Thursday, November 26, 2009

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade clip


In case you blinked, here's a YT clip of James Scott and Kristian Alfonso at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Joe Mascolo in Pittsburgh

Joe will be at Pittsburgh's Christmas parade this Saturday at 9 am.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Diva blogtalkradio chat this weekend

:-( The Diva and her spy network are going to spend our Saturday with family and friends. The next blogtalkradio show will probably be December 5th.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kevin Spirtas interview...


Part 1

Part 2

Kevin's nude in a play. The Diva needs her spy network to give us the scoop!

11/23 review

Brady/Arianna – I was slightly amused to see Brady realize what a doofus he is.

Chad/Mia – Yawn. So now that Chad knows Sydney is not his, will never be his and was never his…can he also go undercover with Rafe far far away?

Roman/Caroline/Rafe/Sami/Johnny – So did they inject Baby Sydney with Prozac to make that kid smile so much on cue? Like I said before, I really wish Sydney would have some trouble adjusting, not because I wish unhappiness on a baby, but it’s just a little too much sunshine and roses to be realistic. And when Sydney called Sami “Mama”, that was really laying it on thick.

EJ/Stefano/Kate – So Kate must care about Steffy a little, or she would have just stood back and watched. More “fired vet” mention as Stefano reminded EJ that Tony was the last Dimera who was “dead to me”; and look what happened to him! And then EJ said that he finally saw why Tony disowned Stefano. Funny, I still can’t figure out why Tony “owned” Stefano in the first place, seeing as how he was kept on an island as a prisoner by Stefano for 20 years. Oh, but silly me, I’m actually paying attention to the plot and the characters again!

Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie – Seems like since Sami’s slapdown, everyone in Salem is getting slap happy! And Stephanie seems to be getting her horny on where Nathan is concerned. For me, it is still a welcome change from when Stephanie is all goody goody.

Victor/Vivian – Such a tease! Vivian just came out from nowhere. Looking forward to tomorrow’s snarkfest.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brokeback EJafe

Diva Picks - 11/16 to 11/20

WINNER and LOSER OF THE WEEK – After all Nicole has been through, she was still unbelievably able to get out of jail on bail, courtesy of her ex-schmuck Brady. Even so, could there be a worse loser than Nicole this week?

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK – Arianne Zuker. Three cheers for Alison Sweeney and James Scott who also gave great performances. But Arianne’s the one who took us on Nicole’s crazy ride, even if it was because the writers wouldn’t give us much of any other character viewpoint. Being slapped up by Sami, nearly attacked by EJ on the pier, whined at by Mia and having a tearjerking goodbye with Sydney, it was quite a tour de force for Nicole.

SCENE OF THE WEEK – You know it’s a good week on the show when there were so many good scenes that I can’t decide. I think the scene where Sami slaps the crap out of Nicole will be one of those great historic DAYS moments. The reveal with Nicole and EJ on the pier was excellent. Nicole’s goodbye to Sydney was heartbreaking. And of course, you have EJ grabbing Stefano in a chokehold. Lots of good moments to choose from this week.

ZINGER OF THE WEEK – Carly to Vivian: “Have you been in touch with Victor? Because I think he might like to bury the hatchet too. Right in your forehead!”

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lost's premiere eppy date!

Let the countdown begin!

11/20 Review - A Dimera Thanksgiving

EJ and Stefano get a head start participating in Thanksgiving family traditions!

EJ/Stefano - Another great blow-up this week as more of the truth comes out.

Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie/Phillip - OK, I have to admit I found Stephanie's fantasy almost had a little chemistry going on. And then she woke up. Still, Stephanie's showing a little bit of a sneaky side...and for that, I'm profoundly grateful. We need a little less Kayla and a little more Steve in that girl. I'm wondering if Melanie's past creeping on her may have to do with these theories that perhaps she is the long lost Carly baby.

Arianna/Rafe/Gabriella - Another pretty snotty teenager in Salem is such a rare and innovative idea! Kudos to all the originality with this!

Brady/Nicole - Who gave Brady the lobotomy this week for bailing out crazy Nicole and setting her on the loose? And with that, Nicole has cut ties with her last friend in Salem.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/19 review - Last of the Great Supercouples

Victor/Caroline – OK. Maybe "supercouple" is an exaggeration to describe Victor and Caroline. Nevertheless, it was great to see a love-ish scene with them again. Truly a could-be great couple that will never quite make it, I fear. But it took them over 20 years to have this discussion about his drug dealing?

EJ/Roman/D.A. Woods/Abe – I guess all this harassment of EJ is all about setting up the scene for a nasty EJAMI custody battle? Just what poor Baby Sydney needs after losing the woman she thought of as her Mommy.

Brady/Arianna – I don’t understand why Brady was so shocked about Victor’s involvement in the drug business. Isn’t Victor’s past as a drug dealer pretty much common knowledge in Salem?

