Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lauren Koslow interview


Anyone remember the "Tony" and Kate limo scene?

The Koz is interviewed by SOD. Stefano/Kate spoiler! The Diva would love a Stefano/Kate coupling.


  1. Hell yeah I remember the limo scene and then the Tango! Too damn hot and I was really hoping for a *Tony* pairing from that. TPTB are such assholes. Yeah Sate (almost sounds like Satan LOL) would be fun to watch. I think Vivian is going to play into that little triangle.

  2. Kate will need Steffy to save her from going to jail after all she's done. I think Uncle Vic's had it with her, so Steffy will be her only choice.

  3. The limo and Tango scenes went together so well. Shame they didn't put Tony/Andre and Kate together. I can imagine how they could have steamed up our screens.