Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TV Guide's best and worst in soaps 2009

Spew alert. You will spew out your drink after reading Michael Logan's best and worst.

He picked General Hospital as best soap. Yikes. Apparently Michael doesn't read Serial Drama. The Diva hears nothing but complaints about GH and all its violence.

Best actor, Eric Braeden, Victor from the Young & the Restless. The Diva cannot wait for our Diva Spy Network member, Saddleshoes, to comment on this! I don't watch Y&R, but this seems like an odd pick to me.

Best actress, Robin Strasser. I like Robin, but Arianne Zuker deserves best actress. Considering how many unconscionable acts Nicole has committed this year, yet Nicole is still very well liked amongst DOOL fans proves the talent of Arianne.

Best Supporting Actor: Peter Bartlett from One Life To Live. Who da hell is that? From DOOL, I would go with John Aniston or Joseph Mascolo.

Best Supporting Actress: Lisa Lo Cicero from GH. I don't watch GH. Suzanne Rogers would be my pick. DOOL better give Suzanne the pre-nom. Looks like Suzanne might be up for best lead actress next year with the persistent rumor of Mickey being killed off.

Star of the Year: Crystal Chappell. Of course! We cannot have any list without CC being on it. Carly is still a dud, not as much of one as last time, but still a dud nonetheless. Her web-series, "Venice" has had a few mishaps already. By far, she's the most over-hyped star of 2009. Crystal is talented, no doubt. It's time to back it up.


  1. Diva, I've been following your blog for awhile, but your hate? intolerance? for Crystal is making me say goodbye... I know, and a good riddance to me,right? good luck.

  2. lmao I don't hate her. Never did. She's made me dislike Carly less. That's a compliment. Is Carly, "must see tv" right now? No. She's a lame interloper.

    CC announced at the last minute that she's charging for her webseries. And we are still waiting for the first paid episode. Hopefully she can work the bugs out soon for the subscribers' sake.

  3. Carly isn't an interloper. She wasn't even in town when Hope moved out. She isn't in town for Bo. Calling the character an interloper is pure speculation and projection.

    I loved Carly in the 90's and Carly and Bo were my fav soap couple. I'm thrilled CC/Carly is back on Days.

    And she didn't announce subscriptions at the last minute - that was talked about the entire time. Should the final decision have been made sooner? No doubt, but still it wasn't a surprise.

  4. Diva, tv guide named her the star of the year for her work as GLs Olivia Spencer,not for Carly Manning.

  5. I’m sure there are no stars that have done what Crystal has done this year--please name one. She’s had a few missteps both as an actor and a business woman—-big deal. Her successes of the past year should not be downplayed, especially considering her web series could be considered a huge risk. There definitely aren’t many actors that could have sold the Otalia storyline the way Crystal and Jessica Leccia did—-they delivered, despite the writing. Definitely a little too much media surrounding her, but she’s really not to blame. The media can spin things however they want—next year, they might hate her. Considering that Crystal is close to her mid-40s, I applause her even more.

  6. Good Lord, I am so sick of hearing about CC, she would have to be my pick for most overhyped soap actor for 2009, I know that is not all CC's fault, though I am sure she appreciates all the exposure, but I am just sick to death of her. I am now expecting the hoard of rabid CC fans to decend on me and pick me to death because I dont agree with their opinion of CC, LOLOLOL.

  7. lol, I'm projecting? How? She's living with a married man over Christmas while his family is living with his father. Carly should pay for Ciara's therapist bills. Carly's in denial. She wants Bo.

    The final decision on the subscription thing was done about a day before the premiere episode. I liked the premiere episode. It was ok. But not worth paying to see.

  8. No, she was named star of the year for everything she did. Logan picked Robin Strasser for best actress.

  9. Since CC has a lot of experience with selling bad writing, then DOOL shouldn't be much of a stretch for her. There's been lesbians on soaps before. What CC and JL did wasn't new. I guess everyone forgot All My Children's Bianca. She actually got married on her show.

    The media is most definitely to blame for hyping her so much. She doesn't have to grant every interview either. Most of the accomplished actors on soaps are over 40. That's not an accomplishment either. Just look at the best actress nominees every year. You are hardly see any woman under forty.