Nicole/Mia – Kudos to Nicole for pointing out Mia’s own failings in the whole situation. I don’t understand Mia’s reasoning that she “gave up her life” for Nicole and Sydney. The original deal was that she was supposed to go off and start her dancing career. And then later on, she decided that she wanted the baby back. It’s the wishywashyness of Mia’s character that annoys me so much. First, she wants to get rid of the baby; and then she doesn’t. She wants Chad; no, she wants Will. And blah blah blah. Yes, she was manipulated by Nicole…but she’s developing Sami’s nasty habit of never accepting the responsibility for her own actions and decisions.

Nathan/Stephanie/Phillip/Melanie – So when is anything going to happen on this merry-go-round? I know! We could have Stephanie and Melanie both get pregnant at the same time, not know who the fathers are, Melanie could switch the babies and then…oh, never mind.

Airdate for MBE on MONK

Some news from Mary Beth Evans' fan Facebook page.

Mary Beth's episode of Monk should air on November 27. She's in the Part 1 of an episode called The End. She will have a scene with Craig T. Nelson.

11/18 review - The reunion of VARLY

Carly/Vivian – For me, I admit that I was wanting a little bit more of something with the VARLY reunion. Carly just seems a little too unconcerned that Vivian was the one messing with her. Maybe I wanted a little more drama, a little less zinger. Even Reilly knew to mix drama into all the camp.

Nicole/EJ/Sami/Rafe – Nicole had me crying with her last goodbye to Sydney before she was carted off to jail. The bright spot of all of this is at long last there’s some more EJAMI scenes to watch. Already, the up and down roller coaster of EJ and Sami trying to make peace and fighting begins

Maggie/Mia/Chloe – As predicted, Taylor cried on cue beautifully. I'll even admit it was one of her better days. Now can Mia go run away with Rafe and leave Salem permanently?

Justin/Bo/Hope – The 80s fan in me was sad when Adrienne sent the divorce papers. The 2009 watcher in me is ready to go ahead and get this Justin and Hope show on the road.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dance off!

So funny, from Molly and Chad.

11/17 review - The Downfall of Nicole

NICOLE IS TOAST! Kudos to Ali, Ari and James for stand-out performances today!

Sami/EJ/Nicole/Sydney – First of all, before Rafe showed up with Sydney, did Nicole seriously think she was going to clobber Sami to death with that little glass thingy? As is the usual set-up, we got a little hint of what EJole used to be before the couple got all blown up to hell. It was nice to see EJ genuinely concerned for Nicole when she was first having her meltdown. Great EJole revelation scene on the pier, but I feared EJ’s brain short-circuited from one shock too many when he just kept repeating “You switched the babies. You switched the babies. You switched the babies.”

Rafe - I know Rafe was almost killed and he had every right to be pissed at Nicole, but there was something about his taunting attitude that really annoyed me. He did his good deed and got the baby to EJ and Sami. Now I’m just ready for him to shut the hell up and go undercover somewhere far far away!

Vivian/Carly – Another power couple reunited as VARLY(?) reunites! Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s episode to see their scenes. I’m also wondering what sort of torture Madame has in store for “that murdering guttersnipe”!

Justin/Hope/Bo/Carly – Pretty paint-by-numbers today. So far this developing quadrangle is all angst and no steam. Rather than a love triangle, this is the “friendship” quadrangle. Yawn.

Maggie/Chloe/Mia/Will – I loved it when Will sassed Chloe when she wanted to call Lucas. Like he can do anything when he’s in the Backburner Rehab from Hell anyway. So now Mia will find out that dead Grace was really her baby. And we can all watch Taylor S. prove that once more that she can cry on cue, oh joy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16 review - Smackdown!

The episode of the SAMI SMACKDOWN

Oh, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Sami/Nicole – Today Sami opened that long-awaited can of whoop-ass on Nicole. Sami the Bitch is back and I’m lovin’ it! Even so, I couldn’t help feeling kind of sorry for Nicole. She managed to beat the odds so many times with her secret that it was kind of pathetic to see her crying like a kid picked on one time too many at the playground. Kudos to Ari Zuker for making the role of villainess a sympathetic one. Even though what Nicole did was unquestionably unconscionable, I really felt her pain at losing the baby that was never hers to begin with. And her reasoning that Sami popped out babies like clockwork while she couldn’t even have one on her own was a great speech. Perhaps if we’d seen more of that side to her all along, I would have been more into this story. Of course, I also remember Nicole taunting my dying Tony…so kick her ass, Sami!!!

Bo/Carly/Mia – I laughed at Carly’s quip to Bo: “Salem has become quite the police state since I left.” Other than that, not too much of interest for me.

EJ/Kate – More EJate, more EJate!!! I don’t know why I’m liking them so much more now than I did with the first go-around.

Rafe/Chloe/Dan – Chloe’s realization that she was the one who first revealed to Nicole that Sami was pregnant is probably the best scene I’ve seen Nadia do. Seriously.

Brady/Arianna – Victor mentioned how Brady was like his mother, Isabella, which makes me think how Eric Martsolf resembles Staci Greason much more than Kyle Lowder ever did. No other thoughts on this storyline today.

