Friday, August 14, 2009

Nielsen Ratings Over?

The Networks are banning together to create their own system operational in September. The Diva thinks this is a welcome change. Nielsen ratings is an antiquated system.


  1. This is a good move. There has to be some accounting for internet watching into ratings somehow. All of the soaps are accessible by the people are watching the shows. They're just not watching them in the middle of the day when they're airing.

  2. I agree Neilson ratings were from a different age and didn't really add up correctly when the VCR came along now we have DVR, Tivo and the internet I am not sure how they are going to take all of these into account but its got to be better than the current system with only a mysterious few which no one seems to know having a Neilson box.

  3. Using the Nielsons today makes as much sense as driving a Model T.