    I respect her for doing a webseries. But charging money after the first episode and all the various technical problems, she should bare the blame for those too if she is going to take credit for the praise.

    Venice is still going to be reviewed here. Katie has a subscription and has agreed to review every episode.

  10. I haven't watched OLTL regularly in years, but I adored Robin Strasser back in the day.

    The only award Eric Braeden deserves is for starring in the soap world's biggest controversy (the contract drama). He's been phoning it in for years, and 2009 was no exception.

    I loved GH during the '80s and the Labine/Riche era. Frons and Guza have destroyed it beyond recognition.

  11. "What CC and JL did wasn't new."
    If by that you mean playing lesbians on a soap, then you're right. But as the first and only lesbian storyline on soaps to be given the old-school, slow-build treatment, Otalia absolutely broke new ground.

    The Venice team sold enough subscriptions to fund a second season, so their business model is not quite the disaster many predicted. In fact, it is a model well suited to their fanbase.

  12. She's living with a married man over Christmas while his family is living with his father.


    She stayed at the Brady abode for a few days - that's hardly "living with" him. And she isn't living there anymore - esp over Christmas.

    CC has been on soaps a long time now and despite always doing stellar work hasn't exactly gotten a ton of press. Until Otalia and Venice. I understand when people say they are tired of seeing interviews with her, but on the other hand she'd be a fool not to ride this wave while its here. It won't last, the press always moves on.

    Plus, since Days is always mentioned during interviews ... I'd guess that's a good thing for the show.

    Of course there have been other lesbian stories on soaps, but Olivia and Natalia were different in that neither were lesbians before the relationship started. New ground in that way.

    I agree a lot of what the Venice team has done hasn't been perfect. They are learning as they go. They got enough money for a second season and maybe some sponsors. That seems like a good thing to me.

  13. I thought fans hated the slow build Otalia. All I heard was complaining about the lack of kissing/sex scenes. I prefer slow build, but that's just me. That's what is odd about Venice. No slow build at all. We see afterglow of ex sex.

    I'm happy for them that season two is funded. Now they just need to release episode 2.

  14. Carly's been living at Bo's house since this Fall except the one day she moved out then moved back in. I hope Carly does move out this week permanently.

    It definitely won't last, the press run. How much of it is really CC being a great actress or the press having a pro-gay agenda? She's getting press for a platonic lesbian relationship on GL. The overhyping of CC is mostly being done by gay male journalists with agendas. Her performance on DOOL isn't praiseworthy. The Bope/Carly storyline is overhyped too. Nothing's really happening. Much ado about nothing.

  15. "I thought fans hated the slow build Otalia. All I heard was complaining about the lack of kissing/sex scenes."

    Fans and critics alike loved the slow-build Otalia (the gradual progression from enemies to friends to soulmates) up until the point they confessed their feelings in April. Thanks to the CBS/P&G censors, they didn't get a chance to act on those feelings. Post-April, fans were justly enraged by the slow build to no intimacy. It would have been a different story if they'd been a heterosexual couple.

    "I prefer slow build, but that's just me. That's what is odd about Venice. No slow build at all. We see afterglow of ex sex."

    That may have a little something to do with the fact that CC and JL are playing different characters on Venice.

  16. Back in the day, soap fans would wait months for a kiss. Maybe even a year for a love scene. I prefer that than elevator sex and random hook ups we have with Days that leads to unpopular lust only couples like Lucloe and Danloe. JL was pregnant too, so that put a damper on some of the intimacy.

    CC doesn't have JL on the show by sheer coincidence. She's giving the Otalia fans some sort of a love scene that they didn't get on GL. Obviously they are playing different characters.

    Just curious, would people watch Venice if the characters were straight? Is CC the appeal or is it the lesbianism?

    How many episodes per season are they doing? And how long are the eppies? Just curious.

    I hope DOOL and other shows steal the good parts about Venice. To me it was the non-sets look. I prefer that to cardboard looking sets. Also, I like the use of light. DOOL is way too dark. Venice looked very realistic. DOOL needs to work that in somewhere. DOOL should get a studio with natural lighting that would improve things greatly.