Vivian – I haven’t seen a woman so overdressed for an outdoors scene since Anna wore the pink evening gown to rescue Tony from Stefano’s island! Her scene with Mia made me think of Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf. I loved Vivian’s ensemble, but I think she watched SUNSET BOULEVARD one too many times!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diva Picks - 11/9 to 11/13

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Sami Brady. She is the proud mom of a baby she didn’t know was hers, soon to share custody of said daughter with her ex-rapist that she threw under the bus for the ex-husband who’s now in rehab. But she can still play house with her hunky ex-FBI agent with the well-developed abs. Hoo-ray!

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Stefano Dimera. He has to leave town just because one lousy hitman messed up? This hardly seems like the same guy who pulled off the Salem Slasher plot or set bombs all over in Salem in one nasty swoop.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: It has to be Sami and Rafe just from the sheer anticipation of maybe getting this storyline over with.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Alison Sweeney. She did the best she could do, playing a really-out-there story when Rafe told Sami that Sydney was really her daughter.

ZINGER OF THE WEEK: Vivian (regarding Carly Manning) – “To hell with waiting and planning and arranging all those geese in a row, whatever that ludicrous expression is, we have to wipe that woman off the face of the earth. Besides, Salem is simply lovely this time of the year.”

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blogtalkradio show tonight!

We're ready to go for 11 pm est tonight. Tonight is a full hour, since there is so much to discuss. Please call in especially if you want to the Day of Days event or the event in Michigan last night.

DAYS Stars at Detroit Shelter

See video of Bryan Datillo, Nadia Bjorlin, Shawn Christian and James Reynolds doing volunteer work at a Detroit shelter here. This was all part of the DAYS fan event that is still taking place in Detroit, MI.

Friday, November 13, 2009

11/12 episode review

The truth has set all DAYS watchers free. HALLELUJAH!!!

Nicole/EJ/Sami/Rafe – Well, obviously the reveal to Sami was THE big deal of the day. I liked that it took her a while to digest the news and to get over shock and denial for a while. All of the different emotions were quickly dealt with in one episode though…which is the only part of this storyline that has gone quickly.

Carly/Bo/Hope/Justin – Normally I really enjoy these scenes. But today, all the heat was in the baby switch.

Roman/Kate – Good attitude from Kate when she was “intimidated and manhandled!” Lost opportunity for a Kaman scene, but good EJate until Nicole interrupted.

Chloe/Sydney/Daniel – OK, I admit it was pretty cute when Chloe was passed out on the bed and Sydney was sitting there all wide-eyed when Daniel found her. I even kind of liked her scenes with the doctor. Baby Sydney is truly one of those actors that can have chemistry with anybody!

Maggie/Mia – Nice touch of Maggie and Mia connecting with their love of dancing. And here is that Carly/Mia scene that makes me get down on my knees and beg and pray that Mia isn’t a long lost Carly daughter.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ratings for November 2nd.

Credit: SON

Ratings for the week November 2-6, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,834,000 (-168,000/+160,000)
2. B&B 3,142,000 (-135,000/-237,000)
3. DAYS 2,866,000 (-93,000/+180,000)
4. GH 2,782,000 (+54,000/-113,000)
5. AMC 2,576,000 (-146,000/-88,000)
6. ATWT 2,548,000 (+41,000/-3,000)
7. OLTL 2,450,000 (-70,000/-243,000)

1. Y&R 3.5/12 (-.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.3/8 (-.1/-.2)
3. DAYS 2.1/7 (-.1/+.1)
3. GH 2.1/6 (same/-.1)
5. AMC 2.0/7 (-.1/same)
6. ATWT 1.9/6 (+.1/same)
6. OLTL 1.9/6 (same/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,123,000 (+16,000/+84,000)
2. GH 919,000 (same/-62,000)
3. DAYS 869,000 (-30,000/+21,000)
4. OLTL 722,000 (-5,000/-155,000)
5. B&B 704,000 (+20,000/-144,000)
6. AMC 701,000 (-37,000/-103,000)
7. ATWT 624,000 (+26,000/-73,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)
2. GH 1.4/8 (same/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.3/8 (-.1/same)
4. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/-.2)
4. AMC 1.1/7 (same/-.1)
4. OLTL 1.1/7 (same/-.2)
7. ATWT 0.9/6 (same/-.2)

Girls 12-17 Viewers

Women 18-34 Rating

Men 18+ Viewers


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.1/2,676,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,632,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,556,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,494,000
Friday: 1.9/2,523,000

Monday: 1.9/2,575,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,587,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,682,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,607,000
Friday: 1.7/2,291,000

Monday: 2.5/3,262,000
Tuesday: 2.3/3,155,000
Wednesday: 2.5/3,407,000
Thursday: 2.2/3,097,000
Friday: 2.0/2,789,000

Monday: 2.2/3,080,000
Tuesday: 2.1/2,836,000
Wednesday: 2.2/2,805,000
Thursday: 2.2/2,920,000
Friday: 2.0/2,687,000

Monday: 2.2/3,029,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,822,000
Wednesday: 2.1/2,743,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,393,000 (Starting at 3:10pm)
Friday: 2.1/2,857,000

Monday: 2.1/2,627,000
Tuesday: 1.8/2,358,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,368,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,340,000
Friday: 1.9/2,555,000

Monday: 3.7/4,790,000
Tuesday: 3.5/4,744,000
Wednesday: 3.8/5,244,000
Thursday: 3.5/4,867,000
Friday: 3.2/4,524,000


For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through November 8, 2009

1. Y&R 3.8
2. B&B 2.4
3. DAYS 2.3
4. GH 2.1
5. AMC 2.0
6. OLTL 1.9
6. ATWT 1.9

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.8
2. DAYS 1.5
2. GH 1.5
4. OLTL 1.2
5. AMC 1.1
5. B&B 1.1
7. ATWT 0.9

DAYS stars in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

NBC broke the news on Twitter that James Scott and Kristian Alfonso are scheduled to appear in the NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

11/11 episode review

Maybe it was just me, but I found DAYS as dull as dishwater today.

