Sunday, August 23, 2009

Michael Logan's Emmy Predictions

Michael writes about soaps for TV Guide.

Do you guys agree? Do you think DOOL can really win that many?


  1. I like Peter Reckell and agree that he gave a great performance this year, but IMO Thaao Penghlis gave a better one last year and deserved to win. ALthough it would be nice to finally see a Days Actor win Outstanding Lead Actor. No way is Darin Brooks performance Emmy Worthy. Blake Berris is the one that should take it home. I would love to see DOOL take Outstanding Drama Series. I really do think they have a chance. You have to remember that it is for what happened last year during the plane crash and the hospital stuff and even all that build up with the DiMera Wars and NuJawn. It isnt for what we are seeing now. Maybe this is Days year. As a fan for over 40 years I can only hope.

  2. No. Everyone knows Logan's on the take by the networks

  3. NO, Thaao practically phoned in his performance. But I noticed Thaao felt out matched in the acting department and would WAAAYY over act when he had scenes with James Scott.

    When Thaao got nomiated last year for best actor, it was really just a sympathy thing. The show did for him because he has been around for so long and never earned a nomination. Everyone always knew he would never win. He's just not good enough.

  4. Thaao's Emmy nomination was just a sympathy thing? Well, Drake Hogestyn never got one and he's a fan favorite too!
    I still think Thaao got robbed last year! He deserved to win.