    Thanks for the debate without the name calling. Seriously I've been called every single name you can think of. I'm still here. lol

  17. Carly's been living at Bo's house since this Fall except the one day she moved out then moved back in.

    In our time she was there for a few weeks, in Days time it was no more than a few days - Carly and Bo had the same wardrobe on for at least a week or two - so that seems to mean only a day has passed in Salem time! Carly is currently residing at the Salem Inn.

    Otalia fans liked the slow build of the storyline. It was the lack of intimacy once they said "I love you" that irritated people.

    I'd agree Carly's storyline has been slow to get going, but I don't think there's anything wrong with a slow build on that. I'm hoping it'll pick up in the new year. Plus, the baby swap thing has pretty much taken over the show (I'm thrilled Anna will be around, but the rest is getting repetitive).

    I don't think the press has a pro-gay agenda. Perhaps the soap press is just happy to talk about something positive for the genre rather than focusing on the negative (another canceled soap).

    Oh totally agree about Days lighting! It's been so hard to get used to after all the outside stuff on GL (natural lighting).

  18. I'd watch Venice because of CC. Heck I'm watching Days because of her.

    I cannot remember how many episodes Venice will be per season, but right now the episodes are about 6 minutes. CC has noted for season 2 they are going to expand the episode time to 8-10 minutes.

  19. "Just curious, would people watch Venice if the characters were straight? Is CC the appeal or is it the lesbianism?"

    The Venice fanbase isn't monolithic. There are diehard CC fans who would follow her anywhere, and ditto for JL. Clearly, the show wouldn't attract the same number of lesbian fans if the characters were straight. I have no idea how the fanbase breaks down in terms of sexuality, but it would be interesting to know. I do know that the fanbase includes plenty of domestic and international fans who are not traditional soap-watchers. I'm a straight Otalia/soap fan who was lured back to soaps (after a 10-year hiatus) by the old-school aspects of the storyline.

    "How many episodes per season are they doing?"
    12 per season if I'm not mistaken.

  20. Anna's saving the long drawn out Sydnapping. Otherwise it would be ff material for me. We just had a child kidnapping this summer with Ciara.

    The pace is actually quicker now than with JER. We had one day last two months back when he was writing. I can't tell anymore if it's a new day or not. Arianna and Hope change their clothes a lot.

    SOD and SOW pimp the gay storylines too. If you look at all the male bloggers, they are almost all gay if not all of them. Not all of them have an agenda. Quite a few, like me, just want a good show. Nelson Branco clearly has an agenda. He pimps all the gay storylines, gay actors, and gay characters no matter the quality of the performance.

    I wasn't implying that all the Venice fans were gay. I see some CC gay male fans online aren't interested in the lesbian stuff. It seems to me that CC is getting press for the lesbian aspects of the webseries, not the series itself. A soapy webseries isn't a new concept.

    Thanks for the info. 12 episodes of 6 minutes a piece.

    BTW, in my head at least, I do have a list of things DOOL can do to improve the show. Due to my work schedule and Christmas, I won't blog about it until after Christmas. The naturalness of Venice will definitely be on there.

  21. I'd watch Venice: The Series if Crystal's main character was "straight". I've watched her on and off since her first run on DAYS and think she's an amazing actress.

    I had a difficult time adjusting to Otalia in the very beginning, but the acting, particularly from Crystal, is what sold it for me. She brings a lot of subtlety into her acting, which isn't always there on the script.

    She's been a little overhyped this year, but she's done a lot and given her fans a lot.

  22. Count me as another poster taking this site off my favorites. Seriously, the resentment of the actress is getting old. I am sick of fans of the fired vets blaming another actor for getting a job and being liked by the press.
    And yes, the fact that an actor, straight or not, was able to give the gay community some dignity is a big deal. Obviously not to you.
    But whatever.
    See ya.

