Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lost Spoilers!

Seriously, it's not too early to talk about next season's Lost. A Diva Spy member spotted this post. Sorry, there's no link yet.

Comic-Con provided a veritable tsunami of new Lost information, and we'll be sure to parse it into oblivion in the coming months, but for now we're summarizing the news into a quick, easy-to-read format.

Read on to find out what show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and actors Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan and Nestor Carbonell revealed about season six!


• Season six of Lost will be reminiscent of season one in that there will be a lot of running through the jungle and emotional development for the characters.

• The marketing graphic for Lost season six included all our favorite characters (heralding the return of many of them) but the important thing is that the last character added to the animation was Locke, and he was very obviously facing backward, while all the other characters were facing forward. Ahhh, Unlocke!

• According to Carlton the time-travel season is over and the flash-forward season is over and they're moving on to something altogether different for season six.

• According to Josh Holloway in the press room, Sawyer will be destroyed by the tragedy of Juliet, pushing him back towards his original, more "salty" character. He'll still carry around season' five's character growth, but he'll be rejecting it. He also told us (and forgive the gross paraphrase-on-the-run): Functional relationships (Suliet) don't make for good drama. Skate is better TV.


• The extensive backstory of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) will be explored in season six.

• Dominic Monaghan was introduced to the crowd following an In Memoriam montage of all the dead characters (in which it was revealed that Libby's last name is Smith). We can assume a return for Charlie is all but guaranteed.

• As we learned earlier this summer, Elizabeth Mitchell will appear on Lost in season six. According to Damon, her survival is contigent upon Jack's plan working.

• Jeremy Davies will appear as Daniel Faraday in Lost season six.


• According to a clip from America's Most Wanted, Kate Austen did not in fact kill her stepfather in an explosion, but she killed his employee, a plumber's assistant, instead. Have we wandered into alternate-timeline territory? And could that timeline possibly start before the crash of Oceanic 815? Two other videos that hinted at an alternate timeline were Mr. Cluck's (starring CEO Hugo Reyes) and an Oceanic Airlines commercial that said they've never had a crash...

• Another nod to alternate timelines was a funny fake video clip of Michael Emerson auditioning to play Hurley in 2004 wearing a bandana and cargo shorts.


Carlton Cuse said right out loud that J.J. Abrams has not actively worked on Lost since season one. J.J. Abrams has always been pretty open about that, but it's so rarely said out loud and most middle-of-the-road fans are always cranking, "Damn J.J. Abrams for screwing up Lost," and it's nice to see those people proven wrong, darn it.


  1. Interesting news, thank you Diva.
    I am looking forward to see this last season.
    Josh Holloway is right : chemistry, angst, drama in a romantic relationship make good tv. But Juliet anyway was an interesting and charismatic character and the actress who portray her is very good so the couple was good.
    So yes Skate, LoVe (logan/veronica) chuck/blair,spike/buffy/angel,ross/rachel,mulder/scully... and ej/sami in daytime are golden tv for onscreen couple dynamic : sexy, entertaining, riveting, torn, witty, challenging. That's all.

  2. I think I'm in flove with the poster above me, not only do they appreciate Skate, but they have a love for Spike/Buffy, Chuck/Blair and the under appreciated LoVe of Veronica Mars.

    Those along with Ejami (I must really have a specific type) are what makes my t.v. viewing must see t.v.