Brady/Arianna – We didn’t even have Caroline or Roman to break up this snoozefest. Sorry, I’m just not feeling it for this couple in any way, shape or form.

Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie/Phillip – Tedious quad scene filler. Why don’t these crazy kids just make up their minds about who they want to be with and let’s get on with it!

Stefano/Kate/Chloe – I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with Kate. She does a good act of pretending like she cares about Stefano, but does she really? When the maid left Baby Sydney with Kate, that was pretty funny. And just a little bit of Chloe on screen works fine for me. But it’s kind of silly that with all of the hits that Stefano has been responsible for over the years, that he had to turn tail and run this time. Wouldn’t someone like him have a contingency plan?

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole – All about da teasers and da plot today…and Rafe finally starts to tell Sami da truth! I’m so over this and ready it all to bust wide open. And there’s one part of this that bothers me. DAYS is writing this like as soon as Sami finds out about Sydney, all of the grief and pain about Grace won’t matter anymore. She’ll just have a clean slate with a new baby and her lover Rafe…and then they’ll all live happily ever after. I almost hope Sydney will have a hard time adjusting to Sami for a while, just to add a little reality to the situation. I remember in the 80s when Andrew Donovan was kidnapped and missing for months…and once Kim finally got him back, he was crying non-stop because he wasn’t used to his momma anymore. That was angsty stuff based somewhat in truth. Oh, and another thing…I hope EJ finds out the truth right away because all of this covering up the truth stuff is getting so tired now.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Comcast buying NBC/Universal

Not good news. Jeff Zucker, so far, is still in charge. Zucker is the moron who wanted DOOL canceled which lead to an immediate ratings slide.

Roark Critchlow on V


Roark was the last Mike Horton on DOOL from the 90s. He's on recurring with V. Roark did an interview with TV Guide.

Diva's blogtalkradio show #6 rescheduled

After a brief illness, the Diva and our notorious Diva Spy Network can't wait for this Saturday at 11 pm est for an hour of divalicious conversation on our blogtalkradio show. We have lots to talk about this Saturday including the Sydney reveal, the return of Aunt Viv, and the Day of Days event. Please feel free to call us and tell us how you feel about the show or the DOOL fan event. Or you can join us in our lively chat room.

Michael Fairman's spoilers...

...from the Day of Days event. The Diva has a lot of respect for Michael and his writing skills.

11/10 review

Overall, I give this episode about three stars out of five.

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole/Stefano – The Almost Reveal today was pretty frustrating, especially when Will came in, ragging on Rafe and whining about Mia. Meanwhile, Nicole is complacently sitting in the Pub, chowing down, certain that Steffy’s going to come through with the hit. Run, Nicole, Run!!! The best scene of the day hands down though was the EJ/Stefano Battle Royale. Stefano thinks in his own deluded way that he’s doing EJ a favor. EJ wants to believe in his father, but knows something’s up. I have a feeling that the Stefano/EJ embrace today may very well be one of the last ones we’ll ever see as EJ may never be able for forgive Stefano for this one.

Will/Mia – Mercifully short scenes today.

Justin/Hope/Bo/Carly/Victor – The triangles and twists and turns just keep on coming. The Victor/Carly scene in the jail was good…but way too short. Victor must really be pissed off as we didn’t even get one good zinger out of him this time. Bo and Carly are still developing that strong rapport. I’m getting all schizophrenic about this storyline. The BOPE fan in me isn’t too thrilled…and yet as a viewer, I am liking Bo and Carly together more now than I ever did in the 90s. And truth be told, I’m happy not to be bored.

Brady/Arianna – If you believe Arianna’s undercover activities will bring down the Kiriakis Drug Empire that’s been in Salem forever, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

Ali Sweeney in NYC!

Today, Ali Sweeney was helping out at a charity drive for FeedAmerica sponsored by Crest. This was an event where people ran through the Crest Glide Tight Spaces Challenge for charity. Humble Diva Spy that I am, I tried out this obstacle course and admit it was a bit tricky! You even had to sign a waiver to do it. Ali was busy working the crowd, doing interviews and photo shoots. So sadly there was no opportunity for a one-on-one chat with her. But there are plenty of candid shots to be found in the Alison Sweeney NYC Charity Event photo folder on the Diva Facebook Page. Check them out!

Elizabeth Mitchell interview

The Diva is Lost deprived! Here's an interview from Elizabeth (Juliet) about Juliet's demise and her future on Lost.

