Friday, November 6, 2009

11/6 review


A review of the 11/6 eppy

Today’s eppy was dull as dishwater with the exception of the EJAMI scene at Grace’s grave.

Rafe/Arianna – Boring filler for the most part.

Nicole/Chad/Lexie – Hypocrite much? I actually thought Lexie would sympathize with Nicole’s feelings since she also did a baby switch with the help of Stefano almost a decade ago. Instead, she started dissing Nicole to Chad. Whatever.

EJ/Sami – The best part of today’s show. While I like EJAMI fights, it is nice to see them bond over Grace and not be at each other’s throats. A light at the end of the tunnel…or a little bone to throw to the EJAMI fans before we have another year of 24/7 SAFE?

Stefano – God, it takes a lot to make Stefano boring. But whoever was responsible for this yawnfest of today’s episode made it possible.

Stephanie/Nathan – zzzzzz…Did someone cough or something?...zzzzzz…Hey, a Caroline sighting!...zzzzzz….

Philip/Melanie/Brady – Brady gave Melanie good advice, but it’s a waste of everyone’s time cuz you know she won’t take it. But even though he’s a jerk, I have to say that Philip was a nice selection of eye candy today.


  1. Queen of the NightNovember 7, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    I agree the best part was EJAMI bonding over Grace. It was nice to see some EJAMI chemistry again and there was a look Sami gave that said yeah I want him back. Along with the bad ass EJ I always love to see that softer side too.

    OK I like Brady and that guy needs a woman and Arianna ain't it. I know she is young and more like a sister (remember this is Days), but I would like to see him with Melanie. Yeah the Philip/Melanie pairing is the hottest but she and Nathan are just too damn cute together. Stephanie with anyone is zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Why is she here?

    Lexie what an obvious prop today. And hypocrite much? Chad is still growing on me and damn I am going to miss Nicole. I still think EJ may take her back and Sami be with Rafe for awhile before the big EJAMI reunion.

    Caroline we need you back girl and go fight for your man!

  2. The graveside scene was excellent.

    The other highlight of the eppy for me was the death glare Baby Sydney leveled at Chad.

    The rest was a snoozefest.

  3. I love this episode..i mean come on we had an Ejami scene at Grace's grace.
    I will say : Ejami mourn Grace together, softer side of Ej, Sami who holds Ej's hand,SAMI WHO SAYS SORRY TO EJ (yes yes yes i swear it's true !!), Ej who lays his hand on Sami's chin, who dries Sami's tears ..and EJAMI HUG yes really a HUG..(wowza)..LONG LONG LONG OVERDUE.
    But it's not the end then Ej and Sami banter, Ej who gives a kiss to Sami on the cheek thus Sami becomes all hot and bothered.. great scenes..we missed you Ejami and AS/JS chemistry in loving mode (they have it when they fight but it's another vibe)
    And AS was brilliant, seriously brilliant..her monologue about grace on the grave..not ugly cry but instead a beautiful tear who flows on the cheek..breathtaking soap opera scene..
    p.s : JS has seriously filled out no ? I prefer him when he is more slight, just my

    Like the Rafe/Arianna scene because it's showed Rafe's insecurities..wink wink..

    I Like Chad, yes he is a cocky, arrogant teenager, kind of a little jackass..but all the people around him are conniving, selfish liars so..they deserve somewhat his snarky arrogance.. i don't condemn him even if i know he is a's a realistic behaviour (i know lot's of young dudes like that IRL).
    Lexie..euh hypocrite ? Yes, anyway i don't understand her behaviour toward the Dimera 's history so..

    Nicole/Stefano : delusional duo but good actors as usual..scene quite boring though

    Philipp/Melanie/Brady : Molly Burnett was good in any of her scenes..she has a really good sibling little sister/big brother type of chemistry with Brady..and she is a little vixen with Philip(she doesn't try so hard the flirting like in the past so it's well done)

    Caroline is back !!!
    Nathan is the new Salem hero..what a cliché !! But the actor stays likable..still the writers have to give him some edge otherwise he will become a real BORE (remember last year before he become Nathan goodie goodie Horton, he played Johnny Dimera in Sami's hilarious fantasies..and he got along really really well with his grandpa Stefano..he was really we know he can play the badass) so give us some Nathan Horton darker side please !

  4. I personally don`t see why Brady and Melanie have so many scenes together giving each other advice. Brady of all people can get advice from someone older if he really needs advice. As for the Melanie and Philip pairing -- huge mistake in my opinion. I see no chemistry between these two at all -- I still see a tween or a teen with a 30ish CEO of a company. Especially Philip chasing her and trying to take her away from Nathan. It really makes Philip look like a jerk -- I don`t buy his feelings for her at all. Not very convincing. He is definitely playing her. They lost me after that sex romp in the motel. Sorry, I don`t buy that as two people who fall in love with each other. Shelley and Jay have more chemistry than this garbage they are trying to sell us.