Friday, July 17, 2009

Will it Excite You?

Remember those old 80s soap opera commercials where the background song was "It'll Excite You!"

OK, so am I supposed to get excited?Dr. Craig Wesley (Kevin Spirtas) is coming back three days just to prop up the already overly-propped Chloe Lane. Woo-hoo…so what? This is about as exciting as the news that Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) is coming back for a recurring role, undoubtedly to prop up the overly-propped Phillip Kiriakis. Seriously, why flaunt these still-sexy older male actors, taunting those of the longtime viewers who can still stomach what DAYS has become, only to use them in recurring roles and supporting parts to the newbies?

You know what would excite me? If DAYS would write a real storyline for a character over the age of 30. Let’s see Maggie divorce Mickey and have an affair with one of the young hotties. Let’s see Justin Kiriakis come back and be a bad boy and restart the Kiriakis/Dimera war. Let’s see Craig Wesley have a real storyline…you know? The one that he never got on his first run on DAYS, besides being comic relief with wife Nancy.

And for those of you who think Crystal Chappell will set DAYS on fire...guess what? She’s over 30 and will be disposable. Because Gary Tomlin (and I say Tomlin because he is the real runner of the show…just as Dick Cheney was really president!) cannot stand anyone over the age of 30. Just ask Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans about that. They’ll tell you. So someone really needs to warn Crystal that regardless of whatever that ass said to her to get her to come back to the show, he was lying!

DAYS is just following the same pattern as all the other soaps seem to be doing, tossing out the loved vets with history only to hire vets from other soaps…just so they can backburner them for their all-important newbies that have all of the charisma of wet paperbags. Perhaps Louise Sorel's return as Vivian Alamain (that yours truly broke the scoop about -- no matter what liars take the credit for it later) will break the pattern, but Diva wouldn't bet the farm on it.

You know what would excite me? If the soaps actually cared about what their viewers wanted to see for a change…


  1. I will admit I WAS excited to hear about Wally and then Crystal coming back, I really was. The funny part is that I was never a big fan of either of the characters of Carly or Justin, but I do like the actors and thought they could add some much needed depth to the show in that age range. NO MATTER what the suits say there, people under the age of 30 like the older characters. I could care less about any of the "teen" scene they have going right now. But Corday totally killed my buzz with his interview, I could care less now they are coming back. If they could come up with something inventitve with Carly other than the old standby of an third wheel for Bo/Hope and if I knew Justin was going to be more than recurring, I would have given it a shot. Nope not now. I *might* tun in just to see them, but my buzz is totally killed on even enjoying the return. I am anxious to see more on Louise's return and how long that will run. I have a stinking suspicion, it won't live up to the hype either, which is sad if it holds true. Seems people really want her back on to mix things up.

    Diva.. it's just time accept that they just don't care about what we want, they have admitted as much. So I have accepted it and moved on to another show.

  2. I do laugh at this, no Marlena for the funeral of her grandchild, no Steve and Kayla for Stephanie's problems, but vapid stare, chest pushed out Chloe gets Craig back. I wonder will Nadia have tons of mascara even with Chloe in a coma and will she have one of those porn hospital gown to show off her only assets.

  3. How old is Tomlin? Because he was writing DAYS in 1981 -- during its boring period -- and he would have had to be closer to 30 at the time, thus pushing 60 or in his 60s. Maybe someone will take the ageism to production. For I agree I think he is in charge, I am sure that NBC forced him on DAYS when they could not get their boy, the perverted hack butcher, JERk. DAYS is sure like PASS and SuBe, more about hot bodies than talent, poor writing, and geared towards teens.

  4. Don't eat the crackersJuly 17, 2009 at 11:05 PM

    I am not happy about Carly coming back and I just can't be happy that Justin is coming back sooooo to answer the it won't excite me!

    I am sort of excited for Louise to come back though, but I don't want to be too excited because we all know how these writers love to fuck up great characters and then send their actors off to do luncheons! lol

  5. It is really silly, they had Steve, Kayla, Jack and Jennifer. Carly, Viv and Lawrence should have returned then. He took Steve, and J/J and Kayla were the ones who hated him the most. And I always wanted it to come out that Carly was never the saint people thought she was. I just find it stupid and lazy that the last remaining supercouple will have yet another silly triangle. And I never got this great love vibe from either Bo and Carly. I also wanted the fact Jack raped Kayla to have come out, Matt, Missy, Stephen and Mary Beth would have played this fabulously. And I could see Lawrence being nasty and bringing this up.

    But without my fabs I could care less about Justin who was a decent character but never a heavy hitter. And the most interesting with Adrienne. And then I always hated Carly.

  6. I agree with most of your post, except for the part about JKJ/Phillip and WK/Justin. JKJ isn't a newbie that no one cares about. The man is incredibly hot and can actually act, unlike so many of the younger generation. He has lots of fans, young and old, and is gaining more all the time. How could he not? He's talented.

    In JKJ's case IMO it's appropriate that he's on the front burner. He should be one of the leading men on the show. Now if only they could find him a compelling love interest for a change.