Betty White TV Guide interview.

The Diva floves Betty White. She plays Ann Douglas on the Bold and the Beautiful. You can read her interview with Michael Logan here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

11/9 episode review

This eppy was all about building up anticipation for the upcoming blow-ups of the month.

Vivian – Hurry up and get to Salem, Viv! The Day of DAYS promo just makes me anticipate it all that much more, especially when she meets up with Victor again.

Carly/Bo/Hope/Justin – I broke out in applause when Justin told Bo to stop being a jackass. Bo and Hope’s fights are starting to get cold and nasty now.

Brady/Arianna/Caroline/Victor – Shame on DAYS having Caroline and Victor in the same eppy and not even letting them say hi at the pub. So Victor turned Carly in…wow, I didn’t see that coming. But looking forward to see how that plays out.

Rafe/EJ – Nice pissing contest on the pier. Glad this whole thing is coming to a climax soon.

Nicole/Sami/Stefano – Lots of people hiding in corners today. Like Nicole eavesdropping on EJ who was talking about his eavesdropping of Arianna. Nicole and Sydney going in and out of the Dimera living room over and over was cracking me up.

Dan/Chloe – The good news is that no Danloe spawn will be coming in the near future. The bad news is that long lost Danly spawn is a sad possibility.

NBC promo

NBC put up the November promo from the Day of Days event here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ratings for October 26th

Credit goes to SON

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week October 26-30, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,002,000 (-52,000/+298,000)
2. B&B 3,277,000 (+36,000/-67,000)
3. DAYS 2,959,000 (-43,000/+252,000)
4. GH 2,728,000 (+163,000/-181,000)
5. AMC 2,722,000 (+52,000/+141,000)
6. OLTL 2,520,000 (+28,000/-121,000)
7. ATWT 2,507,000 (+60,000/+37,000)

1. Y&R 3.6/12 (-.1/+.2)
2. B&B 2.4/8 (same/-.1)
3. DAYS 2.2/7 (same/+.2)
4. AMC 2.1/7 (+.1/+.1)
4. GH 2.1/6 (+.2/-.1)
6. OLTL 1.9/6 (same/-.1)
7. ATWT 1.8/6 (same/same)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,107,000 (-33,000/+120,000)
2. GH 919,000 (+76,000/-64,000)
3. DAYS 899,000 (+32,000/+66,000)
4. AMC 738,000 (+3,000/-33,000)
5. OLTL 727,000 (+17,000/-115,000)
6. B&B 684,000 (-23,000/-5,000)
7. ATWT 598,000 (+6,000/-10,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.2)
2. GH 1.4/8 (+.1/-.1)
2. DAYS 1.4/8 (+.1/+.1)
4. AMC 1.1/7 (same/-.1)
4. OLTL 1.1/7 (same/-.2)
6. B&B 1.0/6 (-.1/same) <----- ties low rating (Last time: October 5-9, 2009)
7. ATWT 0.9/6 (same/same)

Girls 12-17 Viewers
1. GH 43,000 (same/-1,000)
2. DAYS 30,000 (+3,000/-2,000)
3. OLTL 23,000 (-21,000/-18,000)
4. Y&R 20,000 (-18,000/-21,000)
5. B&B 19,000 (+1,000/+2,000)
6. AMC 13,000 (-12,000/-23,000)
7. ATWT 10,000 (-7,000/-13,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/7 (same/+.3)
2. GH 1.0/6 (+.1/-.1)
2. DAYS 1.0/6 (same/-.1)
4. AMC 0.9/6 (same/+.1)
5. OLTL 0.8/5 (same/same)
6. B&B 0.6/4 (-.1/same)
7. ATWT 0.5/3 (-.1/same)

Men 18+ Viewers
1. Y&R 1,263,000 (+52,000/+102,000)
2. B&B 737,000 (+36,000/+5,000)
3. DAYS 611,000 (+6,000/+6,000)
4. ATWT 548,000 (+24,000/+74,000)
5. AMC 504,000 (-41,000/-1,000)
6. GH 483,000 (+1,000/-19,000)
7. OLTL 439,000 (-28,000/-19,000)


Day-To-Day Ratings - HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.2/2,876,000
Tuesday: 2.1/2,706,000
Wednesday: 2.1/2,673,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,644,000
Friday: 2.0/2,711,000

Monday: 1.8/2,410,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,612,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,627,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,497,000
Friday: 1.8/2,389,000

Monday: 2,2/3,060,000
Tuesday: 2.5/3,494,000
Wednesday: 2.4/3,499,000
Thursday: 2.3/3,172,000
Friday: 2.3/3,162,000

Monday: 2.2/2,926,000
Tuesday: 2.2/3,025,000
Wednesday: 2.2/2,956,000
Thursday: 2.3/3,106,000
Friday: 2.0/2,781,000

Monday: 2.1/2,737,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,682,000
Wednesday: 2.1/2,759,000
Thursday: 2.0/2,639,000
Friday: 2.1/2,821,000

Monday: 2.1/2,756,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,436,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,453,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,528,000
Friday: 1.8/2,425,000

