favorites back? Then campaign. It's that simple. If you don't want to watch any more, then that's fine. But shaming fans who continue to watch the show isn't going to work. A lot of us have been trying to get off the crack known as DOOL for over twenty years. lol My favorites have come and gone, came again, got back burned, had bad writing, bad exits, bad interlopers, etc, but I kept watching every once in a while out of curiosity. It's reassuring to know that a show that you've been watching as a kid will be there at 1 pm on NBC. DOOL existed before J&M, it existed after Deidre left, and will continue to exist for at least a little while longer.

Anyway, Monday's show wasn't half bad. Two blonde chicks were both praying to the same god about the same baby that one wants and the other views as a mistake at the same time. Steve got a haircut, which is a miracle by any standard. Rafe getting tasered by the hit man was funny. Apparently news of J&M leaving town spread quickly since Bope, S&K, and the Carvers all found time to party at the Pub at the same time. Sami and Mia are both in labor. Lexie decides to relax around Theo. Bo asks Steve to help with the mayor's murder investigation.

Thanks for reading my first blog entry. Please feel free to leave a comment. As the Diva of DOOL, I love talking about me!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Diva of Days of our Lives

This blog is about Days of Our Lives. And of course, this blog is about me, the Diva of DOOL! Come back frequently to read my opinion on all things going on in Salem, USA.