Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crystal Chappell interview


From the New York Times.


  1. I can't get the link to work.

  2. SPOILERS.... space

    I guess it is semantics, but CC said she would not be a problem for Bo and Hope but Dorkday said in the SOD for the fall spoilers that Hope and Bo's marriage ends and she starts a "friendship" with Justin, and then Carly returns. So he pretty much stated that Bo and Carly would eventually be an item. So, I guess Carly did not break them up, but there will be a Bo and Carly.

    The spoilers just continue tell me that I made the right decision stop watching DAYS OF OUR PERVERTED PASSIONS.

  3. They get rid of all the super couples, and keep B/H, weren't the fans promised they would be together and no more break ups. But now there will be a quad, which knowing the PASS writers will last a year, only to end a day before the last show and B/H then have a insta-reconciliation.

    Corday needs to stop with his interviews, instead of damage control he makes DAYS look worse, and he comes off more as an ass.