  23. I am sick of fans of the fired vets blaming another actor for getting a job and being liked by the press.


    and I'm sick of CC fans (and I'm not talking about all of them, but obviously the one I've quoted) generalizing that just because the vets got fired, their fans must be upset and blaming CC if they dare to say they don't find her as fabulous as you do or suggest they don't like her. Believe it or not, not everyone is so incapable of being objective. Many people's agenda is simple. They either like someone or they don't and given the fact CC was on DOOL previously, there is going to be opinions of her and her character that don't agree she's the best on the planet. The fact that bothers people says so much more about them than it does this blog

  24. I don't know the press isnt doing CC any favors but for 2009 she was the best thing on Guiding Light and it seemed like she finally was getting a decent storyline, put that with Venice and coming back to Days and she's certainly been talked about a lot. I keep waiting for Carly's storyline to become interesting I think they really did mess up by having her kill Lawrence and a possible triangle with Bope it just turns people off to quickly.

  25. Forgot to add that I feel like if CC is going to be on that list she should share some of the spotlight with Jessica Leccia, if it wasn't for her then Otalia wouldn't of existed either and I actually find myself liking her character more than CC's on Venice.

  26. I don't see why anyone would need CC to give themselves "dignity." That's your job, not hers.

    Yeah, poor Jessica keeps getting neglected. Poor thing.

    No one said anything about CC being hired had anything to do with the vets that were fired. Looks to me, there's a good chance we could get some of the vets back. At least the DiMeras that we lost.

  27. Oh no. The mags are reporting that Carly declares her love for Bo on Christmas Day. Hope and the Hortons come over to celebrate Christmas at Bope's house. Bo leaves. Hope goes after him. He tells both women his marriage is over.

    So does this make Carly an interloper or not? Declaring your love for a married man sure seems like interloping to me. I'm not excusing Bope's behavior, I'm just pointing out to those who say Carly is not an interloper that she clearly is.

  28. Oh crap ugh can't Carly move on how about Daniel seriously let her go after her baby's daddy don't turn Carly into Billie. Maybe she'll tell him a "part of her" still loves him, you know how misleading mags can be.

  29. I would love to be a Barly shipper but I'm afraid to commit because I think a Bope endgame is pretty much inevitable. What I hate about the Bo/Hope/Carly storyline is that the cards are stacked against Carly from the get-go. She is future Bope roadkill, pure and simple.

    "Yeah, poor Jessica keeps getting neglected."
    By the press but certainly not by the fanbase.

  30. I still think though that this is going to lead to a Bo/Hope/Carly/Daniel square. The said this a while back when CC came on the show. Daniel will turn out to be the father, she'll have feelings for him and Bo, Bo will be conflicted but ultimately he'll be back with Hope and Carly with Daniel. They have to give CC a viable love interest other than Bo if they want to keep her long term and it worked on GL, CC came in busted up Reva/Josh for a while then they got back together and Olivia bounced from guy to guy for years until Otalia happened. (wow I watch to many soaps)

  31. Diva, did you see the news about SN's new gig?


  32. oh anonymous you just made my night!

  33. Happy to oblige, Katie.

    Doesn't do a damn thing for me. I haven't watched Y&R in years.

  34. HA! I dont watch it much either but Stephen still makes me swoon so I might catch it on soapnet.

  35. WOW! Diva you're starting to sound like one of those trashy people from a hating forum,Why? Carly, Hope and Bo are not real.
    What is causing your anger? the lesbian thing? the fictional Bope separation?
    this is just crazy!!

  36. Declaring your love for a married man sure seems like interloping to me.

    But Carly saying she's falling in love with him, doesn't necessarily mean she actively pursues him. She can have feelings for him and still do nothing about them because Bo is married. So in my book the character is not an interloper. Besides she cannot take Bo anywhere he doesn't want to go. If Bo and Hope take care of their own marital issues - no third party matters. Just sayin'.

    "Jessica keeps getting neglected"

    Well, the Otalia storyline really was about finally giving Olivia a happy ending. It was also about Olivia's growth as a person. Of course there is no Otalia without Jessica Leccia, but the storyline was most often told from Olivia's point of view - so it's little wonder CC got more attention and press for it.

    Stephen Nichols on Y&R? Damn. I might have to start watching that show now.