Friday, July 24, 2009

Kudos to Chris the Assistant

So…almost the end of another week of PASSIONS LITE…

Another week of the Stephanie/Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie ring of monotony. Another week of wondering just how many poisoned appetizers Kate has to feed Chloe before the bitch will hurry up and die already. Another week of watching Bo and Hope flip-flop from cop mode to the Twilight Zone and back again. (Maybe when Carly Manning returns, she can give her ex-lover Bo some much needed brain surgery and fix his ailment; it’s the least she could do after dumping him for Larry Alamain all those years ago.) Another week of draaaaagggging out the Nicole/EJ/Sami story for the rest of all time…with Sami’s constant speculations about Rafe’s dead tart fiancĂ©e named Emily Hudson. Who wants to lay bets that Emily will be played by some other PASSIONS Refugee Actress when her character comes back from the dead…probably to save Rafe from the gas chamber for her murder or some such nonsense. Since let’s face it…everything seems to be about Rafe now. But that’s another blog for another day.

But in between naps and shaking my head in disgust, there has been one bright spot on DAYS for me…and that’s been Chris, Kate’s Assistant. He is working his way right up there with Eugene and Calliope, Vivian and Ivan, Howie Hoffstedder and Bart as one of the great funny DAYS characters. While his scenes with Kate are always fun, I laughed my ass off during the Chris/Bo telephone conversation. And since the whole frame-up of Dr. Dan is such a silly over-the-top plot anyway, it’s not like Chris is dumbing down any of the other moronic characters involved.

Ross Mathews is already fairly known as a television personality from all kinds of stuff, most famously from THE JAY LENO SHOW. So it’s obvious that he doesn’t need DAYS for his bread and butter…and it shows. He effortlessly steals every scene he’s in, seemingly oblivious to any backstage politics or bullshit. He’s got a blog and a twitter page and an IMDB resume a mile long. Diva’s simply too sleepy from watching so much DAYS to link everything to this guy at the moment. But check it out if he’s your thang.

A nice change of pace to laugh with the soap rather than at it.

There. The Diva said one nice thing about PASSIONS LITE this week. Don’t get too used to it.


  1. Yes - he is HILLARIOUS!! Very Howie! - minus the trench, hat, scruff & cigar! But he has been one of the few bright spots through this awful plot ( do i dare call it that?)

  2. I agree Chris is the best thing about Days right now, at least till Vivian returns. Really come to think of it we do need comedy on this show cause the drama sure stinks. Oh LOL about Bo thinking it was a girl he was talking with on the phone.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris! He needs to have a permanent residence in Salem.

    Chris and the Phil/Melanie kiss was the absolute highlight of the entire week.

  4. I would like to see Sami and Chris again, they made a good comic team, she will be less annoying and more funny with him than with Rafe. And Sami needs friends and not another lover !