Monday: 3.6/4,924,000
Tuesday: 3.8/5,292,000
Wednesday: 3.5/5,041,000
Thursday: 3.6/4,874,000
Friday: 3.5/4,880,000


For the SEASON September 21, 2009 through November 1, 2009

1. Y&R 3.8
2. B&B 2.4
3. DAYS 2.3
4. GH 2.1
5. AMC 2.0
6. OLTL 1.9
7. ATWT 1.8

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.8
2. DAYS 1.5
2. GH 1.5
4. OLTL 1.2
5. AMC 1.1
5. B&B 1.1
7. ATWT 0.9

NBC Press Release:




UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – November 5, 2009 – NBC’s “Days of our Lives” has delivered strong Nielsen ratings results for the week of October 26-30, scoring gains versus the same week last year of 8 percent in women 18-49 viewers and 11 percent in women 25-54.

For the week of October 26-30, “Days of our Lives” (1.4 rating, 8 share among women 18-49, 1.0/6 among women 18-34) tied for #2 among network daytime series in both women 18-49 and women 18-34. “Days” matched its highest women 18-49 rating in 10 months (since the week of December 8-12, 2008) and tied its highest women 18-34 rating in four months (since the week of June 8-12).

Compared with the same week last year, “Days of our Lives” was up 8 percent in women 18-49 (899,000 vs. 833,000), up 11 percent in women 25-54 (989,000 vs. 892,000) and up 9 percent in total viewers (3.0 million vs. 2.7 million).

Season to date, “Days of our Lives” is tied for #2 in both women 18-49 and women 18-34.

Season to date, “Days of our Lives” is up 8 percent in women 18-49 (967,000 vs. 897,000), up 10 percent in women 25-54 (1.044 million vs. 946,000) and up 15 percent in total viewers (3.1 million vs. 2.7 million). “Days” is generating the biggest year-to-year gains for any daytime series on any major network in total viewers and women 18-49 viewers.

Ratings reflect “live plus same day” data from Nielsen Media Research unless otherwise noted. Season-to-date figures are averages of “live plus seven day” data except for the two most recent weeks, which are “live plus same day.”

James Scott interview...

...with Michael Fairman.

DOOL promo clip from Day of Days

Promo clip from a fan.

Tidbits from DAY of DAYS

Check out Mark Hapka’s videos that he put up on Twitter. You get an idea of what it’s like to be up there as part of the cast during all the pandemonium. Hilarious! For a more conventional view of the red carpet entry of the stars where you can see the whole cast, there’s a great clip at

Also, check out Ali Sweeney’s whrrl pix on Twitter.

Wes Ramsey (Owen) will return to DAYS.

Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes revealed that Frances Reid is in a care facility.

Promo revealed EJ attacking Stefano and Sami slapping the crap out of Nicole.

Bryan Datillo did what looked like one sexy strip tease!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Diva Picks - 11/2 to 11/6

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Sami. She got lucky with Rafe this week and has now made up with EJ. She needs to make hay while the sun shines with these two hotties cuz once she finds out she’s Baby Sydney’s mom, it will be back to bottle feedings and dirty diapers again with no time for romance, thank you very much.

LOSER OF THE WEEK: Nathan. Now he’s officially Mr. Sexless Nice Guy. Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Bo and Carly’s Thursday scenes were excellent. I enjoyed Carly learning about Zach and Shawn-Douglas. Bo seemed to almost look attractive again and not perpetually annoyed. That old connection of the past was coming back. And Carly’s nightmare with Ghost Lawrence was also good TV.

Hope discovering Carly in the bedroom gets honorable mention. Peter, Crystal, Kristian and Wally were all excellent in the Wednesday episode. If only Hope wasn’t being written so irrationally and if Justin wasn’t so obviously being groomed to be a sloppy second, I’d be a little more into this.

PERFORMER OF THE WEEK: Louise Sorel . She was only in one eppy this week. But she rocked with what she had. Funny, evil, and entertaining. I am eagerly waiting for more.

LINE OF THE WEEK: (Carly to Bo after hearing that Shawn Douglas was a father) “GRANDPA BO?!”

11/6 review


A review of the 11/6 eppy

Today’s eppy was dull as dishwater with the exception of the EJAMI scene at Grace’s grave.

Rafe/Arianna – Boring filler for the most part.

Nicole/Chad/Lexie – Hypocrite much? I actually thought Lexie would sympathize with Nicole’s feelings since she also did a baby switch with the help of Stefano almost a decade ago. Instead, she started dissing Nicole to Chad. Whatever.

EJ/Sami – The best part of today’s show. While I like EJAMI fights, it is nice to see them bond over Grace and not be at each other’s throats. A light at the end of the tunnel…or a little bone to throw to the EJAMI fans before we have another year of 24/7 SAFE?

Stefano – God, it takes a lot to make Stefano boring. But whoever was responsible for this yawnfest of today’s episode made it possible.

Stephanie/Nathan – zzzzzz…Did someone cough or something?...zzzzzz…Hey, a Caroline sighting!...zzzzzz….

Philip/Melanie/Brady – Brady gave Melanie good advice, but it’s a waste of everyone’s time cuz you know she won’t take it. But even though he’s a jerk, I have to say that Philip was a nice selection of eye candy today.

