Monday, December 21, 2009

Bryan Dattilo Was Let Go!!

News has come in through the SONY boards that Bryan Dattilo's contract (up in February 2010) has not been picked up.  His manager verified that he filmed his last episode this past week.  Bryan is excited to move on to new opportunities.

The way Lucas has been rewritten, backburned and pushed aside for the likes of EJ, Rafe and Dan -- I can't say that I'm surprised about this news, but it's still a bummer.  I wish the best for Bryan in his post-DAYS career.


  1. Isn't this Corday time of year for his annal "fired a vet(s) before Christmas" deal. LOL!

    It's too bad the fanboys won't get all upset about a vet being letting go because the show is "improving," so, letting Bryan won't matter to them.

    I wish the show didn't waste so much time with pimping Lumi over the years and gave Lucas a backbone and something else to do beside drinking.

  2. I wish Bryan all the best. I hate how they kept dangling opportunities and making promises to him without any fruition to good storylines for Lucas. They really missed their opportunity.

  3. Yes Lucas had a storyline outside Sami and it was a big MISS so they fired him...sad business but i don't agree about Lucas being put aside for Ej, Ej was definitly introduced as the villiain to pimp Lumi as a strong, supercouple pairing..they didn't know JS-Ej would become really popular and his chemistry with AS-Sami loved by so many people. Lucas was rewritten as the hero (he was so much better as the little snarky schemer) for Sami and finally Tomlin hired GG to play this role. It's sad because they could try one last time to write a story for him really outside Sami or above all a supporting character why not but business is business, he is not the first he will not be the last..and maybe if the show is not cancelled he will come back (it's not the first time for him). Anyway i wish him the best.

  4. I really thought they should have made him gay - like his son! He has never had chemistry with any female love interest - it could have explained away his drinking. Would have been a great story

  5. In this interview, Bryan says that his DOOL contract prevented him from moving on to prime time.

    Hopefully he'll get more opportunities.