11/5 review

A review of Thursday, 11/5/09 episode.

Carly/Bo – I’m surprised how much I’m starting to enjoy this now that the story is really good and started. Maybe just watching established characters with real history on the show is a treat for me these days. The Bo/Carly relationship has been improving this week. Maybe Reckell and Chappell have been watching some of their old stuff on YouTube. They are getting that familiar rapport back. And I love every appearance of Lawrence’s ghost. But damn, is that fugly orange blanket the only blanket that Bo and Hope own? I didn’t know the recession hit them so hard!

Hope/Victor/Justin – More good stuff. I had to laugh when Victor was calling Carly a “predator”. Selective memory, Uncle Vic? Although Hope was just off the phone, I suspect Vivian's really the one who tipped off the FBI.

Arianna/EJ/Sami/Rafe – So far, EJ is actually making Arianna more watchable and has not been dragged down yet. Or maybe I’m just pathetically happy that I’m actually watching EJ in a scene that doesn’t have to do with any more babies! Arianna seems to despise him; thus, EJ’s getting all hot and bothered. However, I can already predict that watching Brady and EJ fight over yet another woman is going to be monotonous. I halfway enjoyed the SAFE reunion yesterday. I halfway was interested in the first EJanna scene today. But when EJAMI were together again at the end of the show with Baby Sydney, I saw the error of my ways. James Scott and Ali Sweeney have real chemistry together that can’t be bought.

Brady/Nicole – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…I detect a pattern of constantly falling asleep during all of Brady’s scenes these days.

Phillip/Melanie/Nathan – While I think Melanie looks so much better with curly hair than straight and her wardrobe is improving, the fact of the matter is she’s still a stupid tramp.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carly/Mia Spoiler Pic


So what is the meaning of this spoiler picture of Carly embracing Mia? For weeks, I've been dreading the thought that Chad might be a long lost love child of Bo and Carly. But with the terrifying thought that Mia might be the long lost love child (thus foisting Taylor Spreitler and her atrocious acting on DAYS viewers indefinitely)...I am now on my hands and knees, begging Chad to be a Brady. Why? Whhhhyyyy???!!!

Credit to Soaptown USA

11/4 review – The Muse of Vengeance

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and I don’t get to say that too often these days.

First, let’s get the mundane out of the way.

Brady/Arianna – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…oh, lookee, there’s Roman!...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Now for the improved.

Rafe/Sami – I am by no means a SAFE fan, but I did like the way Rafe just ran into her in the hall, leading to the big romantic clinch. Maybe I’ve become so starved for romance on DAYS now that my resistance is wearing down and my standards are lowering. For a while, the scene even reminded me of one of those classic 80s Kim/Shane scenes. Then SAFE started scrumping on the couch to porn music and flashing skin...and I lost interest again.

Now for the good stuff.

Vivian: Now that we have some real Vivian scenes, I have to say she looks fantabulous…and still as funny and vibrant as ever. But where is Ivan? And who is this Gus punk? Oh, who cares? Come on to Salem, Viv. I’ve got the coffin ready and waiting!

Bo: If I had a nickel for every time I ever heard Bo say, “I’m not going to tell Hope. I don’t want her involved in this. It’s too damned dangerous", I could buy DAYS from SONY and produce the damned soap myself.

Carly vs. Hope: OMG! Forget the Dimera/Kiriakis wars. The real bloodshed’s gonna happen right in the Brady house! Okay, arm these ladies, let them walk ten paces and shoot it out! I’m still trying to figure out what Hope knows about Carly and Bo’s past. Apparently, she knew enough about Carly to know she had recently killed Lawrence Alamain…but didn’t know that Carly and Bo had been engaged. I have to admit the long-suffering BOPE fan in me who had to put up with BARLY in the 90s for so long loooooved to see Hope be a bitch to Carly. It only took 19 years…but finally some payoff! And I was saying to myself “Oh, no, she didn’t!” when Hope threatened to turn both Bo and Carly in. Even so, it looks like Carly won the round of the day as she knows that Bo’s biggest turn-on is to make him feel like he’s a big hero. And she ended up in the arms of the Bearded One for this Carly 1, Hope 0 so far.

Justin: His deer-in-the-headlights look when he was in the same room with the battling Hope and Carly had me LMFAO. I think there’s more chemistry with Justin and Carly than Justin and Hope right now.

Bo vs. Hope: Good angsty argument. I still hate how Hope is being written as such a hypocrite and so illogical. She’s blasting Bo for threatening their family by having a criminal in the house when she just moved her daughter into another criminal’s house. I’d enjoy all this much more if Hope’s character wasn’t being thrown under the bus.

Victor – Good scenes with Hope. If Hope really wanted to stick it to Carly, she should have told the Big Greek everything! Then Carly would be toast just like Brianna is right now. That’s okay though. Auntie Viv has a nice big cemetery plot reserved for her...moo haa haahh!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lindsay and Eric interview...

...with TV Guide's Michael Logan. I guess now that JER's dead, it's open season on bashing Passions. lol

Diva's blogtalkradio show this Saturday.

This Saturday at 11 pm est, the Diva and her intriguing members of the Diva Spy Network will host their sixth broadcast. Of course, we will be talking about the show. We encourage anyone who went to the Day of Days event to call in or join us in the chat room to share your experience.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ashley Jones on Flashforward

Ashley Jones was spotted on last Friday's episode of Flashforward. Lucky Ashley was in bed with Dominic Monaghan's character, Simon. Ashley's day job is portraying Bridget Forrester Marone on the Bold and the Beautiful. I hope Ashley leaves B&B and pursues a prime time career. Ashley's being wasted as doormat Bridget on B&B. Her character has been cheated upon twice by Jack Wagner's Nick. Nick slept with Bridget's mom and aunt. lol Poor thing!

The Diva is watching Flashforward. I haven't blogged about the show yet because I have no theories about the show. The show is very Lost-esque with their themes of fate and destiny. Simon gave us some clues on Thursday. Apparently, the blackout was an experiment. Also he was talking about quantum physics with Jones' character. His theory leads the viewer to believe that people can change their destiny. I enjoy the cast. But I don't find Lloyd, Olivia's future lover, to be attractive. He's charming, but he's not making my knees quiver.

Anyway, the Diva does enjoy Flashforward. Hopefully more soap stars will do cameo appearances.

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Blink, and you missed it.

It's hard work being this cute!

The Diva thinks she spotted Lucas on today's show, but she's not sure. I think he was on the phone with Will from the hospital.

The show was quite dull today. Aren't you glad you have the Diva to help you save a whole hour of your life?

The Good: Sydney once again stole the show. Too bad Mia is so self absorbed that she didn't notice her "daughter" there in the stroller for almost two episodes until the little thing started to cry.

Another Tony mention. It was a good point made by Stefano that he loved Tony even though he wasn't his to drive the point to EJ that he can love Sydney. Funny how EJ didn't remind him about those twenty years of fatherly love Tony experienced on a deserted island.

The Boring: A lot of segments are tied for most boring today. Carly convinces Bo to let her have Justin as an attorney even though Bo pointed out that if Victor finds out, she's in big trouble. Carly was also the big winner in today's eppy because Bo willingly gave up his bed to her even though we know he has a guest room where Billie and Jeremy once stayed. I hope he changed the sheets!

Rafe and Arianna. Glad they finally got Rafe to do something instead of explaining. Arianna's scenes with Sami and Brady were pretty much worthless. Arianna was keeping Sami away from her home while Rafe went to get DNA. Brady was mad because Victor told him that Arianna is a drug dealer.

Hope/Ciara/Justin. Good for Ciara for being mad at her mom for not having them live at home. Loved Hope's outfit btw. Her second outfit was nice today too. I don't know why she changed clothes. Whatever. Hope's heading over to her house to make up with Bo. Onoz!!!

Biggest Loser: Mia. The Diva doesn't feel bad for her. She's lying about her baby so Chad won't get her. Mia's too dumb to ever raise a kid. She's too easily manipulated by Nicole. Why would she spread the rumor of being the Salem Slut just so Nicole can keep Sydney? I honestly don't know why Chad and Will are fighting over her.

Monday, November 2, 2009

11/2/09 review – Baby Switch R Us

A review of the Monday 11/2/09 episode…which was pretty much entirely about the baby switch, ending with yet another teaser that the TRUTH will come out.

Chad/Sami – Sami must be getting too old for the writers now. She’s been handing out as much advice to the Mia crowd as Aunt Maggie does to the Melanie crowd. Even so, Chad did a decent breakdown about Mia.

Will/Mia – This storyline might be good if I could bring myself to care about this couple at all. As it is, all I see with Mia and Will is hair.

EJ/Nicole – That darned scene-stealing Baby Sydney’s at it again! Even so, the bittersweet kiss scene was good as Nicole’s reeling EJ back in with Stefano’s help.

Rafe/Arianna – Rafe, quit talking about it and find the proof already before this baby-switch storyline takes over the world even more than Starbucks Coffee!

Brady/Victor – Kudos to the big Greek for once again smashing Ethan and Teresa…I mean, Brady and Arianna…into pieces.

Stefano/Kate – An unusual glimpse of two vets over the age of 30 kissing. When Victor walked in, the show threatened to get interesting but never quite made it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sue Rihr tribute

ShareSue Rihr, who portrayed Madeline Rutherford on "Days of Our Lives" from January-June 1985, has died. Rihr died of lung cancer in Tarzana, California on October 26, 2009. She was 55. On "Days", her eccentric and comedic character was briefly married to Eugene Bradford in a marriage of convenience. Rihr also guest starred on such series as "Roseanne," "L.A. Law," "Moonlighting," "Perfect Strangers," and "Beverly Hills, 90210." In real life, Rihr wrote a one-woman autobiographical play, "Blood Sugar", about her kidney transplant and about the deaths of her husband, sister and father. During the last years of her life, she devoted time to writing poetry. Her last acting role is in the upcoming independent film "White Knuckles." She was pre-deceased by her husband, David Gaetzman.

Here is a clip featuring her work as Madeline. She appears at 1:12, sitting next to Anna.